I am a leader Essay

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I am a leader

I am naturally very friendly and enjoy talking to others, this will be beneficial during room check when girls are still awake and want to share things about their day. I am not shy and am not afraid to enforce the rules, especially the dress code, although I am a student. I am very creative and will enjoy decorating the hallway to make the girls feel welcome in my dorm. I am also and very organized and will be informative to the girls so that they will know about upcoming events each week such as dorm or campus devotionals and campus wide events. I will also remind them of certain events approaching such as clean sweep and saving energy week(s).

I have been attending the Church of Christ since I was born. I now attend church at Crosswind Church of Christ while school is in session. I am extremely comfortable talking to students about their faith. I have spoken at girls devotional, been a prayer group leader at the three past retreats, was in charge of the Bible classes of Jr. Camp at MSYC last summer and will be this coming summer, and am currently the youth intern at Crosswinds COC and teach the High School girls Wednesday night class. This is an area that I feel very comfortable.

I am a leader in many ways. I am holding leadership roles as officers in PKA and STEA and am a leader to the girls at my church, in my club and any one who sees my actions. I am constantly being a leader by representing the most Christ-like persona I am able to, at all times. Being in the positions that I am in make me a leader, but I try to be a positive leader regardless of what position I have.

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