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Reflection and Self-Assessment

Paper type: Reflection
Pages: 4 (927 words)
Categories: Self
Downloads: 16
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I learn by making mistakes, getting feedback from others, and making reasoned judgements about my own strengths and weaknesses, this helps me to target my development. My strengths are: I am self-confident when I work and learn new skills, I become more assertive and independent, yet happy to take responsibility for my own actions and beliefs. Moreover I am willing and able to take responsibility for myself and my learning. I am confident in my own abilities, planning and time management.

I have a strong working ethnic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity and optimism.

I am capable of working and interacting sympathetically with others and confident to give and accept criticism, using this in a positive manner to further build on my skills. On the other hand my weak skills are English, communication, leadership and team work. Sometimes I lack self-confidence when I do my presentations and when answering tutor’s questions in lectures, this is because my spoken English is not so proficient, I believe this is the reason why my team work and leadership are also affected.

I have opportunities to improve my weaker skills in the field business by enhancing my communication skills and team work that I could have through greater self-knowledge, more specific job goals and activities. My friends say I have to participate more in group activities which might help my English skills. Currently I play basketball in the team at university and I am working in the canteen on campus. Working and participating in sports clubs help my English and group work a lot.

In the future I intend to take part in Gap year activities and look for a business job outside of the university. I am very keen to build upon my general business experience and training, which will further develop my leadership and communication skills. Before that I must plan in time regarding my learning and working time with out any external impositions. I find that working in groups with my fellow students on an assignment task in a seminar is my most preferred experience of learning.

Working co-operatively with others can create wonderful opportunities to share ideas and to gain new perspectives and points of view through tapping into a wider pool of experience and knowledge. An important advantage of discussing ideas with others is that I will clarify my own thinking by expressing my own ideas. I will find through the discussions and talking through my own understanding of topics they are more likely to be remembered. I think group work is necessary, because in employment, most work is carried out by people working together to share resources and abilities.

I find that group-work requires that I both contribute actively, and that I listen to others in a supportive and encouraging manner, It is a two way process. Working with others enables the exchange of ideas and information, for example, where to find good resources. When I do group work, I prefer to sit next to someone who I am comfortable with. Generally I do not speak too much, but I write down what I would have liked to have said. I usually make eye contact with at least one person in the group and try to maintain this as I speak.

I often try and act as though I am confident and smile, even if this is not the case. I listen attentively and give them eye contact. I respond with a smile, a nod and try to be aware of turn-taking and allow everyone to have their say. I normally encourage others in the group by asking questions and opinions. Generally speaking, I would like to speak more with others, but sometimes my English skills make it difficult to express my feelings, therefore sometimes I prefer to remain quiet.

When I do face some easy and interesting topics I usually talk a lot and am very realistic and open-minded. Some of my friends said that I am very light hearted, jolly, conciliated, friendly and sensitive. I would like to improve in my written and spoken skills. That is why I would like to take part in sports clubs and activities, and get to know new friends and also gain work experience and participating in various discussions and English language modules. They help me to improve my communication and English skills a lot.

I also need to improve my written language, so try to write a lot of essays, learn new words every day and review English grammar once a week. I generally learn a lot from my written essay, because I can see the incorrect grammar and I also write down sentences which are good grammar and useful to know. When I write essays or reports, I usually ask my friends to help my English grammar. Improving my English vocabulary and using a variety of written style I must try looking for more journals and articles to read and furthermore it would improve my presentation skills too.

I do not like to do presentations, because it makes me anxious, nervous and embarrassed. I was not satisfied with my presentation in the last semester, although it was my first time. I feel it had poor presentation which made me upset and caused my self-esteem to be low when I met my class mates. Unfortunately for the final result of presentation I was not pleased, however, I have learnt a lot of good lessons, ideas and experiences of how I could improve my skills in future presentations and how I can do much better.

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