Should Police Officers Have Higher Education

Ought to Police need to have higher education than the majority of people they deal with on a day to day basis?I state yes and here are some reasons. Authorities Education has been long because disputed in the United States. Law Enforcement should be the one who are correctly informed if they are the ones who ensure that laws and rules are being followed. Works as the It will function as guide in cops professionalism. Education in our cops is very crucial with how they perform their duties and responsibilities Profession wise, it is their stepping stone for greater promo and visit.

President’s Commission on Police and the Administration of Justice that was established in 1967 suggested that it’s a supreme goal of having baccalaureate degrees to all authorities workers with basic enforcement powers

The difficulty of hiring police officers with higher educational attainment is being reduced. The majority of individuals coming in to this occupation are aware that they need to be college degree holder to be able to do their part as a police.

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The variety of department that needs college degree for promotion and visit has actually increased. They need to be the one who are well educated so that they can be of fine example to our person in following rules and so on.

How can you be a leader if you ‘re not a good follower ? Before we can force other to follow what were doing we must be the first to understand and do it as well .

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Understanding follows from learning the basic and we can only do it by providing enough knowledge of the things going around us . Education must be taken in action , not just stored in the minds of any individual We must see that to be a better police is our main target of educating them . Education won ‘t have to stop after college or after holding degree . What is the use of you’re diploma if your intention of being a policeman is to use your power against other people

Education is a long process , never ending procedures and learning Education must not stop after graduation but it should be used as a training ground , a basis for performing acts to be a better police officer . Educated police officer must always be humble to its colleagues who are not degree holders

Everyday in our lives has its own learning ‘s and education . It is how well we carry those teachings that can help us make decisions in life Being a good policeman is our choice , doing what Law of God and Law of Man require is your choice. But , in performing your job and making sure of following whatever rules and regulations stated we must be well informed and trained to be able to share those information to citizens.

The challenge of policing profession has come a long way . It has all started whether in requiring a college degree for police officers made sense . The more complex in this situation is on how we prepare everyone in the department from line of officers to the highest executives in exercising the changes in our environment . New technologies have been a very good example why there ‘s a need for re-education and training to our old police officers . Computer literacy will improve their work will make them more advance in making reports , transforming information and solving cases in the department . If our policemen were not open to these changes , they will end up left behind

New police officers are quiet knowledgeable when it comes to new technologies but being superior to our old policemen somewhat can degrade them . New sets of police officer are clear enough to adopt changes if they will not be re-educated ? We don ‘t want our police to be stagnant in doing the same procedure and stagnant with what they ‘re knowledge can reach . Openness with the changes in our environment is one of the learning ‘s a police must undertake

We must also know what Police Academy all about . They are school run by most major police department where they train their new recruits to have the skills needed in the work their about to enter . Degree holder police officers compare to non degree holder knows that they have this difficult task providing safety to other people . They really need higher education for the good of their profession and are able to handle the difficult task easier . Acknowledgment of their profession is a very important tool in preparing their selves to a more challenging role of becoming police. Police profession to be taken seriously has a requirement of having a higher education level in all police officers to be of good example to the future police

The importance of Education in Police Profession is like what John F Kennedy says , Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities , because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which , fulfilled , can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation

The major advantage of having police profession is that understanding and proper delegation of assignments are well taken cared of . It is necessary to have degree holder law enforcer so that they can be able to perform their jobs in a right direction . The knowledge they possess will help them make good decision outcomes and the better they perform their jobs the better police profession will be of help to society . There ‘s no disadvantage it bring because education is a major tool in self-development and self-security

Seeing it in a more responsive view is that having police education will give us more room for self-improvement and realization . Loving the profession and learning to use it in the noblest way Conclusion To be a better policeman requires the most basic tool and it is education . Education serves as growth in personal development . It is a challenge a police officer must first face in to perform better in his assignments . Experiences are far different from formal education where no strategic formulas are being studied . Formal education helps police officer grow in the more complex way and perform their duties effectively.

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