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How Did Rome Become an Empire

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How did Rome become an empire? In what ways did ancient Rome transform the classical legacy of the Greeks? The start of the Rome Empire began with Julius Caesar and expanded with Octavian. In 46 B.C Julius Caesar established a dictatorship. He took strong and extreme measure to stabilize Rome. “He codified the laws, regulated taxation, reduced debts, sent large numbers of the unemployed proletariat to overseas colonies, and inaugurated public works projects Caesar also granted citizenship to non-Italians and reformed the Western calendar to comprise 365 days and twelve months” (Fiero, Landmarks In Humanities Second Edition, 2009, p.

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68). These steps help build the Roman Empire. After the assassination of Julius Caesar, a battle between Octavian against Mark Anthony and Cleopatra took place for new leadership.

Actium in 31 B.C, Octavian defeated Mark Anthony and Cleopatra and became Emperor in 43 B.C. Octavian’s’ (Augustus) reign began an era of peace and stability known as Pax Romana. “Under the Pax Romana, Rome had active commercial contact with all parts of the civilized world, including India and China” (Fiero, Landmarks In Humanities Second Edition, 2009, p. 68).Octavian initiated many new public works such as a police force and a fire department (Fiero, Landmarks In Humanities Second Edition, 2009, p. 69).

During his reign, Rome also developed Christianity, which spread throughout the world. Under the leadership of Julius Caesar and Octavian (Augustus), Rome became an Empire. Rome borrowed many ideas and elements from the Greeks. “They absorbed the fundamentals of urban planning, chariot racing, the toga, bronze and gold crafting and the arch” (Fiero, Landmarks In Humanities Second Edition, 2009).

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They borrowed gods and goddesses, linguistic and literary principles. The Romans adopted and modified many of the Greeks ways, ideas, and elements. As Rome became stronger and expanded, so did everything they borrowed from the Greeks, which helped transform the Greeks classical legacy.


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