Explain the characteristics of assessment for learning Essay

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Explain the characteristics of assessment for learning

Assessment for learning focuses on the learning process and how to improve a child’s academic progression, finding out where pupils are within a learning range, where they need to go and how best to get there. A variety of assessment for learning strategies can be used to aide children in their learning and these can be adopted by teachers to gain an understanding of what has been achieved and what next steps will be required to take a child’s learning forward.

Typical characteristics of assessment for learning are;
• Enable teachers to plan the next stages in a child’s learning to ensure individual progress.

• Provide a consistent whole school approach that encourages teaching and learning.

• To make sure that pupils are actively involved in lessons from the very start.

• Helping pupils understand and know the standard of work that they are aiming for in class by asking questions of themselves i.e. “what have I learnt?” ~ “what could I have done to improve on that piece of work?”

• Providing constructive feedback that will help pupils identify improvement and by also educating pupils in self assessment methods in order to ascertain areas for development

. • In order for teachers and pupils to play an important role in facilitating learning experiences then there must be an element of active listening from both child and teacher.

• Have faith that every child can progress in contrast to earlier achievements they had made.

• By recognising that enthusiasm and self esteem which is vital for effective learning and progress will be increased by using effective assessment methods.

• In order for pupils to understand where they are in their learning they should be encouraged to think, ask question and work together in groups as this will allow them to evaluate their own understanding.

• Pupils should be encouraged to connect their learning to other lessons, topics or life outside of school.

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