Visionary Leadership: Personal Growth & Global Impact

According to Robbins and Judge (2010), “leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or a set of goals”. Leadership is an element or organizational management that establishes the direction of an organization. Leadership is also a factor that can be used in coping with changes such as organizational changes, political changes, environmental changes and many other changes that have an impact on the development of an organization.

A leader is a person who carries out leadership process and it is supposed to align resources and motivate workers in efforts to inspire them to complete the organization’s vision (Robbins and Judge 2010).

I plan to have a leadership vision that clearly defines others, the world and myself in general. When creating this vision, I will need to ask myself questions such as: • Who am I? • What is my life purpose? • What do I stand for? • How do I want to influence others? • How to I intend to contribute to my family, the organization, the world and myself?

After answering these questions, I will formulate a vision of the world and myself and then I will start making my vision a reality.

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In my leadership action plan, I will set leadership goals that I intend to achieve at the end of a certain period. I plan to increase my leadership knowledge by attending leadership classes, which will increase my competencies. In my plan, I will also include the study of inspirational books reputable writers who talk about leadership strategies.

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Through these books, I will try to learn all the important strategies that I can apply to become a better leader in the future. I plan to attend more workshops and seminars on leadership strategies that will be held in my country and even in other countries. I plan to improve my communication skills by attending more and more classes and workshops that educate on improving personal and public communication skills. With these communication skills, I believe I will be a role model to my followers and I will ensure that there is no misconception of ideas that I put across.

I plan to improve organizational skills that go along with leadership so that in future I can have my own company and have several roles that are geared towards the achievement of the organizational goals. I plan to increase my technical knowledge of factory machines so that I can be an efficient leader to the workers of a manufacturing company. I plan to improve my interpersonal relations skills so I can understand different human behaviors and learn how to accept individual differences.

I plan to take studies concerning organizational behavior so that I can be able to analyze the organizational behavior of the corporation that I am working at and therefore determine recommendations that may be applied for future prosperity. I plan to utilize all my strengths and gifts while playing the leadership role in any organization. In order to efficiently increase my competence skills, I will require the following resources: 1. Money for training and development studies 2. Organizational support 3. Training colleges 4. Study materials

I plan to be a charismatic leader with the aim of being a heroic leader in the organizations that I will work for in my career life. Being a charismatic leader I will be a leader with a vision so that I can point my efforts to a certain direction. In my charismatic leadership style, I plan to attend brainstorming sessions, planning sessions, discussion sessions and meetings that are always held in the organization if I have the permission. Through this, I plan to learn leadership styles of other people and also the behavior of those who use the charismatic leadership style.

Once in a while, I plan to volunteer to be the head of group efforts. I plan to try the different leadership techniques and decide which one is appropriate for me. I plan to be an active contributor in meetings or any sessions held in the organization. I plan to give each and every person a chance to speak and share his or her opinions and ideas. I plan to comment on those who perform well or give reliable ideas and opinions. I plan to be a risk-taker in everything because trying is worth the efforts than being afraid of trying new ideas.

I plan to be a leader who communicates not only through words, but also through body language. I plan to be a heroic leader by bringing out the potential in other people who have not recognized what they can do with their talents. I plan to be an inspiring and influential leader who: 1. Provides an appealing vision my followers 2. Communicates positively new sets of values 3. Modeling behaviors for the communicated values 4. Expression of dramatic behavior (Robbins and Judge 2010) I plan to maintain a positive attitude towards every aspect of life so that I can lead a happy life surrounded by happy and positive people.

I plan to be a reputable leader in the global market and ensure that customers are provided with the quality services they request for. To achieve my global leadership dream, I plan to follow the following plan: 1. Identify trustworthy local advisers 2. Understanding of global practices and laws which my organization will conform to 3. Adopting a purposeful behavior in the global market 4. Immerse myself into different cultures and learn how other people perceive me 5. Learning how different cultures make decisions and how they express values 6. Realization of the fact that any changes or challenges faced are opportunities and not obstacles

7. Remaining open to learning opportunities that will boost my cultural intelligence 8. Evaluating my leadership ability and how to improve some leadership skills 9. Realizing that my expectations and values are similar to those of other leaders in the same industry Being a leader is a challenging position, but I plan to surpass all challenges and prove to the whole world that I can be an effective leader in every activity that I do. I plan to have a reputation that will last for long. I plan to be a legend in the leadership role. References Robbins, P. S. & Judge, T. A. , (2010). Essentials of Organizational Behavior. London: PrenticeHall

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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