How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers?

The purpose of this paper is to acknowledge the impact of social media on teenagers. Social media has a positive and negative effect on the life of teenagers and youth. This day’s social media is not only impacting teenagers but the whole world. Social media has a significant part in everyone’s lives, and they have a substantial impact on the actions we part take in daily. Specifically, I’m going to talk about the effects of teenagers. Social media is any digital media, application, or website that can connect with each others.

It is the way for teenagers to stay in touch with their friends. Also, young children are highly influenced by what the media is telling them to do. There are many social media in the world to choose from. For example, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others. Today teens are not able to live without social media. These social media has both positive and negative impacts on young children.

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There is a lot of positive impact on social media. Teens rely on social media for communication, interaction, and information. Social media is a gateway for exchanging information. media is essential for spreading kindness and social awareness.

Young adults use media to address kindness and to create awareness for minority groups or advocating gender equalities, through posting and sharing supportive messages, with the exposure to different media outlets they can develop awareness about society and the world. Social media is an excellent platform for teens to speak and to show their supports and oppression.

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Educational benefits are the other positive impact of social media. Teenagers use the social media platform to complete assignments and homework. It gives a space for them to share, to discuss, and to collaborate, to plan and do tasks. Social media itself is a huge educational source that provides educational information for teens. For example, YouTube and Wikipedia are great examples. They provide an endless supply of educational videos and data that helps young adults to develop different skills such as fixing items, cooking. Teens also have the ability to sharpen and develop various skills and talents.

Moreover, these media are free to use so, and they are going to be more educated. The other positive impact of social media is it helps teens to improve social skills. Many teens are socially awkward. Media allows them to develop their social skills. It provides them a chance to create and expand their social circle.

Moreover, they can develop new friendships with others. Teens achieve self-confidence and more social support. Which, in turn, helps them navigate successfully through modern society. The other benefit of social media is that teens have the opportunity to show their talents. It is a fantastic platform to put their best self out there and to be recognized for the individual identity and ability they possess. Besides, social media helps teens to save time. For example, teens might want to take an online class in their home through distance learning, so this reduces the time that a student travels to school. Plus, post on social media updates everyone within seconds so, there is no need to glance a newspaper every day.

In contrast, this social media has a negative impact on teens. Depression is one of the causes of social media. Teens dealing with depression are found at a higher risk of victimization through social media. Negative interactions online are related to teens’ higher levels of depression. Media brings a lack of interest in studies upon young adults. These days teens are more focused on media and are lacking focus on their school. This generation has become dull in studies because of the use of these social websites. This impact does not only affect teens but also affects the country. If there are uneducated youth so, how is it the country going to grow and develop? also, leads to a lack of interest in a family gathering, nowadays greeting and welcoming guests vanish almost everywhere, we can see adolescents seating next to each other and not interacting but, just staring at their phones.

Young adults try to hide in their rooms and pretending to study. Teens are spending much of their time of social media with their friends rather than their family, friends, and loved ones. Sleep deprivation is the other negative impact of social media. Media is the main cause of sleep deprivation in teens nowadays. Adolescents can stay active on social media for up to 10 hours without nonstop. It has a high probability of disrupting their sleep. Too much social media also leads to addiction. Usually, the first thing that they check when they wake up is their social media accounts. Before, they go to sleep the last thing that they check our updates. Also, it reduces their performance and productivity at workplace because they will be using their social media accounts often

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How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers?

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