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Persuasive Essay Why Abortion Should Be Legalized

All women have the right to state whether they want to perform an abortion or not! All women have the right to be ready to have children, or not! A lot of people refer to abortion as murder, and are against this procedure. But there are alot of reasons why people should support abortion being legalized. No woman has an abortion for fun (Joan Smith, Elizabeth). Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy(fetus), not a baby, the fetus is brain dead and feels no pain compare to a baby.

My thesis statement is, abortion is giving women the right to choose when they are ready to accept a child in their life, depending on their financial stability, relationship status and fetal defects. Other important reasons such as safe termination procedures, age and victim of rape should also be taken into consideration as to why abortion should be legalized and supported.

Everyone finds great pleasure in having sex, but therefore there are consequences(MyNews24,2013).

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Sometimes married couples or single parents are not ready for another child, due to their current financial status, or burdens that have not yet been taken care of. Mortgages, unpaid bills, student loans and current kids that they are struggling to care for. Having an abortion offers them the choice of not welcoming a child to an environment where the child will not be loved, thus leading to child neglect. Also depending on the person’s lifestyle, the environment might not be safe to raise a child.

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Abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children, because part of caring for children is knowing when it’s not a good idea to bring them into the world(Pollitt, Kartha).

There are women who become pregnant from one night stands from parties, malfunctioned contraceptives or just one careless night. Therefore the pregnancy was unplanned. I believe that all women have a dream of raising their child in a proper home. There may be chances where the woman is not married, and depending on the type of country the woman is from, it may be against the law or shameful to the family. Also if the woman is not in a committed relationship at the time of the pregnancy, the burden of a child may be a lot for her to carry. She may not be financially stable to support herself and a child. Taking care of a child is a lot of work. Furthermore, by legalizing abortion women have the right to choose when they are ready to give their child a better life.

There are alot of babies being born with birth defects. Some are life threatening. Cleft palate, heart defects, clubfoot and down syndromes are all common birth defects that newborns may suffer from, whether it may be couples or a single parent, everyone’s main wish is to give birth to a healthy baby. So imagine the doctor telling you that your newborn has a life threatening birth defect, knowing this means long hospital visits, high hospital bills, countless surgeries on your child. Sometimes the defect has no known cure. So that child has to live their whole life in pain, and not only pain and heartache to the child but also for the parent. So by having an abortion, a woman has a choice to live their life pain free especially if the disorder is genetic.

Preventing women and girls from accessing and abortion does not mean they stop needing one. That’s why attempts to ban or restrict abortion do nothing to reduce the number of abortions, it only forces people to seek out unsafe abortions(Amnesty, 2018). There have been a lot of women losing their lives due to unsafe terminations procedures. Legal abortions will not only allow women to make their own choices on motherhood but save a lot of lives as well.Abortion is a sensitive and contentious issue with religious, moral, cultural, and political dimensions. It is also a public health concern in many parts of the world. More than one-quarter of the world’s people live in countries where the procedure is prohibited or permitted only to save the woman’s life. Yet, regardless of legal status, abortions still occur, and nearly half of them are performed by an unskilled practitioner or in less than sanitary conditions, or both.(Sines E; Mesce D,2006). They estimate that 22 million unsafe abortions take place each year, the vast majority of which occurs in developed countries(Amnesty, 2018). Dr. Ganatra stated, “ When women and girls cannot access effective contraception and safe abortion services, there are serious consequences for their own health and that of their families.”

Abortion have been a major concern in many countries. The Government in some countries have banned the procedure. But abortion should be legalized for reasons, such as a person’s financial stability, relationship stabilty and fetal defects. Women should be given the right, to detemine whether or not they are prepared for motherhood or not, due to countless debateable reasons.

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