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Government assignments

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Organizations have acknowledged the need to have a diverse workforce and should therefore retain it to ensure the efficient achievement of its objectives. To ensure the continuity of diversity initiatives, the companies have developed diversity programs that ensure that the employee needs of the company are fulfilled (Konrad, Prasad & Pringle 2006, p72). The programs monitor the composition of the workforce and talent requirements to ensure the organization remains fully operational.

Diversity programs also ensure that the diverse workforce is carefully managed otherwise it will result into conflicts within the organization.

In ensuring progress in diversity initiatives, companies have broadened their potential candidate search. This provides the organization with a large pool of candidates with diverse talents. The human resource department has been charged with identifying the necessary talents required for the efficient operations of the organization. During the recruitment exercise, the department should scout for these talented individuals to fill any vacant positions in the organization.

This will assist the organization in accessing a diverse workforce that will improve the operations of the company.

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Prejudices towards individuals based on their physical characteristics should not be allowed in today’s society. Among other characteristics, race and gender form the most common base for discrimination in the workplace and the society. The individual characteristics should not be a barrier for anyone to develop themselves in the society. Equality and fairness in the society should be maintained to ensure the development of the society as a whole (Susan Scott-Parker).

Individuals in the society should consider themselves superior than others because this will result into groupings by individuals depending on their common characteristics.

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They will be doing this to defend themselves from exploitation and discrimination by the ‘superior’ members of the society. With equality, members of the society will appreciate the role played by individuals towards the development of the society. Participation by the members of the society will be equal so as to undertake projects that are beneficial to the members of the society.

Certain privileges should not be granted to certain members of the community due to their background characteristics. Fairness in the society will ensure just treatment of individuals regardless of their backgrounds or affiliations. Minority groups should be treated fairly just like other members of the society since they play a unique role towards the development of the society. Susan’s statement calls on the need for diversity initiatives to be employed not only in the business setting but also by the government and the society as a whole.

Equality and fairness should not only be observed by business organizations but should also be encompassed in the process of government assignments. Government should encourage the participation of minority groups in the formulation of decisions and policies. This will be necessary to ensure adequate participation of the minority groups in the government legislative process. The involvement of the minority groups will have a trickle down effect to other members of the community who will learn to appreciate the other individuals with whom they do not have similar background characteristics.

The initiative has enabled the business to make substantial gains and if incorporated in the functions of the government, similar gains will be achieved thus increasing productivity. CONCLUSION Diversity should be embraced in the society whether it is by business organizations, community based organizations or the government. Human beings have their rights regardless of their age, race, gender and other personal characteristics. These rights should not be abused and the nation’s legislature has termed it illegal for individuals to be discriminated against because of their personal characteristics.

Minority groups should be involved in the decision making activities to ensure that all members of the society are empowered and can enjoy the freedom of living.


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