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Identification Factors of the Liberal Ideology in Current Politic

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1028 words)
Categories: Globalization, Government, Human rights, Islam, Religion, Society
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In the era of globalization today, there are some expressions on the secular tongue and pen of the secularists and those who are persecuted with the western-based beliefs from the left and right bones of which they are following the eastern marxist or west liberal thought (juanda haji jaya, 1998).

Among the issues debated by the western philosophers regarding liberalism is freedom of religion and freedom of opinion or mind relating to other affairs (saodah abdul rahman,2017).

Prior to the 14th general election which took place on may 9, 2018, it is a major turning point in which the new government is now practicing a highly open aspect.

The openness aspect of celebrating the diversity found in malaysia is a pragmatic step to ensure harmony among malaysians. In the context of malaysia baharu, the liberal islamist or liberal muslim extremist movement appears to have developed through various roads and channels, through the internet network spearheaded by today’s technological imbalance and the entry of books on liberalism from overseas and explore by individuals and groups that are liberal-minded.

Returning religious values to increase the human dignity

The existence of the free thinkers movement pioneered by liberaltarian is used to address the rise of the islamic political awareness movement among young generation. The political awareness movement among the muslim community in the country is growing after the formation of pakatan harapan (dr iskandar hasan tan abdullah, 2017).

This is because there are some parties that are more dominated by libertarian groups and affect the islamic political movement. Furthermore, some of the muslim community in malaysia are less interested in islamic law and islamic politics. At times this liberal group is more likely to commit acts contrary to the norms and cultures of the muslim community in this country.

Hence, it is not surprising that the feminist agenda is involved in denying gender mastery in malay cultural norms. The liberalism that was brought in through the feminism agenda in sister in islam (sis) was also pioneered by malaysia’s socio-politician, datin marina mahathir.

Among the beliefs that the sis strives about is that women can be priests in prayer and are not obliged to a muslim to wear hijab. Furthermore, they also organized a peace dialogue and that their actions were true as outlined in the maqasid as-syariah. At this point of view, the tabayyun argument is used to realize their goal of reducing the impact of islamic politics.

Development and environmental factor

The current development of liberalism in malaysia suggests that liberal thinking continues to be widely disseminated among muslims even though the fatwas relating to the ban have been issued. This is a string of social media influences that are widely used today which can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Various searches and information are available and become informal educational sources to members of the community. In the meantime, the younger generation is primarily using social media as the next major communication medium as a place to share a wide range of information and current issues.

Unfortunately, not all the information in the internet search is a source of authentic information because here liberals are taking the opportunity to spread the liberal beliefs. Hence, today’s adolescents who are increasingly aware of current political issues will be easily influenced by the beliefs they bring because of the lack of faith and cause them to fully accept new ideas that are considered up to date.

The movement of modernism that has gained attention today brings the idea of ??Bringing a society out of the customs and traditions considered narrow and the barrier to the culture of progress and freedom. It is very interesting to the attention of the people so that those who try to apply this liberal islam ideology are considered as proactive figures who want to bring about progress in society (mohamad hambali rashid, 2017).

Uphold freedom of giving opinion

Freedom in giving opinion or ijtihad lifted by liberals is very interesting to the public. This group has shown to the public that what they do is able to elevate the islamic religion to noble values because they practice extreme openness so much that they dare to fight for freedom of religion and seem to justify apostasy so easily (mohd hambali rashid, 2017). This is why the liberalists struggle for freedom of religion through a political platform. However, the matter remains in religious affairs.

These liberals do not seem to follow the federal constitution to compute that in article 11 of the federal constitution provides that every person has the right to profess and to practice his or her religion and (subject to applicable laws restricting the propagation of other religions to muslims) to propagate it. However, in the article 3 of the federal constitution also provides that islam is the religion of the country but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony.

The stubbornness of what these liberals fought eventually did not take any action against apostate islam (wan adli wan ramli). According to prof. Madya dr. Saodah abd rahman (2012), the liberalists also talked about the guarantee or protection of individual rights rather than monopolized by certain groups in the country. Among the individual rights discussed by the liberals are the freedom to express opinions mainly on religion. Freedom of expression on religion slowly changes to the sense of freedom of speech.


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