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What is abortion? An abortion is the removal of pregnancy tissue, products of conception or the fetus and placenta from the uterus. The abortion that occurs spontaneously is known as a miscarriage, or be artificially induced through chemical, surgical or other ways. Abortion is increasingly recognized as a serious, worldwide public issue concern. Nowadays, women always have unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Undoubtedly, abortion should be a legal option for everyone, because nobody has the right to interfere with someone’s life decisions. We cannot imagine if the illegal surgery will take place regardless of the government provision and might result in many issues. Although many people support that abortion should not be legal, I stand in agreement that abortion should be legal for many reasons.

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Abortion can Protect Adolescents

First of all, I wholeheartedly agree that abortion should be legalized because it can protect the adolescent. The adolescent may incur health risks from an illegal abortion. This fact is because many teenagers do not dare to inform their parents about the pregnancy, so they go for illegal abortion services. For instance, they do not want to upset their parents or even having to burden them with paying for the abortion as the fee is costly in the regular hospital. A study done by the World Health Organization showed that many cases of heavy bleeding, sexually transmitted infections and risk of death from illicit abortions happened in Hong Kong. Next, teenage is still not being able to afford a baby. The teenager even is immaturity and inability to take care of the baby. Children born to teenage mothers are more likely to experience social, emotional, and other problems. For instance, children born to teenage mother are less likely to receive proper nutrition, health care, cognitive and social stimulation. The adolescent even has no financial resources. Thus, children are at the risk of lower academic achievement, abuse, and neglect. The National Research Council (US) Panel on Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbearing showed the analysed data acquired from 250 children of the teen mother are more likely to be rebellious (55%), make negative friends (25%), and others factors (20%). This issue will affect the adolescent’s bright future.

Kristin Luker and Experts’ Opinions on Abortion

Moreover, one aspect that illustrates legalized abortion is women have the rights to abortion. This fact is because the Global Fund for Women said that women have the rights to control over their own physical body, lives, and destinies. Legalized abortion gives women relief. They are the owner of the body; thus, they have the right to give consent to the abortion or not. For instance, if a woman becomes raped and unfortunately becomes pregnant, she would not feel obligated to keep a baby from a stranger or from a psychopath who randomly raped women. The author, Kristin Luker of Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood book mentioned how females who have been raped feel that psychologically unfair to keep the baby from the incident. Additionally, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey, there were 64,080 women were raped in 2005. There is 3,204 among them results from pregnancies during that period that is estimated by The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Besides that, women have the right to abort disability fetuses. The fetus might have a genetic disease or any other anomaly that will suffer after birth. A moral philosophy, Peter Singer argues that abortion of healthy fetuses is not justified, but the disability-selective abortion is justified if the happiness will be more by doing so. For example, the diagnosed fetus may have birth defects. There is no doubt that the quality life of the child will be affected, and even the parents may suffer pain. The National Council on Family Relations has researched the abortion of defective foetuses in America. It showed that overwhelming majority of adult Americans (85.67%) support that women should abort the defective fetus as they believe that the child has the chance to be given by God to born out with a healthy body.

Controlling Global Population Growth

Furthermore, legalized abortion can control global population growth. The parents used abortion to control the number of children that they may get. For instance, they would discuss whether they wanted the baby or abort it. Thus, this helps to regulate the number of children and aids in family planning. In China, the One-Child Policy has updated to the Two-Child Policy to limit the population growth. This fact is because if the government did not establish the law to control the population, the natural resources and services provided are not enough to fulfil the large population in the country. Next, the country has faced overpopulation. So, legalized abortion can make the population growth to be unsustainable, and that this is contributing to resolving the environmental, social and economic problems. For instance, it will lead to pollution which is the major problems that causes global warming.The study for the effect of abortion in the United States’ Population had done by Racheal Jones in 2011. He analysed the number of a new-born children from 1973 to 2000, which the population has increased in the United States, but the fertility rate has decreased. The study concluded that legalized abortion causally reduces the population rate of around 10%.

Downsides of Abortion

On the other hand, abortion is immoral. Abortion deprives the right of the fetus to life. This fact is because the fetus is a person. Undoubtedly, the life of a person begins at conception. Hence, no person shall deprive an unborn child’s life by abortion except under the condition established by the Act of Parliament for that purpose. In 2004, the President Bush of New Zealand signed into law the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which made it a felony to kill or harm an unborn child, during the commissions of a crime on the mother. In addition, murder a person is wrong. This fact is because the fetus regarded as a human being, terminating and killing an innocent human being’s life is morally wrong. In 2009, Soroush Dabbagh analysed the data from 72 countries and concluded that fetus is a human being and capable of feeling pain. This statement supported by 4D Ultrasound Scan can serve as a proof as the fetus are formed human beings and have eyes, fingers, hearts and a nerve system after 12 weeks. Therefore, abortion should be outlawed as it killed the fetus life.

On the contrary, abortion promotes irresponsible behaviour. Legalized abortion gives women and men the freedom to commit sexual intercourse. This issue is because they know that they can get rid of pregnancy easily as abortion is legal. Consequently, the freedom of sexual intercourse will be along with the increase in sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, and so forth. According to the study done by the Jonathan Klick and Thomas Stratman in 2016, it showed that 40% of 1.5 million abortion and around 15% of the total number of births (4 million) are now destroyed annually on account of being conceived out of wedlock. Besides that, legalized abortion will lower the sense of taking the abortion pill. According to the study done by National Women’s Health Network, it examined that the abortion pill will bring side effect for the women health such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache and so forth. Although medical abortion is safe and effective, they can sometimes fail to work properly, which can lead to an incomplete abortion. According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Lana Burgess investigated data from 100 people in the country and concluded that around 52 people are medical abortion incomplete. Thus, the women needed to repeat the procedure or the doctor will perform a surgical abortion to remove the remaining pregnancy tissue.

Why a Right to Abortion is Important

In conclusion, abortion should be legal in every country of the world because it can protect the adolescent, women have the rights to abortion, and control the population. Although some people argue that abortion is sinful and demonstrate disagreeable behaviour, it will be well for the country to legalize it. Legalized abortion can help to solve the problems that we as human beings could not imagine. It is all about humanity when living in this world and having responsibility for our behaviour. Therefore, legalized abortion can protect women because they will not worry that they violated the restricted law. This fact is because they can choose a regular hospital to abort the unwanted child. It is definitely for the advantages of such an abortion policy that invest in special fields that are needed by society outweigh the disadvantages.

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