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Short Story About Friendship

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (884 words)
Categories: Activity, Best Friends, Essay, Friend, Friends, Friendship, Short Story, Society, Writing
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It was a Sunday morning, the wind was screaming through the branches. I was at school with my friend Sarah, Sarah has been my best friend for nine years we tell each other all our secrets. We met each other in kindergarten and since then we have been inseparable. Sahra and I were heading to our first-period class, music with Miss Linda she is every student’s favorite teacher because she is very motivational and trustworthy not only is she a teacher to her students but also someone who you can ask for help in your darkest times.

After miss Linda’s class, I ran as if a tiger was chasing me to catch up with my friend Rylie. Rylie is another one of my friends that I have known for two years and one thing everyone knows about her is that her parents are the most strict in the neighborhood and they tend to put too much stress on her and also she has the voice of an angle.

After like what seemed a year of running I found Rylie talking to Miss Linda and I accidentally overheard Miss Linda asking Rylie to join her choir group and sing with them in the pep rally coming up next week. Rylie tried to explain to miss Linda how she had to write an essay and that she couldn’t be able to attend the lessons for it after school but miss Linda said that it wouldn’t be a big problem if she paid a student to write it for her in secret. Rylie took her advice but I knew this plan wouldn’t work because Rylie is bad at lying like how a penguin is bad at flying. I didn’t want to get involved because my mom always said the more inquisitive you are the more trouble you’ll get into.

After the pep rally, Rylie was asked to go to the principle, Miss Andie and Rylie couldn’t help but think it was about her essay. While she was walking to the principal’s office she felt the dagger of guilt piercing through her heart. When she arrived she found Miss Linda and Miss Andie waiting for her and Miss Andie asked her to take a set. Miss Andie started the conversation by informing Rylie that her essay has the highest marks in the whole school, but she also added that a student came and told her that she overheard Miss Linda telling Rylie to pay a student to write the essay for her. Miss Andie wished that this information wasn’t true because Miss Linda is one of the best teachers in the school and also a friend and firing her would be like losing a friend. Unfortunately, Miss Linda had to confess and told Miss Andie what the student overheard was true. Rylie tried to blame it on herself but she couldn’t convince Miss Andie that Miss Linda had nothing to do with this situation. After the talk, Miss Linda was fired and Rylie had after-school detention every day for a week.

Rylie felt guilty and wanted to do something special in honor of Miss Linda so she asked the choir group and some other people including me to sing a song she wrote about Miss Linda in the talent show next week but everyone refused except me, Sarah, and one other person called Adam because they didn’t want to help a person that was the reason of Miss Linda getting fired. Everyone stormed out and me, Sarah, and Adam tried to comfort Rylie and took her to get ice cream to cheer her up. Meanwhile, the choir group was planning a revenge plan on Rylie, they were gonna join her in the talent show and then throw paint on her to humiliate her. So the next day the choir group told Rylie they were sorry for what they said and wanted to join her in the talent show. After some thinking, Rylie agreed and they started to practice for a memorable event. Three days passed and a girl named Chloe started to get close to Rylie and eventually became best friends. But Chloe still new about the plan and had to stop it so she told me, Kendal, and Adam everything they planned and we found a way to stop them from humiliating Rylie. The only way to stop what was gonna happen in the talent show is if there was no talent show at all.

The day of the talent show arrived and we planned to pull the fire alarm just when they started the talent show. What we did work and everyone evacuated the building immediately there was no paint and no one got humiliated. An hour after the alarm went off the student went back to there classes and me, Sarah, Chole, and Adam were called to the principal’s office. Turns out a boy named Ronald saw use pull the fire alarm and told Miss Andie. We tried to deny it but Sarah blew our cover because she hesitated every time Miss Andie asked her a question. We got detention but we got it for a good cause and after detention me, Sarah, Adam, Rylie, and Chloe went out for ice cream and from that day we all became best friends and never fought again.

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