Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Crisis
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Johnson & Johnson had manufactured Extra-Strength Tylenol in capsule and tablet form since 1959. Tylenol became one of Johnson & Johnson’s most successful products, accounting for 17 percent of the company’s profits. Extra-Strength Tylenol constituted 70 percent of all Tylenol sales. Johnson & Johnson also enjoyed a tremendous amount of trust and goodwill from the public, nurtured in part by its adherence to the company credo of responsibility to customers, employees, shareholders, and the community. In 1982, seven people in…...
Johnson and Johnson Executive Summary
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The $10,000 investment made into Johnson and Johnson is a good investment to have in your portfolio. This is because of the stable nature of Johnson and Johnson and the growth trend of the company. Based on the JNJ 10-Ks for the last 5 years ended Jan. 1, 2012, the revenue trend is growing. Revenues have trended favorably from $61,095 in the year ended Jan. 2007 to $65,030 in the year ended Jan. 1, 2012. The company is also operating…...
Johnson & Johnson
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It should be no surprise that there is developing research suggesting that certain organizations that meet the criteria of being compliant or ethical are inclined to perform better in the financial market on fundamental operational metrics, including shareholder buy in and return. The characteristics found in successful businesses are typically the same as businesses that are also labeled as ethical or compliant. Organizations that focus on being accountable, good communicators, consistent, and controlled, generally outperform their peers financially. This is…...
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Financial Analysis Johnson & Johnson
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Johnson & Johnson is a name brand, which is known for providing quality products to consumers. The company focuses on the development of products related to health and well-being. The company has more than 275 companies, which are located in 60 different countries. It is the world’s sixth-largest consumer health company, the world’s eighth-largest pharmaceuticals company, the world’s fifth-largest biologics company, the world’s largest diagnostics company, and provides the world’s largest and most diverse medical devices (Our Company, n.d.) Summary…...
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