Food Debate reaction paper Essay

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Food Debate reaction paper

Our development of cheap, widespread food is essential to human sustainability. This may be true, but regardless of the facts i disagree with this . I believe a corn based food supply is environmentally destructive. To start off, growing too much corn is bad for the environment . It requires more nitrogen fertilizer than any other crop, and also requires pesticides . These substances are polluting the environment . Also, a corn based food supply is unhealthy. It is known to cause the disease “E. Coli”. Corn is also very high in salt and carbs, which is also unhealthy for us. A more diversified agrigulture would be a lot more healthier.

It would also be a lot more secure in the means that rather than depending on one crop for such an important task, we could use a variety of healthier crops to supply efficiently. A variety of crops would also be more secure than a simply corn based food supply because if that single crop is effected or something goes wrong, it interferes with our entire food supply. On the other hand, if there are multiple sources that we use, if one crop is damaged we have other sources we can turn to. A development of a cheap, widespread food supply may seem like a good idea. It is cheap and easy to sustain, but it is still very unhealthy.

The corn based food supply is unhealthy not only for the environment but also for humans. Corn and the chemicals used during the process to create other corn based foods, can cause diseases. It also has a lot of salt and carbohydrates, which are also bad for us. The growing of mass amounts of corn, requires mass amounts of pesticides. This chemical pollutes the environment. The price of a corn based food supply may be less pricey to produce, but the price you may eventually pay will be severe. A corn based food supply is a bad idea due to its unhealthy value towards humans and the environment.

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