Law Enforcement: Police Officers are Making a Huge Impact on the Public’s Safety

Do you know how safe our world really is ? Have you ever asked a police officer about their family and personal lives? Have you ever wondered what it actually take to become a police officer? Police officers are accredited from the gained knowledge received from trainings, mentors and tactics. Every year over the course of time statistics get lower because we are kept safe due to proactive police officers doing their job to the fullest. Police Officers are humans just like you and I , they have complications and flaws daily while doing their job each and every day.

Police Officers use their accredited skills to help maintain positive outlooks for the citizens. There are state and national test and requirements that must be met in order to become a police officer. Police Officers are forced to have these certifications to better communities and their departments.

Agencies and departments all over the United States have distinct requirements to join their departments. Popular cities such as Atlanta,Georgia ,Dallas,Texas, Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California all have minimum requirements.

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One is for you to be at least 20 years old during your hiring process and 21 years old when it is your academy classes time to graduate. Along with those minimum age requirements that you must meet before your hiring process starts. Once you are finally hired on the job you must of qualifications such as : drug screening , background checks, psychological evaluations, and physical fitness. Coupled with the hiring qualifications there are more qualifications that they must pass during the Police Academy.

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The police academy typically is from six months through 12 months. Different departments have different police academy requirements, departments who are in need of officers immediately academy is six months, others who are well staffed are 12 months. During your time in the academy you gain knowledge around topics such as road patrol, firearms safety, state laws, traffic control , and self discipline. In addition to graduating from the police academy you are subject to going through more strategic training, Field Training. Along starting Field Training you are given a mentor who is suppose to teach you the basics of working as road patrol. Those mentors are also known as, Field Training Officers.

These mentors shows one how to be a proactive and overachieving police officer by showing them some skills and tactics that may not have been taught in the police academy. As I tell people from the knowledge I have gained about Field Training Officers , I tell them it is more than checkboxes and having understandment of certain topics in the law field. It is a bond created and shared aspects of life and road patrol. In spite of graduating the police academy and then passing the field training phase, othen becoming a police officer who will encounter with some horrible scenes and scenarios. As police are doing such a great job trying to keep their local communities safe by placing their own life on the line for citizens they never knew. Alongside with this fearful job police take on others problems and life fails. As of Police Firearm Officers Association “ 80% of police officers suffer from depression and anxiety daily throughout ” If you were not aware there were more than 9.5 Million innocent people killed in fatal auto accidents.

Many people compare fatal auto accidents to the amount of speeding tickets. There were 40,000 speeding tickets issued by police officers in the United States. Understand that when a police officer issues you a written citation for speeding or any other petty reason, they are simply just doing their job. Those 40,000 speeding tickets that were issued to those people were an eye opening event due to the fact they realized that they are wrong and now they have that instinct that it isn’t so good to speed. There are numerous consequences that comes with speeding, receiving a written citation is one of them. Knowing that police are issuing citations for speedings and other cimple crimes.

We can insure and determine that police officers are making a huge impact on the public’s safety. Understanding how when a police officer writes a citation it impacts the safety, did you know there are officers who go above and beyond just simply writing tickets? Did you know there are officers who make personal differences in others lives each and everyday, unrecognizably. Next, one of my high inspiring mentors who works for the Warren Police Department, Lieutenant Detective. That Lieutenant Detective, John Barnes, a 20 year veteran at the Warren Police Department went above and beyond while on duty one day to look after a child who recently had some family issues and the child parents weren’t going through the best stages in life. John Barnes adopted a young boy who had been physically ,emotionally and mentally abused at the current stages of his life.

John Barnes took it upon himself and his wife to adopt this young man who they didn’t even know. How would you have taken on this issue? Do you feel Lieutenant Barnes took the appropriate actions with this child? Do you feel as if he should had done his job and took the child to a juvenile detention home? Many officers inside of the Warren Police Department felt as if Barnes had done the right thing. I personally know John Barnes and his adopted son Jack Barnes. Jack Barnes and I were both police explorers together. Lieutenant Barnes isn’t the only person who stepped above his job and made a difference in someone else’s life. Officer Jesse Whitten of the Santa Rosa Police Department located in California also stepped above his job to make a difference. While on duty Officer Whitten was dispatched to an unknown call in his designated patrol area, Whitten responded. While on the dispatched call Officer Whitten realized a mother of one baby girl was also going through a rough time in her life. Whitten noticed the horrific environment that the baby girl was living in. He knew he had to take action.

Similar to Lieutenant Barnes, Officer Whitten also adopted this baby who was being physically, emotionally and mentally abused. What such great men that took action when the action was needed. Take a moment and realize that these officers took time out of their personal lives outside of work to make a huge impact in multiple peoples lives. Summarizing that police officers aren’t indeed what the media presume them to be. Not all cops are racist, many of them aren’t just stopping you to harrass you or cause you to have a corrupt day.

Knowing that there are a huge number of good police officers oppose to the bad ones. Let’s remember there are bad apples everywhere , even inside of a police department. We can allow the small mistakes to trump over the good. As you gained knowledge around police officers being accredited through trainings, tactics and mentors, how they keep us safe and most importantly how they impact people’s lives unnoticeably. We must consider them as normal humans just liek you , take into consideration no one is perfect and people make mistakes every day. Remember next time you are pulled over, remain calm they are just doing their jobs, maybe they can relate to what you have going on. 

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