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Health - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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Health is valuable present for human life. People can have money, houses, some luxurious things but they cannot buy health. Once geting a serious disease, everything becomes nothing immediately. So I agree with the point that “ Prevention is better than cure”. This proverb advise everybody to care themselves before too late to save their lives.

One person just has one life. People all know this definition but not many ones can adjust their lives to live healthier. It is the key point.

People always lives with a easily way until a disease is found out. It has to say that cure is the last step to make your body out of danger. Some years ago, I evidenced my friend got a serious disease and the doctors hardly saved her life. According to her mother, she often stayed up late, had an unstable daily habits and was under stress. She got a costly experience of how to value the prevention. With the importance of health, health education and preventative measures need to be concerned.

Today, money mainly is invested in some large health’s budget to cure diseases. But I think if people know how to protect themselves from diseases through health education, no need much money for curing anymore. So the investment for health education and preventive measures are as important as saving one life. In reality, it is fewer courses which supply information about the health knowledge are held. Otherwise, a lot of hospitals have been build. With this point of view, people more and more depend on hospitals while they do not know that they can cure themselves just through health knowledge.

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However, no one can ignore the importance of hospitals and doctors. They have existed to save people’s lives. Born, grow up, grow old and die is a life cycle; it is true that in some point of life, people will get disease and die. Hence, hospitals really play an important role in that situation.

In conclusion, I consider that prevention is the first step for people to avoid diseases. So much more investment into providing health knowledge and presentative measures to people is necessary.

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