What does success mean? What is the importance of success in life? Education is a key in developing our skill for a successful life. The concept of success varies from person to person, but all the concepts meet in achieving goals. Success of my concept is the achievement of your ambitions and goals, and the exploitation of your energies well, learning from the mistakes of the past, overcome it, and feeling happy. In addition, success is not only about getting a higher grade, the real success is your inner sense of confidence and self-efficacy.

Success is not easy to obtain, but it has conditions and demands for success if you follow it. Students must work hard to succeed in achieving their plans because the colleges are not easy. Students need more attention from educators, parents, community organization, and policy marker. Motivation a student is a good helping way to learn students, and the only way to make them enthusiastic about learning.

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To succeed I must overcome your fear of failure. Students must beat their fear and do not be afraid about their mistake because their mistakes help them improving their skills and learning from it. To create success in college and in life, I must follow these keys.

The First key for I can be successful in college and life is by personal responsibility. Why is responsibility important in life? Personal responsibility helps me to how I accept responsibility my own actions. I need to take my responsibility for my own actions because of my personal choices.

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I must be more interested in my education. Such as, I must be mature and accountable for my choices I make. If I take personal responsibility for my education, I will be focusing on learning not as just as get a high grade.

The second key for I can be successful in college and life is by improving my growth mindset about different things. Growth mindset is someone who believes that abilities can be developed thought good strategies and hard work. How I improve my thinking ability over time? For instance, I must believe that my failure is a way to success for doing better next time. I will be determined and will to correct my mistakes.

The third key for I can be successful in college and life is by self-motivation. How can I increase my motivation? Making the connection between what I am learning and what I am interesting into it. As the author said, “If you show students a connection and a purpose to what they are doing, the motivation takes care of itself” (Emily Richmond,20). Additionally, getting a positive support from people around, and do not listen to frustrated people. I must increase my self-esteem. Motivation helps in progress, success, excellence, and diligently to develop an academic level.

The fourth key for I can be successful in college and life is by effective organizational skills. How can I improve organizational skills? I must attend my classes regularly and complete all my assignments to the best. Moreover, preparation and spending my time on my academic courses to be more realistic with my goals. Furthermore, management my time and completion my tasks done, and in time, if I start early.

The fifth key for I can be successful in college and life is by reading and writing skills. Reading and writing lead to the development of human perception. Reading will help me to develop my thoughts, my information, and help me improve my science and practical life. For example, By reading the articles, I learned that I will have to work very hard to achieve my dreams and as a student I need to study more stronger and improve myself. There are some kinds help the reader for the expression of differences, agreement of opinion with the author. As the author said, “that is exactly what reading a book should be: a conversation between you and the author” (Mortimer J. Adler,14). For example, underlining or highlighting the important points, circling the key words or phrases, writing summary at the top or bottom of the page. Why writing is important? Writing helps me save what I write in my memory and set down my reaction to the reading.

The final key for success in college and life is employing interdependence. Employing interdependence will equip me to be an effective on my job in future. Grouping work is better than individual work because I will get more information from other people and get some advices. So, it will improve my skills. Also, I need to use what I learned in my own business. Remember “Success occurs from inside out, not outside in”. Education is the key for success. People can succeed if they strive to achieve their goals. Students who want to success, they must overcome challenges and change by strategies to help them with learning and reach their own goals. First, Taking personal responsibility and growth mindset. Second, self- motivation. Third, effective organizational skills. Fourth, improving reading and writing skills. Finally, employing interdependence. These strategies will help us achieve all our goals if we follow them. Not only just for education, but also for life work. At the end, one important ingredient of success is improving my skills to accomplish my tasks. To be successful in my college classes, I need good learning skills.

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