Importance of Being a Vegetarian

People make different choices that are bound to affect their livelihood because of various reasons. Some of the choices have to be carefully undertaken lest one go back to the previous activities. At the age of 22, I made a decision to become a vegetarian. This is one aspect that many people have not taken seriously, but the few vegetarians have got their own reasons for this action. Common vegetarians are known because of their religious inclination. However, becoming a vegetarian can also be because of health and ethical issues.

These are the most important aspects that drove me to becoming a vegetarian. It is very important to everyone to live a healthy life, and this can easily be found in being a vegetarian. Many researches have shown a positive correlation between being a vegetarian and the longevity in lifespan. The studies have indicated that vegetarians have longer lives than those who eat meat. Diseases such as cancer and cardio-vascular can be minimized by following a vegetarian diet (Jason, para 2).

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Furthermore, the fruits and vegetables have got an important anti-oxidant that can help in avoiding heart complications.

Basically, animal products have been found to have a lot of cholesterol and fatty products that can cause problems to the arteries of the heart, hence heart diseases. There have been many cases of obesity in the society, and this can also be linked to a lot of animal products intake, which can basically be avoided by being a vegetarian. E. coli disease is also a common problem that is caused by consuming meat containing strains of the disease.

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In recent times, other strains of diseases related to animal product consumption have been on the rise creating more fears to the consumers.

For instance, avian influenza, mad cow disease and many other animal diseases. This can be prevented by being a vegetarian (Jason, para 5). The other important aspect that made me become a vegetarian is the ethical issue. Millions of animals are slaughtered on a daily basis to make food for human beings, and the condition in which this is done is usually a very crude procedure. In many instances, the mode in which the animals that are reared for food is also not natural. The animals are usually given a lot of hormones to stimulate their growth and become fat quickly before they are killed.

It is obvious that mankind does not care about the plight of animals. Human beings are only concerned with their greedy needs and not looking at what might be the rights of the animals. It has to be understood that animals are not any different from human beings, having uniqueness in individuality in the same manner like human beings. Animals are very loyal friends when we are attached with them. Developing this attachment to the animals can help a great deal in saving the animals (Katz, para 8).

Although much of the reasons that can make a person become a vegetarian lies in the health issues, this is the only best way that can lead a person to slowly developing the love for the animals, and thus fight to save their lives. Basically speaking of health issues alone might not make one a strong adherence of being a vegetarian, but developing a strong fond of the animals might help a lot in staying a strong vegetarian as it has helped me, and thus continue advocating for the rights of animals.

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Importance of Being a Vegetarian

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