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Respected teacher, my dear friends Good morning. Today I am going to discuss about India of dreams. It is human to dream. Individual, dream about their future of the nation, is something different, and I had one such a dream. India once known as golden bird, and has been a home for many invaders. Now, all the past glory, the golden eras have all vanished. Today’s India is ridden with strife, nepotism, corruption, terrorism, poverty and what not. There is vast unrest between states squabbling over sharing of river waters and division of small states.

Movement of population from rural to urban areas in search of jobs resulting over crowded cities, scarcity of water, lack of cleanliness, increasing pollution everywhere. And one of the major issue in India is illiteracy. India of my dreams is one where there is harmony and unity in diversity. People should have 3 square meals a day with good shelter and some job, high standards of hygiene and sanitation, proper medication, compulsory education for all.

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I dream of an India, where no one is afraid of speaking the truth and where there is no corruption, where women are respected and enjoy their rights as men, and people from all religions co-exist and where every Indian is proud of being an Indian, and where India is not only superior in science & technology but also in sports.

All the dreams about India of tomorrow, mine, yours and theirs are gravely endangered by the menace of international terrorism.

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This is my India, a great country with a long history of culture, civilization & heritage, a land of peace, prosperity and plenty. It is unique country. Probably no other nation on earth can be proud of all these, as the Indians. JAI HIND

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Discuss about India of dreams
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