School Violence and Law Enforcement Officers

School violence happens all around the world, some audiences target race and ethnicity and create a bigger problem. School violence is a major problem and can lead to bigger problems in the community, schools and surrounding businesses. School violence is not a topic to be handled lightly because with our children and staff who go to work every day for a living can have a bad experience physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. School violence is not only school-shooting but it is gang activity, theft, bullying or a group attacking one student, assault, and the use of drugs.

The violence is against the students and staff members in the school. It can start with bullying to hurt the students and teachers. We have had many occurrences with school violence and our parents around the world are not happy about it, school violence can happen because of how weak the community is and they are not united. It can occur with someone who has had a rough past and they go to school to harm and injure others.

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A child who has been bullied enough and has had enough which results in hurting themselves or others. Every case has its different factors of why it happened, some physical and others are verbal cases that led so far. Law enforcement makes a huge impact when it comes to school violence. However, sometimes, it all happens too fast and some are left dissatisfied because “law enforcement was not there fast enough” but it is always important to call law enforcement when something suspicious is happening on school grounds.

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It is important to contact a childs parent as well if a teacher or staff member notices the children lack communication or bruises or is being bullied. According to campus safety, it is important for teachers to pick up on if the student has little interest in school and is doing poorly, they have uncontrolled anger and use intimidation and bullying towards others should be a high-risk alert.

Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to help others every day, we cannot be selfish and say they did not help that kid who got bullied in fact they did, we cannot say they did not respond to the call. There are other factors when it comes to school violence and shootings. If we took a second to think of this horrible situation, what if the active shooter thought about having a partner involved to block patrol when they were headed to the school? It is important for our SRO on campus communicates and holds strong communication with our law enforcement officers. For example, according to on May 17, 2018, an Illinois school resource officer was praised as a hero when he wounded a former student who opened fire upon the school auditorium where students had gathered for their graduation ceremony rehearsal. The school resource officer wounded, did not kill nineteen-year-old Mathew Milby. Mathew Milby faced three charges of aggravated discharge and a large bond of two million dollars.

According to the Illinois state police at the time, more charges were to be filed against Milby. It is important to thank our law enforcement officers and our school resource officers because the school resource officers at Dixon High school put his life at risk when he charged towards Mathew Milby and confronted him. Hundreds of lives were saved thanks to this officer. He wounded Milby until more policemen arrived at the scene. It is important for schools to have a police foundation to maintain a school resource officer on campus, usually, school resource officers are funded through the school or county but when a financial problem arises, what can be done then? When I went to school in Fort Hamilton High school, Brooklyn New York. The school has approximately 5,000 students, getting to class was a headache. Trying to cross the hallway shoulder to shoulder with other students but I felt safe because I would see two school resource officers at the end of the hall. They were super helpful and communicated with the students for anything. I think it is important to have an SRO on campus rather than have someone come to the scene when an incident occurs.

On March 20, 2018, according to CNN news, there were two injured in Maryland school shooting. A seventeen-year-old man Austin Wyatt shot two other students at Great Mills high school in Maryland. In the investigation, they have stated one was a female whom he had a prior relationship with and the other victim was a male. School resource officer Blaine Gaskill responded to the scene in less than a minute, he shot the shooter and Austin Wyatt Rollins fired back. Rollins was pronounced dead, the officer was unharmed and unfortunately those two students Rollin fired at are in critical condition. It was an unfortunate event and unfortunate that there wasn’t a School resource officer on campus already so nobody would have been hurt.

Officer Gaskill stopped the shooting before it resulted in plenty of students in life-threatening conditions. No one should ever hear the words school and shooting or school violence together, it makes your heart sink. It gives you a cold feeling that makes you ask is this really happening in my community, in my school? School safety is the number one topic that should be spoken about and should not be taken lightly. Law enforcement officers deal with traffic violations, silly calls at food restaurants, they have to do probation visits, it is a handful for them to deal with. When there is a School resource officer on board complying with our police agency and is well trained we can feel a little better. All as one we should comply as well.

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School Violence and Law Enforcement Officers

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