Philippine Treasure Essay

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Philippine Treasure

After watching the documentary of Philippine treasures, I have been get more knowledge about our ancestors treasures remains and I think that the early Filipinos living in the Philippines already had an advanced civilization. Instilled something into me that we were rich, we were rich! We’re talking of gold here it is an opulence. During the early times, the Philippines was filled with gold. These gold were used for everyday clothing of the Filipinos, and even for accessorizing themselves.

Our ancestors, the early Filipinos, were civilized enough to know how to process gold. They made many bowls, necklaces and earring out of gold. These gold were part of their daily lives. The Philippines is filled with natural resources, so there was abundance in gold. Some people were even dressed from head to toe in all gold. Also, the early Filipinos were able to craft a doll of a Goddess of Buddhism. This doll also called Golden Tara was a golden alloy, mixed with many other metals.

This shows how the Filipinos were knowledgeable to creating alloys with different metal even before Westerners have arrived in our country. The Filipinos have even known how to sew shells and make clothes out of them! There are also several jars that represents the early Filipinos, these jars can be used for multi-purpose storage, because these jars can story many other things aside from water. All these many things were made even before the arrival of the Spaniards or other colonizers, so this shows that the early civilization of the Philippines was very unique and quite advanced.

I like the show of Philippine Treasures. It really told us what are some things on this country or treasures are not yet seen by the FILIPINOS. Now I realized that we need to care and concern the importance of some ancient things. I also hope that efforts can be made by officials to preserve the Philippines historical artifacts, and to strengthen support for the National Museum. “Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold. ” ? Bob Marley

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