Barangay Police Officers

Individuals have dependably been traveling from one place to another, and more often than not trip has hardly been secure, regardless of the expenses and transportation implies. The quantities of free explorers that had managed dread of uncertainty, accentuated the significant part that wellbeing and security plays in settling on movement decisions and exhibited unmistakably that peace is the closest companion of movement and tourism while war and frailty are among its most exceedingly terrible foes.

The peace and order in any territories of the Philippines have been characterized as conflicting and fretful.

Peace and order must begin in the little unit of society which is the family. Each individual from the family should mindful of wrongdoings and its awful impacts. With enough information about this issue, most likely everybody is arranged and can work independently without living in fear. In keeping up the execution, the barangay authorities additionally depicting an overwhelming part in which they have to apply such a great amount of push to ensure everybody’s security.

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Beside the Philippine National Police or PNP’s critical nearness to network, authorities chose to assemble an advisory group in charge of keeping peace and request amid evening time. These men supposed barangay ;tanods; which they are to keep those unlawful demonstrations occurring amid darks hours that perhaps make turmoil and annihilate the execution of peace and request that is instilled to the general population.

Nonetheless, there are still stubborn ones connecting with disturbances regardless of how solid and profound the devotion of barangay authorities, law masters and barangay tanods in keeping up the peace and request.

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The majority of these non-well behaved men are minor 15 years old carrying out road violations like hoodlums and grabs. While different types of wrongdoing like unlawful medications, illicit betting, fear-based oppression and abusive behavior at home are inclined to grown-up ages.

The researcher might want to decide whether peace and order is very much actualized and all around kept up in the Inabanga Bohol on the grounds that nobody can tell when and where violations will exist, how does barangay authorities, law masters, and barangay tanods do their separate errands so they can anchor everybody’s life, and their conceivable approaches to diminish the expanding number of wrongdoing rate yearly in the said put.

Literature Background

The barangay tanod is a registered group of Barangay residents who serve in the barangay by providing free services to prevent crime, maintain safety, calmness and order. The said code sprouts from the provision of paragraph, Article II, Section 4 ng Saligang Batas “The main task of the Government is to serve and protect the people.”

Chapter 3 Section 389 of the Local Government Code 1991 no.7 Power of the Chief of Barangay to develop and preside over emergency groups if it is necessary to preserve peace and order or during emergencies or disasters. Furthermore, it is also stated in Section 3 of the executive no.309 which states that the ;Peace and Order; will report on the silence and order and operation of the ;Civilian Volunteer Self-Defense Organizations (watchmen); and other programs or acts against government revolt.

“The purpose of Barangay tanod” they are the one who provide security and safety to citizens against the threat of irreparable deprivation of life, property and property. The watchman will assist the Government in maintaining the silence and order of law enforcement, the authority of the intergovernmental authorities, the jurisdiction and other branches of government. Barangay tanod helps in the fight against crime and in the protection of general safety in the barangay. In addtion barangay tanod will fill the current police force with major security and police operations in line with the policy of the PNP.

This study is also anchord on Riles MG Panelo (2013) the barangay tanod detachment assumes a vital part in the improvement and advancement of the barangay. It is one of the executing components of the Barangay Peace and Order Committee (BPOC), which has the essential undertaking of guaranteeing that peace and request win in the barangay.

Peace and order in local communities means a feeling of a common sentiment of security among the residents. Individuals who have this conviction that all is good will probably take an interest in network exercises that expect to enhance the job and prosperity of all. In this sense, the upkeep of peace and request is a piece of the establishment for veritable, community based improvement.

Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome, Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), ordered all policemen doing office work to go out and render at least four hours of security patrols in their areas of jurisdiction.”They will now be conducting patrol before they go to the office and before they go home,” said Bartolome.

The target time will be from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the morning and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon. According to Bartolome, the PNP objective is to make use of that time on matters that need the police concerns most, which is patrolling the streets”. It was implemented by Bartolome in Metro Manila while he was director of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

After the assessment that it was effective, Bartolome said he wants to implement it across the country because aside from policemen doing office work, he said some policemen in other units will also be required to conduct beat patrol. He, however, clarified that only those assigned in areas where the threat of big rebel groups like communist and Moro rebels will be tapped for patrol. “Some of those assigned in internal security operations will be used for visibility because we all know that it is an essential component to prevent crime,” said Bartolome.

Moreover, Abat (2013) stated that in Davao City, the police station is increasing police visibility in communities to reduce the numbers of crimes. Most of the policemen are outside for advocacy programs and to maximize visibility. And also don’t let the ride in a mobile since mostly they are on foot patrol to observe more the community safety, this way they could easily establish connection with the community against criminal acts. Policemen also go house-to-house in different villages in subdivision within the area of their responsibilities to make sure that they are safe by the police force.

Hence, Ri?en (2014), stated that Cebu City is further strengthening police visibility in public areas where implemented by the police as part of their strategy to lower street crimes in program dubbed Metro Cebu Comprehensive Deployment System (MCCDS) which in this program they will maximize police visibility out in the streets to prevent crimes from happening and witness more augmentation of policemen out in the streets in beat, foot, and mobile in covert operations.

“The response to street crimes is always police presence”, apart from increasing the number of policemen in foot and mobile patrols, other strategies that will be employed the establishment of checkpoints, deployment of covert personnel and with all these done in random manner. Therefore, safety is a freedom from harm or danger and the state of being safe which every person assures in the place they were living and for their daily lives. People need to feel safe at all times under any circumstances. It does not matter if you are at home, at work, at school, travelling at social event or in desperate need of emergency assistance.


This study is based from the provision of paragraph (e), Article II R.A. 7160, otherwise known as the Saligang Batas Act of 1991. The study is anchored on the Local Government Code 1991 , duty of barangay tanod serve as

  1. The defender of silence
  2. contributes to community order
  3. Securing the barangays and countries

The distribution of authority is an important process within the organization. However, the source of the authority did not reside in the person who gave the orders, rather, authority resided in the subordinates who could choose to either accept or reject directives from superiors.

This theory is used in this study since it looked into the effectiveness of an organization. Barangay tanod is an organization composed of trained men to protect and serve the community against lawless elements and this theory manifest that as an organization it should be cooperative in establishing and maintaining good communication for its effectiveness.


The study is guided by a conceptual model utilizing the Coomb’s Systems’ Approach involving three frames, the input-process and output. The first frame which refers to the input consists of the Barangay Officials and Local Police as respondents of the study described in terms of age, sex, educational attainment and occupation.

The second frame refers to the process include the steps in the conduct of the study while the third frame shows the output consists of the level of perception of the respondents on effectiveness of police community relation
The line from the output leading back to process and input is called the Feedback which means that there is a continuing process and when there are errors committed along the line, the researcher may go back either to the process or output.


  • Age
  • Sex
  • Residency /Visitation

Level of Perception of respondents on the the performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining the peace and order of Inabanga Bohol
Action Plan for the Improvement of the performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order.

Conceptual Model showing the Level of performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order in Inabanga Bohol

The Problem

Statement of the Problem

This research aims to evaluate the relationship between the level of peace and order in Inabanga Bohol and the level of performance of barangay tanod in maintaining the peace and order. To attain a clearer insight into the subject under the study, the following inquiries were formulated:

What is the profile of the respondents in terms of

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Civil Status
  • Residency/Visitation

2. What is the level of the peace and order of Inabanga Bohol as perceived by the residents and tourist in terms of:

  • Security
  •  Infrastructure
  • Tourist Destination

3. What is the level of performance of barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order as perceived by the residents and tourists in terms of:

  •  Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourist Destination

4. Is there a relationship between the level of the peace and order of Inabanga Bohol and the level of performance of barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order as perceived by the resident and tourist?

5. What could action plan be proposed to evaluate the performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order in Inabanga Bohol?
Null Hyphothesis

Significance of the Study

This study is significant to the following:
The Citizens. The result of the study will make the citizens realize the importance of performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order to the society and to make them understand what the barangay tanod can do to serve and protect them.
The Barangay Officials. The result of the study will be a base of the barangay officials/ officers like the barangay tanod is there to guide the barangay to a peaceful community and also help the police in time of any trouble to the barangay.
The Municipal Officials. The result the study will contribute a betterment of the municipality because the barangay tanod are there ready to help in time of need. The result can be the basis of the municipal officers to craft an ordinance that may further enhance the police and community relation.
The Police officers. This will the police understand the important of having a good relationship between them and to the community. Also the community will have the trust and cooperate in their work like in solving a criminal case to the society.
The Researchers. The result of the study will serve as an avenue for them to discover the importance and to have knowledge about the performance of the barangay tanod.
The Future Researchers. The future researchers may utilize the data or result of this study or future reference in conducting similar study.



To achieve the goal of this study , a descriptive survey method was employed by the researcher with the aid of questioners to gather necessary data.

Environment and Participants

The study will be conducted in the Municipality of Inabanga Bohol a 3rd class municipality in the province of Bohol, which composed of 45,880 people population as of 2015 census. It has an area of 125.63 km2 (48.51 sq mi) .


Barangay Location

Anonang, Badiang, Baguhan, Bahan, Banahao, Baogo, Bugang, Cagawasan, Cagayan, Cambitoon, Canlinte, Cawayan, Cogon, Cuaming, Dagnawa, Dagohoy, Dait Sur, Datag, Fatima, Hambongan, Ilaud, Ilaya, Ilihan, Lapacan Norte, Lapacan Sur, Lawis, Liloan Norte , Liloan Sur, Lomboy, Lonoy Cainisican, Lonoy Roma, Lutao, Luyo, Mabuhay, Maria Rosario, Nabuad, Napo, Ondo, Poblacion, Riverside, Saa, San Isidro, San Jose, Santo Niño , Santo Rosario ,Sua,Tambook, Tungod, Ubu,Uog

The respondents of this study will be the 50 randomly selected barangays of Inabanga Bohol. A simple random sampling will used in selecting respondents and barangays.


Data Gathering Procedure

The researcher asked permission from the Dean of the College of Business Arts and Sciences to conduct the study. If the permit will be granted, the researcher will request to the participating barangays to conduct the study.

In order to gather data, the researcher conducted personal interviews to the head of the peace and order committees of the subject barangays. A semi-structured questionnaire was used in the interview and further questions have been raised during interviews. Also, the whole interview was audio recorded for the preservation of the interviewee’s answers. Documents were requested and given to the researcher that includes barangay profile and map.  After the interview materials and equipment used by the peace and order committee together with the Barangay Peace and Security Officer or the tanod were presented to the researcher and has been photographed for documentation.

Statistical Treatment

The following formulas, provided below were used in this study


To the Respondents:

The reseacher is conducting a study on “Level of performance of the barangay tanod in m,aintaining peace and order of Inabanga Bohol.” In connection with this i ask for your cooperation in answering the following questions with honesty
The records of responses will be treated with outmost confidentiality. Thank you and more power!

The Researcher

Instructions: Please fill in the needed information.


A. Residency

Resident Visitor

B. Sex:

Male Female

C. Age:

Below 20 21-30
31-40 41-50
51 and above

Civil Status

Single Married Widowed Separated

Years of Residency

If resident how many years living in the area?
Below 5 years 6-15 years 15 years and above
If visitor how many times visited the area ?
Once 2-3 times More than 5 times

Number of encounter with barangay tanod in past 6 months:

Always (100%)
Most of the times (69-99%)
Sometimes (34-66%)
Rarely (1-33%)
Never (0%)

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