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Horrific Addiction

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (742 words)
Categories: Addiction, Emotion, Human, Laughter, Psychology
Downloads: 7
Views: 6

Have you ever had an experience that left you confused in the end? Unsure of whether or not you liked it but you’re sure that you wanted to feel it again? That’s exactly the feeling I had when as a ten year old boy I decided to go on my first roller coaster ride. I always visited universals with my family and looked at the big rides in amazement and I believed those were only for the older people.

Never in my little ten years of living would I have thought to go on any of these rides. And much less would I have expected to feel the way I did, horrible but it was awesome.

When we first arrived to the park on that sunny Saturday morning, I was excited to go on all the kids’ rides and have fun. The park was filled with excited visitors and the sound of laughter and loud conversing filled the air.

As I stood in line to one of the rides, one of my older cousins made a remark that left me extremely uncomfortable. He told me I was too much of a little boy and that when I get older no girl would want to be with me, just because I wouldn’t join in them on the roller coaster that they have been speaking about, the rip ride rocket. Infuriated by this and wanting to prove a point, I left the line and decided to join them. As we made our way to the ride I was so tensed and filled with mixed emotions. Would I really be capable of doing this?

Upon arriving to the ride, the blazing beams of the sun made me feel a bit light. The steaming hot grounds made me feel as though my entire body was dehydrated. But the loud screaming and laughter of everyone appeared encouraging. I began to feel excited the closer I got and anticipated a fun ride like everyone else as it was the inauguration of this ride. When I finally reached to my seat, I felt my adrenaline dropped and I began to feel surprisingly calm. The vibrant colors of the roller coaster felt incredibly soothing. I smiled as the ride began moving slowly towards the top and I even remember telling my cousin “this feels like a baby ride”.

However, much to my surprise this feeling did not last long. As the ride reached the first drop and picked up massive speed, my heart rate increased. The wind blasted my face causing my lips to blow uncontrollably and my jaw to chatter as my teeth chipped against each other. My eyes became teary and I could not even manage to keep them open. Cold sweats began to run down on my spine causing me to shiver. My body felt extremely light and at every curve I felt as though I was going to fall out and completely vanish. My stomach growled and I felt the chicken sandwich that I had eaten just a few hours before made its way up, but I managed to hold it in as the ride came to an abrupt end.

Moreover, as the rip ride rocket stopped and the safety straps were loosened all I did was laugh. My heart beat had eased down to near normal. My body felt extremely energized and my mind was peaceful. My cousin laughed at me because I had just been very scared and now I acted like everything was great. I asked him to go on another roller coaster ride immediately after but he refused to as he thought I was insane. I had just been crying on this monstrous ride and I already wanted to go on another.

In conclusion, my first roller coaster ride made me realize how horrible it feels to basically have your life flash before your eyes but how addictive the feeling is. The way I felt my adrenaline increase on that ride is a weird feeling that I love. It gives me the feeling that in every bad situation there is a good and all it takes is a little bit of patience and bracing oneself. During this ride I felt beyond horrible but it was over so soon that it left me wanting more. It feels highly addictive so from that day onward I always look forward to that horrific petrifying feeling that gives me great joy and peace in the end.

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Horrific Addiction. (2019, Nov 24). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/horrific-addiction-essay

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