The Advantages of Multicultural Education

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With the end of discrimination and the demands for equality, multicultural education was born. It all began with the civil rights movement in the 1950’s-1960’s. The main goal of multicultural education is “to get individuals to better interact, communicate and engage with one another in private and public settings.” (Campbell) Multicultural education is just what the world needs. Multicultural education, in today’s society, is very helpful, since it furthers a student’s education, gives student a chance to get a better understanding of their peers, and promotes equality.

Now more than ever, classrooms are becoming more multiracial. With all the different cultures in a classroom, also comes fear. The fear of being different from everyone else and being bullied because of it. Kids feeling isolated and afraid are more hesitant to go to school. However if the students are more understanding, then they feel welcomed and involved then they’re more willing to go to school. Mulitculral education also gives teachers a chance to evaluate their classrooms and realize if they’re being prejudice or not.

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Whether it’s with favoritism or the class curriculum, teachers are then able to adapt their teaching methods to better suit the kid’s needs. Also, college grants are now becoming more frequent for more multicultural curriculum in universities. For example the Fulbright Classroom Teaching Exchange program, gives teachers a chance to go to countries foreign to them and then when they return, they’re able to incorporate their learning’s in their classrooms.

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By learning about all the different cultures around the world, students are more accepting to those around them. Multicultural education gives student a chance to learn about all the cultures around the world, but not by using the boring textbooks. Students are able to experience all the different cultures with fun cities, such as: eating indigenous foods, singing songs, dancing, and playing traditional games. That way, students don’t refer to common stereotypes.

For example, the first thing many people think of Native Americans, nowadays, is as feather/ animal skin wearing Indians, which is far from the truth. The truth is, is that there just normal people, but with different backgrounds. It also doesn’t hurt that many kids start to realize that they have more in common than they previously thought. All the while they’re connecting with the cultures around them.

One of the main reasons for multicultural education is to end discrimination and promote equality. By allowing student to partake in multicultural education, all the students are receiving the same education as everyone else and that everyone is treated fairly.

However, it’s imperative e to include all cultures. “Ensuring that each culture is equally represented is critical to multicultural educations overall and long-term success.” (Campbell) Students are now able to know how to act around their peers without offending them, which makes them ready for the real world. Overall, all the students feel like they’re in a safe environment where everyone is equal.

Discrimination. Prejudice. Racism. Those are just some words that describe problems in today’s society, and multicultural education can help cure them all. Whether it’s by helping a student with their education, or by giving a student a chance to understand those around them, or by ensuring that everyone is equal, multifunction education is truly very helpful.

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The Advantages of Multicultural Education

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