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FAQ about Horror

How does Robert Louis Stevenson Create a sense of Mystery, Horror and Suspense?
...When Utterson finally meets Hyde it is a very Dramatic tense scene full of typical language from gothic writings of that era e.g. "it was a fine dry night, frost in the air, the streets as clean as a ball room" this is typical extremely descriptive s...
How does Hitchcock create a sense of tension and mounting horror in his film ‘Rebecca’?
...The first two scenes were vital in order to build up the relationship between the two women so that the full power of 'West Wing #2' can be shown. 'West Wing #1' scene creates tension slowly but it creates a great deal of it. However, 'West Wing #2' ...
How does R. L. Stevenson create horror and suspense in the novel ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?’
...Overall, I think this was an interesting book, at times I found it quite difficult and got a bit confused, however I soon picked up again. I think that Stevenson was clever in the way that he used multiple perspectives to heighten the suspense of the...
Why we crave horror movies?
...The “mythic horror move” just the same as a sick joke, touches that which is “worst in us”, and helps loose from the bounds of innocence. These horror movies serve as the “food” for the savage personalities or beasts within us, controllin...
Why We Crave Horror Movies: Stephen King’s Essay Analysis?
...To a certain point we all have a little insanity inside of us, no matter how normal we think we are. As King says we watch horror movies to prove that we’re not afraid; to feel essentially “normal”; and to have fun. Some may think different and...

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