Hardware Store Case Analysis

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A. Do you agree with Fred’s decision to conduct the training and use the third vendor? Using concepts from the chapter, explain your answer.

When it comes to Fred’s decision making in reference to using a third party vendor for training purposes, I believe that Fred made the best decision possible. Now, Fred based his decision purely on the fact that it embodies a quotation contained customized meetings in adjacent to the sales force for better understanding of the training course, along with being economical.

In addition, customized meetings are essential because it allows the sales force team to be able to ask any questions they might feel needs to be addressed.

On the other hand, this kind of training allows the sales team to make better decisions based on the new training material provided, so conducting classes on a smaller (size) scale will foster a better learning environment and faster hands on approach on the job site. In accordance, training that provide reenactments of past experiences or future awareness training for client handling enables the trainees to get a full picture of any problems that might arise customer service wise.

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B. What else might Fred do before choosing a training package? Use information provided in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 to describe your approach. Make sure to provide enough detail to dem- onstrate your understanding of the key issues and approaches to determining how to proceed once a triggering event has occurred.

Another thing that Fred might do before choosing a training package is requesting for referrals from the company to support him in selecting the specific organization or look elsewhere.

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Fred’s decision-making involves time and money being spent. Therefore, in order for Fred to want to make this kind of investment, Fred should first contact the organizations already practicing this type of training program in order to gain their insight and if they were successful based on real life experiences. In conjunction, Fred needs to make sure that whatever organization he decides to hire to train all his employees, Fred must make sure that the other organizations objectives align with his company’s training objectives. Moving forward, the key to finding a great training partner is by identifying the training strategy through requirements theory for motivating the trainees. Fred, can use the requirement theory by allowing the training organizations to ask the prime questions, which is what does Fred expect his employees to learn in the training? thus identifying the final objective of Fred.

Furthermore, if the organization conducting the training meets Fred’s requirements, then they can measure his mission and encourage his employees to efficiently train in accordance to motivating them as well. Once, Fred carries out his plan on finding the best external training organization, the external organization would be more receptive to using good reinforcement for their training & development techniques. The trainees can then get accustomed to being rewarded with a positive reinforcement when they do something right. Therefore, Fred needs to adapt his organization to meet the training & development-learning environment once the training organization is done with their training contract.

Fred needs to make any adjustments to his training in an effort to run his business as planned. In order for Fred to experience a successful training, Fred needs to focus on the primary objective, which is making sure his employees are retaining the training material, as well as influencing them in a positive manner. However, Fred needs to request a small demonstration of the entire procedure, because it will help Fred know first-hand if the training organization material is connecting with his employees, and identify if the training material is appropriate with Fred’s objectives.

C. If training went ahead as indicated, how successful do you think it would be? Explain your answer using concepts from this chapter.

In addition, if training went ahead as indicated, it would be prosperous giving the fact that the program will enable the employees to partake in personalizing their own training. Therefore, Fred needs to double check that the training organization are using methods that meet his organizations objectives in order for the training to be categorized as being efficient. In the beginning, if the training organizations trainers are aware and fully understand the final objective, the training will be effective. Another thing to note is that Fred needs to reaffirm that the training organization is currently offering the specific training required by Fred, and that they are using the right training methods, right motivators and are utilizing reinforcements according to Fred’s expectations.

Thus, if Fred checks off his checklist, then there is no reason why his organization should not be effective on accomplishing his objective. After training, the employees will be better prepared at their jobs, and can be more efficient on training other workers, thus benefiting the organization. This training process will also make sure that their customer service is being handled on a timely manner, and with the upmost service. Therefore, ultimately this would benefit both the training organization and Fred’s organization because Fred was able to find the best training organization, which in turn makes his training run effectively.

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Hardware Store Case Analysis
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