Has technology made children less creative?

Society has been changing considerably since the advent of advanced development of technology that never grows as strong as it does nowadays. Thanks to a huge amount of knowledge, people invent lots of modern technology that come in handy in life. However, technology makes life faster and easier rather better, which is the most indispensable factor in development. Consequently, technology makes children less creative than they used to be in the past. Technology has brought several benefits for human beings in general and children in particular.

For instance, the invention of computer and internet has breathed a new life into people’s lives and prospects. Computer helps to progress data much faster and more effectively. Since then, children can learn more interesting things they are not taught at school through some online courses such as academicaerth.org or ted.com. Generally speaking, internet has offered a good opportunity for everyone to study and be well-informed.

However, what wonders me is how the seemingly perfect technology industry has a by-product.

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Since technology is the good result of other’s discoveries, only using their results without racking one’s brains derives one from creativity. Moreover, the children age is the ultimately vital growing phase for a person, for it is the time when one’s brain perceives new concepts from the world outside and create one’s bonding to life. It is the time when one’s creativity should be well-nurtured and enhanced This can be proven by a typical example of a survey conducted by a group of students from Stanford university in 2008.

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They did asked for nearly one thousand children whose age varies from eight to eighteen questions about their frequency of applying technology to daily life. Then, they tested them a quiz test about creation. According to the survey, the result indicates that those who use the technology usually are not able to answer the question ‘twenty functions of a pencil’ ; whereas others quickly respond to it with several answers such as tying one’s hair, killing, scratching when one is itchy. In addition, the availability of technology makes one too dependent on it. It is explained that the availability makes one become lazy and not actively think, provoke, learn so that they cannot explore themselves.

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Has technology made children less creative?

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