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Harriet Tubman was an extremely accomplished woman with many excellent feats under her belt. Born into slavery under the name Araminta, she lived a tough life. She later on wed a complimentary black man, and took her mother’s given name and her husband’s last name, now under the name Harriet Tubman. A brief while after she married her husband, her master died, this was when Tubman made her relocation. She left, going from Maryland to Pennsylvania alone and undetected.

She later went on to end up being a conductor for the underground rail road and do lots of other things to assist in the battle against slavery. Harriet Tubman’s biggest achievement was assisting other servants escape through the Underground Railroad. Her aid with the Underground Railway assisted lots of got away servants end up being free and led them to a much better life. The Underground Railway was a path slaves required to get to the north and end up being free.

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Harriet Tubman was a conductor, or leader of the Underground Railway. Her task was to lead slaves from safe home to safe house on their journey to flexibility. This journey was frequently one of country mile and battle. Harriet Tubman led servants from Maryland to Canada (Doc. A), while remaining un-detected and sneaky. The primary issue was, to avoid being captured, Harriet and the servants had to travel at night, when it is hard to see where you are going, and this triggered the trip to be much slower.

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“She made the majority of her trips around December when the nights were longer and fewer people were out” (Doc C ). Due to the majority of her trips happening in winter season, it was often difficult for servants to survive the cold. Lack of food and water likewise caused a fantastic quantity of problem on this trek. Her many successful trips to totally free slaves along the Underground Railroad is her greatest achievement since of the difficulties she had to sustain and the numerous servants she resulted in freedom. Tubman did many other remarkable things throughout her life time.

Escaping from slavery was very hard and involved mile long trips in the dead of night through uncharted territory, and she did it all by herself. That in its self is a miraculous achievement. Other than work the Underground Railroad, Harriet worked to help slaves in any way possible. She helped nurse slaves back to health and tried to help anyone she could. Tubman used to take a bucket of water, a chunk of ice and a sponge and stand outside in the blazing sun and bathe the slaves. After her times of working the Underground Railroad, Tubman worked to help poor or unhealthy blacks find homes and refuge. She took in everyone, the paralyzed, the blind, the epileptic, and the deserted, and she did so, without ever asking for pay.

Harriet Tubman lived a life well fulfilled and had many other great achievements throughout the course of her lifetime. Helping slaves escape to the North and become free through the Underground Railroad was Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement. However, she also did other amazing things like escape from slavery and help people in any way she could. She bathed people with a sponge through very long hours under the hot sun and helped people find a place to stay, no matter what they were going through or what disability they had. Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement was helping slaves escape through the Underground Railroad, but her escape from slavery is still very important and should not be counted out.

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