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Leadership Self-Assessment: How Effective Are You?

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (603 words)
Categories: Leadership, Self Assessment, Skills
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Leadership is a process that involves a person influencing other people to work toward the organization’s objectives. Regarding the heated debate on whether good leaders are born or made, I believe good leadership can be worked on and be improved through various strategies, and hence effective leaders are not born but are made. For this reason, it is important for any aspiring leader to keep evaluating themselves in order to know exactly which leadership skills they are good at and which they need to improve through self-study, education, training or experience (Academy of Business and Management, 2015).

My desire being to be effective in leadership, I took a self-assessment survey (scored 69%) and it has helped me understand leadership skills that I am good at and the one I should improve as discussed below.

Starting with my leadership effectiveness, I am glad that I have significantly developed in terms of leading effectiveness. First and foremost, my self-confidence has grown which is very important for a leader for without believing in oneself, a leader would hardly inspire others or change their attitude positively for them to work towards the organization’s goal.

Also, I am considerably emotional intelligent a character important in leadership as it helps them recognize the feelings of others as well as his own feelings, and be able to manage emotions to create strong relationships(Armstrong & George, 2014).

The third ability I have is motivating others to deliver the vision. Through education and experience, I have learned to convince people to accept the objectives I have set. I successfully do this by emphasizing on teamwork as I realized that people can achieve great things when they work as a team. My willingness to lead by example has also enhanced my ability to inspire and motivate people, which is an important aspect of a leader.

However, to make my leadership as effective as I desire, I need to improve certain leadership skills. First, I should work on my effectiveness when managing performance. To do so, I must learn how to set others’ expectations clearly and concisely because it is easier to get high performance when a person knows what is expected of him or her. Secondly, I need to improve on my creativity especially when coming up with new ideas of motivating people by making the work challenging in an interesting way. In addition, although I am quite self-confident, I believe that my self-confidence is not at the peak and therefore, I should continue working on it for as mentioned earlier, self-confidence is the foundation of becoming an effective leader. To improve confidence in myself, I will need to master significant skills and situations and believe more in the value I add to people and work.

In conclusion, to be a great leader in my career, I should focus on developing my leadership skills through training, education, and experience, without considering my title or position. However, since I am better at some leadership skills that at others, I need to identify all the skills and evaluate how good I am at every skill so as to know the effort required to develop my skills in leading up to the level of my desire. Therefore, to be a good leader, I should be evaluating analyzing my leadership skills using various platforms available such as a personal leadership skills survey, personal SWOT analysis on leadership skills, and others.


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