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The Benefits of Horror for the Junior High Age Group 
Words • 668
Pages • 3
Some think that horror has no benefits and only serves to scare people. However, the fear and other feelings caused by it can be positive in many ways. Scary stories have been told for centuries to scare children, but do they do more than simply scare? Research says it does. While horror stories may be scary, they can benefit teens, as they help them learn about themselves and society. To begin with, horror can help teenagers learn more about themselves…...
Impact of Fear on People
Words • 723
Pages • 3
Fear has a huge impact on the way people think and the way they act. Take for instance, the fear people go through when they come in contact with a spider. People freeze up and do stuff that could be very irrational. A lot of people turn to brutally squishing the spider, when they could really just take it outside or gently smash it without beating it with your shoe. Some examples of this are Lord of the Flies, The…...
Horror Stories by Edgar Poe
Words • 457
Pages • 2
The “Cask of Amontillado” is a horror story about revenge. It is by Edgar Allan Poe and also the “The Tell-Tale Heart” is written by him. He writes in a way that is scary and afraid. He wrote many short stories and very famous for them because of how scary they are and how unique his stories are. Also “The Fall of the House of Usher” is also one of this stories that we will be comparing today. They all…...
Edgar Allan PoeHorror
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The Effect of Music in Horror Movies
Words • 645
Pages • 3
Music is a key element in the movies particularly of horror genre. The amount of fear building in horror movies are more often from the music type and timing used in that scene than the acting of the characters. Music adds the emotion and sensation of fear; it takes you to the edge and gives you the sudden scare at the right moment. Creepy sound of various musical instruments is widely used in horror movies. The intensity of fear and…...
Horror Novel The Turn of the Screw
Words • 1058
Pages • 5
Wayne C. Booth tries to describe how criticism sometimes seems to embrace a clear notion of how different stories have a significant impact on individuals. In fact, he says that people sometimes try to imitate any character or behavior of the story, especially if the story asks to admire the behavior presented(Booth, 290). According to Wayne C. Booth, he figures out a strong connection between how an attitude, knowledge and the experience of a reader can affect their reader response.…...
HorrorNovelsThe Turn of The Screw
Stephen Edwin King Research
Words • 2330
Pages • 10
Few Authors have had the influence on literature like Stephen King has. He got international attention with his first book ‘Carrie’ in 1974 and has been writing novels and short stories ever since. King is often referred or compared to Edgar Allen Poe. Stephen King is a literary savant and a catalyst to science fiction and fantasy movies and novels. He started everything with his first book ‘Carrie” and science fiction took off. King was born Stephen Edwin King in…...
HorrorLiteratureStephen King
The Best Horror Movies
Words • 492
Pages • 2
A horror film seeks to elicit fear for entertainment purposes. The best horror films do more than just frighten us. While that is the initial intention behind them, some films tend to linger longer than others in our minds due to the pure horror and emotion felt. There's no shortage of awesome horror movies to scare you and give you nightmares. Here are some of these bone-chilling films. Ringu (1998) It is thought to be the purest of Japanese horror.…...
The Tomb of Sarah
Words • 1042
Pages • 5
This was popular amongst Gothic authors as it gave the villains frightening amounts of power which was often put to evil usage, "her reputation was one of evil even in those days." Vampires, ghosts, phantoms and wolves were popular in the genre and Sarah, being a vampire, is very conventional. The superstition read that she was also a witch, "she was a witch or were-woman." Gothic horror took place around the time when witches were burnt at the stake and…...
FictionGothic horrorHorrorLiterature
The Uncanny in “Don’t look now”
Words • 1556
Pages • 7
When Laura asks John to stop at a church, once more the uncanny is presented through the concept of vision and sight. After spotting Wendy, the sister who is not blind, walking through the church, John kneels in front of the alter to hide. In what seems an effort to further hide himself, he covers his face with his hands. Just as he does this, Heather appears from seemingly nowhere and passes directly in front of him. She seems to…...
Carl JungCinematographyFilmGothic horrorHorrorSigmund Freud
The article “Why We Crave Horror Movies”
Words • 1026
Pages • 5
Introduction In his article “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” published in the December 1981 issue of Playboy Magazine, thriller author Stephen King uses a sarcastic but menacing tone to explain why people watch horror films. In the very first sentence of the article, King shows that we are all insane to some degree; we are all mentally ill, but some can hide it better than others (King 222). Why do you spend so much time and money going to the…...
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rebellion and Culture
Words • 3451
Pages • 14
Throughout this essay I will be considering to what extent the Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) relates to both the punk and glam rock sub-cultures, which occurred throughout Britain and America during the 1970’s. To investigate the association between the RHPS, punk and glam rock sub-cultures, several aspects of the production and both the sub-cultures will be considered. Some of the aspects to be taken in to account are; the clothing, styles, tastes and attitudes of all the people concerned…...
Portrayal of Women Changed in Horror Films Since The 1920’s
Words • 9464
Pages • 38
Portrayal of Women Changed in Horror Films Since The 1920 's Introduction: Fear is the most powerful emotion in the human race and fright of the unknown is likely the most ancient. You 're covering with material that everybody has felt ; from being small babes we 're frightened of the dark, we 're frightened of the unknown. If you 're doing a horror movie you get to play with the audiences feelings. The chief intent of horror movies is…...
ChangeHorrorThe 1920sWomen
Horror Story – Ash to Ashes
Words • 1343
Pages • 6
The small screen on his iPod lights up as he skips to the next song. Something about his mood tonight changed what he was hearing. Ash had heard this song hundreds of times before but this time he really listened. It wasn't just a song anymore, it was a plan... "Take, take, take, take, take, take it away... take my life". As he walked through the door and into a dilapidated building, the words played over and over again. The…...
Horror Novels
Words • 825
Pages • 4
This paper is a personal essay presenting the author's personal feelings on horror novels, the challenge they offer, and why s/he loves to write horror.This is no fantasy. This is no fallacious delusion of a sick, twisted mind. This is the honest-to-God truth. I love horror novels. Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe are my idols. Perhaps having these two, demented madmen as my personal mentors sounds sick, but I tend to think as they do. Most of my writings…...
HorrorNovelsStephen KingThe Masque Of The Red Death
Horror in Films – Compare and Contrast
Words • 908
Pages • 4
Alfred Hitchcock once said, “The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them” (Alfred Hitchcock Quotes). I do not make horror films, but I do watch them. Similar to Hitchcock, they help me face my fears. Do you associate horror films with your fears? My biggest fears are demonophobia, which is the fear of evil spirits, and taphephobia, which is the fear of being buried alive (Phobia Lists). These phobias most certainly helped in…...
Compare And ContrastHorror
How does Hitchcock create a sense of tension and mounting horror in his film ‘Rebecca’?
Words • 2012
Pages • 9
Alfred Hitchcock was one of the greatest film directors of the Twentieth Century. He directed many films from the nineteen thirties right through to the nineteen sixties. Some examples are "The Birds", "Vertigo", "Rear Window", "Psycho" and "Rebecca". He is interested in the idea of an ordinary person thrown into extraordinary circumstances. He is also interested in the powerful effect of the psyche on a human being. He used the famous actors Lawrence Olivier to play Max De Winter, Joan…...
Alfred HitchcockFilmHorror
English Horror Story – Creative Writing Coursework
Words • 2721
Pages • 11
I was driving for about three hours when I realised I had taken the wrong turning and was hopelessly lost. I pulled over to the side and found my mobile phone in order to phone for help. Surprisingly, the battery had run completely low and I began to feel a sense of panic as it was rapidly becoming darker. In the distance, I saw the outline of a house and I thought that I could detect smoke coming out of…...
Developing My Own Horror Scene
Words • 1449
Pages • 6
Studying various aspects of horror, I have concluded that to create my very own horror scene, I would need to include thought-tracking, depiction and hot seating. Therefore, my group has combined all of this to produce our final piece. My group's scene is based on an attack. Our piece begins with myself, being interviewed by two policemen (Laura and Katherine) in a thought-tracking form. It begins with myself telling what happened and then I gradually dim my voice in a…...
Body LanguageHorrorPoliceSpace
Cinematography Analysis of Horror Film The Ring
Words • 1072
Pages • 5
Throughout the history of the horror film genre many conventions have been associated with it: storms; a black, gloomy atmosphere combined with an old creeky house; of course a monster or two, but 'The Ring' -which is also known as 'Ringu'- however plays on the idea that technology can harm you. The original film was produced in Japan, which is highly advanced in technology so the idea that it can turn on humans could have quite a terrifying result. The…...
Analyse the presentation of horror in ‘Frankenstein’
Words • 927
Pages • 4
To understand how horror is presented within a gothic horror novel we must first understand the aim of such, its purpose, it should “speak to the mysterious fears of our nature, and awaken thrilling horror- one to make the reader dread to turn around.” ‘Frankenstein’ is one of the definitive novels of the Gothic horror of the 18th century. While many of this genre focused on ghosts, ghouls and the paranormal, Mary Shelley focuses on the paranormal, the impossible, and…...
FrankensteinGothic horrorHorrorMonster
Bram Stoker’s Horror “Dracula”
Words • 361
Pages • 2
In chapter one Jonathon Harker is traveling through Buda Pesth which is the capital of modern day. Hungry on his way to Transylvania he decided to do research on the country and he is going to do business with a noble man from Transylvania. The place he's going to is castle dracula. After A long train ride he decides to stay at a hotel for the night. He asks the hotel owner about count dracula, but the hotel owner and…...
Horror movies
Words • 856
Pages • 4
Many people love to watch horror movies with their families. Theaters and on a television that excites you, which brings a flow of scary movies. Watching horror films brings you frightful flicks that appears in your dreams. It can be very unpleasant after watching horror films because nightmares cause anxiety and sleep disorders. Both adults and children have sleeping disturbances. More than likely you're afraid or terrified from experiences awful nightmares. Impact on an adult's childhood life developing anxiety will…...
The Shining is a Horror Film
Words • 421
Pages • 2
The Shining is a horror film produced and directed in 1980 by Stanley Kubrick and co-written with Diane Johnson that was based on Stephen King's 1977 novel The Shining. A man, his son, and wife become the winter caretakers of an hotel where Danny, the son, sees scary visions of the hotel's horrific past using a telepathic gift "The Shining". The father, Jack Torrance, is trying to finish his writing project when he slowly becomes insane as a result of…...
HorrorThe Shining
The Zodiac Killer
Words • 1511
Pages • 7
It is unknown whether your astrological sign actually impacts certain aspects of your personality, however, it can dictate your fate. California, 1963, two people's lives were taken based solely on their zodiac sign. At least that is the belief. Multiple people were slain for the day of their birth. The Zodiac Killer taunted the people of California by flaunting the mystery of the zodiac sign on his chest. He is an astrological sign. There will always be speculation, but the…...
CrimeHorrorMysteryThe Killer Angels
Classic horror movies have many unique effects that modern movie does not
Words • 975
Pages • 4
Classic horror movies have many unique effects that modern movie does not. The horror genre has changed since the first film in 1869 to today's films. Current horror films being made have become less scary. The classic horror movies have characteristics that make them stick out in your minds as superior to modern horror movies. The suspenseful music, the actual use of actors as monsters, and the absence of a vast amount of blood in a scene are what make…...
The presentation of gender roles in horror films can be argued to
Words • 1540
Pages • 7
The presentation of gender roles in horror films can be argued to be outdated and offensive. The stereotypical horror film shows a group of privileged teenagers as they Journey through a night tormented by a killer on the loose.In most of these films, the popular, sexualised characters- mainly female are killed first in an almost symbolic manor depicting their punishment for their sins. At the end of the film, the innocent, virginal girl escapes the killer and everyone lives happily…...
Gender RolesHorror
How does R. L. Stevenson create horror and suspense in the novel ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?’
Words • 2646
Pages • 11
'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' is a classic horror novel written by R. L. Stevenson. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1850. He grew up in Edinburgh which had two very different faces: the prosperous, middle-class new town and the 'old black city' with its poverty, disease and over crowding. This can be compared to the novel because of the duality of nature between Jekyll and Hyde. The novel would have had a different impact upon its original readers…...
Dr Jekyll And Mr HydeHorrorNovels
How does Robert Louis Stevenson Create a sense of Mystery, Horror and Suspense?
Words • 1709
Pages • 7
In the novella "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Robert Louise Stevenson uses many techniques to create a sense of mystery, horror and suspense. In this essay I will be analyzing some of these techniques in further depth. I will be explaining what effect these techniques will have on the reader. "The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was published in 1886 and is probably the best known of Stevenson's novels. It concerns the fine…...
The Famous Horror and Detective Fiction
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
The famous horror writer 'Edgar Allen Poe' first introduced detective Fiction in 1841 with 'murder in the rue morgue'. Although Mr Poe was the creator of detective Fiction, he was not the one to make it as popular as it is today. Readers were more intrigued by Poe's creative genre 'Horror'. Poe's 'murder in the rue morgue' had also introduced the five traditional elements, the most important of all was 'the superior detective' known as 'C. Auguste Dupin', he had…...
Why we crave horror movies?
Words • 1989
Pages • 8
Horror movies are not the mere methods of having fun, reliving stress or pressure in life, running away from reality or daring one’s nightmare. Stephen King in his essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies” often reiterates that an individual should be able to express or exercise the violence or insanity inside him. Stephen King also sees to a point that he gives all his feelings and mentions the logic or rational in his reasoning as to why an individual or…...
HorrorMovieStephen King
Reader Response on Monkey’s Paw Horror Stories
Words • 526
Pages • 3
The narrative which is going to be evaluated in this paper is Monkey's Paw. It is a scary brief story by William Wymark Jacobs. He is an English author of narratives and novels. The story itself is divided into three parts and will be identify the constituent and supplemental events of it. The constituent occasion is an event, what if it is eliminated, will make a gap in a plot of the story. It is also called centerpiece. Every story…...
Is “Sredni Vashtar” a Horror Short Story?
Words • 891
Pages • 4
"Sredni Vashtar" Takes a close look into the life and interactions of and between Conradin; his cousin and mentor, Mrs. de Ropp and Conradin's Ferret and God: Sredni Vashtar. It can be described as a horror story because of its character's description, themes and setting. It shows the religious downfall of the protagonist, the death of the antagonist and the lack of coherence in society. Saki emphasises the horror in the main characters, including both the protagonists and antagonists. "Conradin"…...
HorrorShort Story
Horror Story
Words • 434
Pages • 2
It was a wonderful day in southern Spain and Sara and Kevin was out for a walk in the mouintains on their last vacation day. The view was extrodernery, olive plantings turning the otherwise dry land green and small white houses forming tiny villages, everything bathing in the strong Andalusian sunlight. As they walked upon an old path with a high cliff on the left-hand-side they passed a yellow sign with some text and the cliff painted in black, but…...
Scary Stories
Words • 897
Pages • 4
What I'm about to tell you happened only for about an hour I would have to say. After describing the events to a friend he had persuaded me to write about it on this website: nopulse. Here others had posted scary stories that had happened to them and you could comment. I'n my case I was writing this looking for others with similar experiences. Here's some background about me and where and what at the time. This isn't too vital…...
Media – Genre Conventions of a Horror Film
Words • 732
Pages • 3
Settings: The setting for a horror film is usually shot in isolated, abandoned locations for example at a haunted basement, attic or loft. This is because these settings create a sense of tension and an eerie atmosphere to the audience. The more dramatic and action packed scenes are usually shot in the night because people are more vulnerable at this time and is where more "scary" events are expected to happen, however footage can be taken anytime during the day.…...
Why We Crave Horror Movies: Stephen King’s Essay Analysis?
Words • 875
Pages • 4
As we analyze Stephen King’s essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” we come across his essential reasons as to what gives us the ambition and motivation to insist watching horror movies. In a way Stephen King is correct; one way or another we all are mentally ill to a point. No one is perfect, and we all do strange things. Some people are perfectionists when it comes to how they do things; some have a habit of talking to themselves,…...
EmotionHorrorReasonStephen King
The Presence of Horror and Fear in ‘the Monkey’s Paw’ Story
Words • 658
Pages • 3
This essay is an analysis of ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, a horror short story by William Wymark Jacobs. This story is about a talisman that shapes like monkey’s paw which has magical powers. It grants three wishes to its owner. It’s given to one family, husband, wife, and their son. They wish for some money, and that wish also become true, they get the money, the exact amount they wished for. But actually that money was the compensation for the death…...
One of Typically British Horror Stories
Words • 737
Pages • 3
Eden Lake Movie Story Stephen Taylor welcomes his girlfriend, a nursery teacher (Jenny), to invest the weekend in Eden Lake, an idyllic and remote location in the woods. However, what Steve actually wishes to do while they are away is propose to Jenny. While camping at the lake shore, they are interrupted by a gang of youths. The next day, the couple understands that they have been robbed and are stranded in the woods without their car. While walking through…...
Watching horror movies
Words • 990
Pages • 4
Horror movie as the name suggest, watching such a movie, which will horrify you so much that it will raise your hair and feel you so scared that you will feel afraid to sleep alone tonight. A horror movie depicts disgusting faces to scare people. An arrangement of such kind is form at various points in the movie, that a person feel so astonished and so excited that fear enter his/her mind and soul. Through horror movies, an attempt is…...
FaithHorrorMovieSoulWorld Wide Web
Conventions in the Horror Genre
Words • 1539
Pages • 7
How genre conventions are used to raise audience expectations in horror movie trailers. ‘The word genre means ‘type’ or ‘category’’ (Teach yourself film studies) it is really important as an audience member to recognise genres as then things become categorised and easier for them to understand which is more comforting. Sometimes however genres are crossed and categories are broken for example sometimes we have ‘action thrillers’ or ‘sci-fi horrors’ this is known as a hybrid genre. This often intrigues the…...
Haunted HouseHorror
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FAQ about Horror

How does Hitchcock create a sense of tension and mounting horror in his film ‘Rebecca’?
...The first two scenes were vital in order to build up the relationship between the two women so that the full power of 'West Wing #2' can be shown. 'West Wing #1' scene creates tension slowly but it creates a great deal of it. However, 'West Wing #2' ...
How does R. L. Stevenson create horror and suspense in the novel ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?’
...Overall, I think this was an interesting book, at times I found it quite difficult and got a bit confused, however I soon picked up again. I think that Stevenson was clever in the way that he used multiple perspectives to heighten the suspense of the...
How does Robert Louis Stevenson Create a sense of Mystery, Horror and Suspense?
...When Utterson finally meets Hyde it is a very Dramatic tense scene full of typical language from gothic writings of that era e.g. "it was a fine dry night, frost in the air, the streets as clean as a ball room" this is typical extremely descriptive s...
Why we crave horror movies?
...The “mythic horror move” just the same as a sick joke, touches that which is “worst in us”, and helps loose from the bounds of innocence. These horror movies serve as the “food” for the savage personalities or beasts within us, controllin...
Why We Crave Horror Movies: Stephen King’s Essay Analysis?
...To a certain point we all have a little insanity inside of us, no matter how normal we think we are. As King says we watch horror movies to prove that we’re not afraid; to feel essentially “normal”; and to have fun. Some may think different and...

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