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Assessment 2: Literary Essay

Jamaica Kincaid’s “A Small Place” and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness are two postcolonial texts that we have studied in this course.

While both feature postcolonial subjects, there are important differences between the two texts. While Heart of Darkness is a work of fiction that shows Africa through the perspective of a European, and written by a European writer, “A Small place” is a work of non-fiction, though still written creatively, by a native of a former colony.

Your task:

Contrast how two important postcolonial concepts – Orientalism and the other – are portrayed in “A Small Place” and Heart of Darkness.

You should also use and cite at least 2 other sources aside from the studied texts in your essay. Use the APA 6th Style Referencing in your assignment. A referencing guide has been put up on Moodle for you.

Word length (excluding the References page): 1000 words

Suggested Outline:


Background about post-colonialism; background about authors and texts; thesis statement (what the essay aims to do)

Main Point 1 paragraph:

How is Orientalism in “A Small Place” different from the Orientalism in Heart of Darkness? Give examples from both texts (reference any material).

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Main Point 2 paragraph:

How is the portrayal of the Other in “A Small Place” different from how Conrad portrays the Other in Heart of Darkness? Give examples from both texts (reference any material).


So, what is the point that has been proven? Why is it important to know about the differences discussed above?


Use the APA 6thd Referencing Guide put up on Moodle.

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Remember to have both in-text and full references.

Post colonialism is a type of literary criticism that reads stories in light of the political, socio-economic, and psychological consequences left over from European colonization. Thus post-colonial studies are academic studies of the cultural legacy, what happen during colonialism and imperialism focusing on the human consequences of control and exploitation of colonized people and their land. Joseph Conrad was born in Poland in the year 1857.He became a British merchant sailor and eventually a master mariner and

British citizen in 1896, after work he retire from saving and took a writing for full time, so Heart of darkness is one of the finest pieces of Joseph Conrad. It was publish as a serial in London in 1899.Where as a Small Place is one of her notable works written in second person perspective placing you as a descriptor, however Heart of darkness has turn the writers, Marlow and Kurtz. A small place is written in second person perspective. His piece of work receive

Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a simple narrative , Marlowe journeys deep into the African jungle to find Kurtz, who has gone insane, yet it remains popular over 100 years since its original publication. This is partly thanks to its controversial (and frequently debated) message, particularly among postcolonial critics. Jamiaca Kincaid’s A Small Place obviously falls under the postcolonial aspect of our course, for obvious reasons. The long-lasting effects of Antigua’s colonization and slavery at the hands of the

British are the work’s main aspects, but the internal effects on the people, especially the author. Kincaid mentions her personal separation and difference from her people only a few times, even stating that they don’t even like her. This combined with the generalities she uses throughout not only accentuates Kincaid’s loss of identity, but also the Antiguans, as a result of their colonization. Kincaid does not name any of the figures she discusses in the book, either British or Antiguan. By doing this she not only shows the separation between the colonizers and the colonized, but her own separation from her heritage. She is on the outside looking in, perhaps giving her a more logical perspective, but she is as detached, if not more, from her heritage as the people. This main theme of the loss of self dehumanizes all involved the British, Antigua, and the author. Perhaps her idea of imperialisms most horrific end result, even above all the horrific events she describes. So is this Kincaid’s way of exploiting the meta-narrative to emphasize her own point. A Small Place is no “grand narrative,” so is it the end result of Antigua’s enslavement and subordination.

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