Is discovery always a good thing?

Humanity’s interest in unknown world has been universal and enduring. Accompany with human development, discovery the unknown world has become more and more important to human life. Some people think discovery is a good thing. They will tell you how X-ray used by medical professionals to help diagnose and treat a wide range of medical problems. They will also tell you what a mass your life will be if Benjamin Franklin did not discovered electricity. But other argue people think discovery bring disaster to human.

They will tell you if Martin Heinrich Klaproth did not discover uranium, maybe atomic bomb would not been invented. Although the question about whether discovery always a good thing has so many different opinions. I believe that discovery has a positive effect on our life. Discoveries provide the benefit greater than the risk. It makes our life efficient and comfortable. This essay will pinpoint benefits of discovery. The first opinion is discovery in medicine can raise patients’ survival rates and reduce the pain caused by the illness.

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After that I will talk about the convenience bring by discovery in the daily life. Finally, I will state that discovery advance human development.

From 18st century, human have discovered so many important things in the medical field. These medical discoveries have had a great impact on the development of modern medicine. Have you ever heard about X-rays? In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays. He was not searching for X-rays. In fact, he did not known such a thing existed until he discovery proved that it was there.

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Nowadays X-rays were widely used in medicine domain, and have been one of the most powerful, useful, and lifesaving diagnostic tools in the world. Another example is penicillin. Penicillin is a unexpected discovery. It has saved millions of people during the last years of world war two alone. Penicillin is the first antibiotic to successfully fight bacterial infections and disease. In 20th century, it was called a miracle medicine, and opened an door to entry antibiotic families. Obviously these discoveries make great contribution to modern medicine.

They not only raise patients’ survival rates but also relieve the pain for patients. We could not image how the hospital would be without these greatest discoveries. So it is obvious that discovery in medical field is a good thing. The discovery is not only benefit in medical field, but also benefit in our normal lives. Today discoveries have deeply effect human lives. They bring great convenience to daily life. What would happen if no one discovered electricity? We would not be able to watch TV, and use our computers or cell phones. Because neither of them would work properly. Also no air-conditions, no refrigerators, no elevators. A lot of things would be done by hand. All of people would go to bed about 8 pm because there is not much to do after dark. Especially, the out activities would be difficult and dangerous without outside lights. I do not think human would go back after adapting to the electricity world. In our modern society where all aspects of our lives are almost totally dependent upon electricity. All of these equipment we used today, we owe thanks to Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity in 1752. Thus I think discovery is so important in our daily lives. No discovery, no comfortable life. Humans crave knowledge. It’s hard-wired into our DNA. Without discovery, we would never have left the cave, invented the wheel or flown to outer space.

Human development need new technology and innovation. No innovation, no development. Discovery is one of most important methods of innovation. If Benjamin Franklin did not discover electricity, perhaps Thomas Edison would not invent electric light. If John Bardeen did not discover the transistor effect of semi -conductor materials, maybe Robert Watson-Watt would not invent radar. DNA is another example. Francis Crick and James Wat son discovered DNA. That discovery has been called “the most significant discovery of the century.” DNA structure al lowed medical scientists to understand many deadly diseases, and to find cures. In conclusion, I think discovery advance human development. Today’s discoveries will shape tomorrow’s world. So human will never stop discovery the world.

Discoveries are often unexpected. No matter how or why something (like uranium or anthrax) was discovered. The discovery itself was not harmful,but what humans do with it can be. That is why I always think discovery is a good thing. Discoveries mark the progress of human civilizations. They advance human development. New discoveries in medical field have opened up new possibilities in treatment a lot of human sickness. So far that diseases like cancer and HIV is not so horrifying. And as we all know discoveries bring great convenience to our daily lives. So who could say discovery is not a good thing.

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Is discovery always a good thing?
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