Intrapersonal communication

Dr. Kelly PenzUniversity of Saskatchewan- College of Nursing In the Article Warrior caregivers: Understanding the challenges and healing of First Nations men, Mussell describes the Medicine wheel as a conceptual framework to guide an individual to understand the four significant aspects of self which includes: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of self (Mussell, 2005). In this paper I have utilized the four aspects of self as an integrated approach to display who I am. In terms of the physical aspect of myself, the biggest challenge that I have faced was moving out from home.

I used to live with my family in Saskatoon and moved to Regina alone a few weeks ago to pursue my education in Nursing. Along with my education, one of the main reasons to move out was so I could gain some independence. Moving to Regina from Saskatoon has been very difficult for me, as I have been facing many challenges. In terms of living alone now and physically away from my family, it has been hard for me to keep up with a healthy nutritional diet because I have to cook on my own now and I am not experienced in cooking.

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It has also been hard to keep up with daily exercise due to time management because I am either trying to catch up with schoolwork or working a part time job to cover my expenses such as rent, groceries and much more.

While living at home I was the complete opposite of what I am now, I used to eat very healthy and exercise regularly because I didn’t have to worry about working a part time job and neither did I have to make any meals since my mom would always cook.

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Going from a very dependent individual to an independent individual has taught me many responsibilities and priorities in life and accepting this challenge I believe will help me establish my own identity. Emotionally, I have strong relationships with my family, friends and loved ones. The most important relationship I have with is my family, especially my mom who has raised my sister and I as a single mother. My family has taught me most of my values, disciplines and beliefs. My friends I believe are the ones who understand me the most no matter what the situation is. I am able to share absolutely anything with them, especially my best friend, and receive great advice. The most intimate relationship I share with is my boyfriend Dhiren who I have been dating for two years now and being with him makes me feel very loved and a sense of belonging. We share a very understanding trusting relationship where we set limits and boundaries to when it comes to being committed to each other.

The several different relationships I have with different people shapes the way I interact with people now because I feel the more I am able to let everything out of me and share it with others, I am able to build on myself in terms of becoming less shy and getting out of my comfort zone to talk to others. Intellectually, I am always eager to learn and take upon new challenges. I am a type of person who learns very quickly and have always taken great interest in my education. Most of the knowledge I encompass has been taught to me by experience or directly through schooling. My work experiences has allowed me to teach others about my knowledge, for example I used to work in a Math learning center where I helped and guide children from grade school to high school with any math questions. Currently I work in a cellphone store and my work allows me to provide knowledge on the latest technology within the several different kinds of phones and educate customers. I believe that the more knowledge I inherit, it shapes my critical thinking abilities and displays my understanding of everything around me. Spiritually, I am a Muslim and I strongly believe in the faiths and beliefs of the Muslim religion.

In the article, Mussell describes the spiritual of self from the Medicine wheel as valuing the creation of Great Spirit which I agree to (Mussell,2005). I believe that God is the creation of everything and I value how much we should worship its creation such as respecting the environment because I think God is always watching over our good and bad deeds. I believe that if one has committed a bad deed then they should be punished for it and people who have done good deeds will be rewarded. My spiritual beliefs in my religion come from the teachings from my family and what their past generations had valued which has shaped me in thinking about religion how I do today. In conclusion, the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of self very much structures how one would represent their self identity, how others perceive them and the ideal self image. From my perspective, all four aspects in the Medicine wheel integrate together to create a framework to reflect on how the person I have become, in terms of how I think, the reasoning behind my logic and how my past experiences has shaped me to the person I am today.


Mussell, W.J Bill . "WARRIOR-CAREGIVERS: Understanding the Challenges and Healing of First Nations Men." Aboriginal Healing Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2014. <>.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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