Junk Food Should Be Banned

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Junk food is popular because it is convenient, it is cheap and it tastes good. However, the real cost of eating junk food never appears on the menu. Junk food should be banned in schools due to: Risk of diseases increase, effects on the brain functions and cause of obesity.

Firstly, junk food should be banned is schools because it puts students’ health on risk. Junk food is the main cause of diabetes. It’s high in calories but low in nutrition.

Unnecessary weight is related to diabetes. Heart stroke is also common health theat. By consuming junk food the chance of getting a heart attack is increasing by 50%. High blood pressure is an undeniable fact to people who eat junk food. The amount of sodium contained makes the kidneys work under more pressure, and high blood pressure could lead to a worse problems.

Secondly, the effect on brain functions is huge from consuming junk food. It decreases the ability to memorize things.

Junk food increases the insulin level in the brain which restricts our ability to think. Also, it causes dementia which declines memory because the blood pressure is high and cholesterol disrupting the blood supply to the brain. As well as eating junk food increases the risk of becoming depressed. 41 previous studies showed a correlation between junk food and depression.

Opposite views claim that junk food is allowed in schools for a reason. Junk food is a great source of energy for children in school. As well Tufts University Health and Nutrition’s confirmed that it also consists of Vitamins A, B6, Bi2, C, folate, calcium, protein and iron which are beneficial for health.

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Junk food is fast food it makes it very convenient to consume for workers that been proven that 48% of workers have less than 30 minutes of break. Also the price is very affordable for people all ages with different economic statuses. Another major reason is the taste.69% of people agreed to the statement that taste is the main reason why people chose junk food. However, there is one major outcome of eating junk food that affects children is obesity.1/2 of children in the USA are overweight or obese. Being obese doesn’t help students in any way it only makes them lazier and it has a negative effect on their grades. Another factor that is caused by being obese is bullying especially in schools. A 2015 study in Italy involving 147 elementary school kids concluded that normal-weight an overweight children were far less likely to be bullied than obese or severely obese students. 44.4% of obese children experience name-calling. All those problems are caused by the allowing rate of junk food in schools.

To summarize junk food should be decreased in schools. To start off, the chance of getting diseases increases which can harm student’s health. Then junk food has an enormous impact on brain activity and functions. Finally, the accessibility of junk food in schools is high. So why do schools provide children with something that can affect them in a negative way, something that can harm?

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