Genre Analysis in Literature

Genre refers to the process of critical analysis and examination of the existing knowledge to generate new knowledge and concepts. The practice enables a writer to determine their knowledge and competency gap, assess the efficacy of various approaches deployed and become cognizant of their professional conducts. It is important to note that when addressing a given topic, a writer can use characters from all walks of life, different ethnicity, nationality, and cultures, thus diverse in language, beliefs, values, and understanding. The diversity affects the way these people relate, communicate, and engage with others.

Every culture has its own distinct verbal and written language for communication which varies in intonation, grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Besides, some people have visual or ear impairments thus similar modes of communication are likely to be ineffective. Hence, communication flexibility is the key to effective communication with the readers. Using a mix of communication methods ensures that the message is effectively conveyed and understood by the reader.

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Besides, the messages can still reach the recipient whenever unforeseen barriers to a particular method of communication occur.

A face to face meeting between the reader and writer conducted during formal meetings or presentations can build strong writer-reader relationships. Due to these signs, one can determine the mood of the conversation easily. Emails can facilitate discussions for a large group of readers, particularly where they cannot interrupt their work. The reliability and flexibility offer both the writer and reader convenience. Telephone communications create an element of personality that can tag to the future communications, hence making the reader engagement more personal.

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Genre analysis is key to the success writing project, including consulting in any organization. Regular contact and constant reporting of project progression demonstrate that the work is striving to meet the project and business expectations. A writer can encounter resistance between different groups which is a detriment to the project delivery. The overriding desire to please the reader could jeopardize the success of the project since the writer can deviate from exploring the problem.

Nevertheless, the tasks provide a comprehensive insight into the word of consulting that is essential for individuals aspiring to become future writers in relevant fields. By integrating both the theoretical and practical perspective, one gains an in-depth knowledge and an understanding of how consultancy works in practice. Additionally, the task demonstrates the practicality of the consultancy life cycle, the ethical standards, and professionalism as dictated by the Institute of Consulting, ensuring that writers provide ethical practice during service delivery.

Task one exposes the learner to the nature of consulting, reasons and value for consulting as well how a writer can develop his credibility with the reader. Although such information is learnable theoretically, integrating a case scenario into the task provides a fresh, practical perspective of consultancy. It is imperative to note that professionalism, ethical behavior is key to successful consulting services and establishing credibility with the reader organization. Theoretical consultancy lifecycle is applicable in real life. Although the cycle is linear theatrically, some phases of the cycle are avoidable, and this often depends on the reader needs such as when they look for a writer rather than an expert marketing their portfolio to the readers.

Good written work provides an opportunity for any delegate to self-examine their competency level by using the consultancy competency framework to determine the possible skill gap and plan for advancement. People often do not self-examine themselves, hence lacking competitive edge over their competitors in the job market. Therefore, by identifying the gaps and filling them, a learner has the potential of having an edge in the employment space. The final task emphasizes the need to employ a mix of communication methods for effective communication and building a strong relationship with the readers. It can dictate the future success of a writing career and even the area of specialization.

True stories can be told in many different forms graphic novels such as Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, plays such as Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee, and short stories such as Night by Elie Weisel. Comparing both the book Persepolis and Night, there are different forms taken to write the truth of each story, one is a play and one is a short story, both are short. Night is short with little detail whereas Persepolis is also short but the pictures that contribute to the story put more detail into the story. There is no set way that the truth has to be told, the author gets to decide how they want their story to be told.

Night by Elie Wiesel is a short story about his character Eliezer’s experience during the holocaust. This story is written with little detail about the experience that Eliezer dealt with while the holocaust was happening. The reason for the shortness of the story is because Wiesel wants to make sure the most important parts to Eliezer’s story are in the story. The events that he discusses could be the only memories that he remembers because he was young when the events first started happening. Wiesel also makes Eliezer’s story short because he wants to get to the point and not make it too long so that more people will not mind reading it, while if it was a long book then more people will not want to read it as much because it is too long. The story Night is also not as detailed as you would think it should have been for the topic that is being written about. Wiesel made Eliezer’s story with vague detail so that the reader can interpret their own emotion towards the book. An example of this is the quote. Wiesel does not give us much detail about Eliezer’s own feelings about this incident, leaving the emotion to that of the reader to interpret.

Also it may not be so detailed because he was at a young age when all the events took place, Eliezer was twelve when the story first begins and that is a far age from the age where he is writing this story. Having such a distance between the times of the events happening from the time that he actually wrote the story, Eliezer could have not remembered all the events that Eliezer had to take place in.

The play Inherit the Wind is also a work that is based on a true story. Inherit the Wind is about a conflict between Religious matters and the Evolutionary Theory. There was a trial with a teacher that was teaching evolution to his class and at the time that was against the law, there was a big court hearing about the matter and in the end the teacher lost the trial and had to pay a one-hundred-dollar fee. This story is written in a play form so that it can be directed on a stage in front of people. The play form may be considered more of an amusement form because people gather to watch a play happen and there are times during the play where the play stops and there is an interlude so that the actors can have a time to get into the next scene of the play. The reason for the story being told in a play form and none of the other true stories that we have read is because the topic that Inherit the Wind is about is not as gruesome as Night or Persepolis. Also with Inherit the Wind, the events in this story did not happen to the authors of this story unlike Persepolis and Night. The authors of the story Inherit the Wind heard about the events that were taking place and wrote a story about the events that did take place, that being said, we do not exactly know if these were true events that took place because we are not hearing it straight from the original person’s mouth.

A graphic novel is a good medium for the story Persepolis because it gives the details that are missed in the words that are being said will be put into the picture so that you understand what is still going on in the story. The medium for Night is good because it allows the reader interpret some of the details that happened to Eliezer, and it also lets the reader put their own emotions into the story. The story Inherit the Wind’s medium is a play for and this allows the reader or watcher of the play able to actually see the events take place right in front of them instead of having to read the events of the story. It should not matter whether the story is told in short story, play, graphic novel, or by word of mouth, either way it is told it makes an impact on the way we read it and how we interpret the story we are reading.

Poetry consists mostly of the literary or oral works in which a language is utilized in a way that is felt by the audience as well as the user, and it differs from ordinary prose. The word poetry is from the ancient Greek word poieo which means “I create”. The word itself suggests how language is used to connect and bring forth emotions and feelings. The definition of poetry refers to the art form whereby there is the utilization of human language for its aesthetic qualities besides its sematic content. Poetry may use devices such as repetition and assonance for the achievement of a musical or incantatory effect. It may also use the compacted or shortened form to express ideas or feelings to the listeners or reader’s ears. Poetry is marked by the interactive layering of various effects that also include the reliance on imagery, musical qualities of the language used, and word association. The definition already establishes the fact that poetry matters in a wide scope of environments. In fact, poetry is like music and its genres hence suggesting that there are different kinds of poems that appeal to people’s different tastes. Poetry is a useful form of art in all aspects of our lives following its multidimensional form.

Regardless of taste, there are various poems that individuals can read. It is because everyone can have a different interpretation of the poem since they hold different meanings on different readers. The issue of interpretation draws down to reading and analyzing poetry. It is an aspect that can help people think more critically. Poems just like any work of art cannot be taken from their general or face value. The Road Not Taken is a poem by Robert Frost published in 1916 and has aged well while retaining a very significant stand in society (Frost). An interpretation of the road not taken shows that not every choice is life changing hence the need to make crucial choices to bring an everlasting impact. The poem itself gives the reader the notion that decision making is a key aspect of life. The opening stanzas of the poem, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I am sorry I could not travel both” makes the reader understand the manifestation of meeting with the unknown (Frost). This automatically triggers the mind to think. The first thoughts that one would get in such an instance is what was going on when with the poet’s life when he wrote the piece. As the poem progresses, things become more vivid and the reader is able to analyze what the poet meant and the message being sent.

Human interaction is one of the most important aspects of a man. Poetry comes in by providing a means through which the human condition is understood. Citing the poem by Robert Frost, we get to understand that sometimes a person needs to trend in a path that was never taken before. It suggests that the writings of the poet bring in the reader to understand the things going on in the life of the poet and brings a connection that can be interpreted in relevance to one’s current situation. The Road Not Taken brings the emotions of regrets, doubts, and indecision as it looks back at choices that would have led to a particular direction, “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” (Frost). Poetry, therefore, is a gateway to thoughts and feelings. It is this understanding of emotions and thoughts that help in the recognition of our humanity. Poets look at situations in a manner which suggest that they understand themselves and others hence reflecting that in poems. In The Road Not Taken, the poet looks at life and establishes that there are choices he should have made for concrete changes in his life. The situation shows that he understands himself. He goes ahead and reflects this in a poem which relates to other people who may have regrets or need that encouragement to take a path that may have been trended by a few.


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