Philippine agenda reaction paper

When our teacher told us that we will be watching a video about political government in the Philippines, I thought that it would be about politics only. But as the videos are playing, I realize that it was more than politics. It is an eye-opener not only for the government officials but also to all Filipinos. They made a documentation to open the eyes of the candidates for the election. It was made to let the government know the current condition of the Philippines with regards to the concern of the Filipinos.


The video entitled “Edukasyon” was one of the documentaries presented by Jessica Soho. The film shows the problem on education in our country. Many students and teachers are having a hard time in studying and teaching because of the insufficient facilities in different public schools. This includes the lack of chairs, tables, classrooms, chalkboards, books, and many others. Most teachers also have not undergone a proper training.

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Well, what they have documented is very true because I too came from a public school. And our school was also facing that kind of problem before. Though in my time, our school has improved a little bit. All of us had been given the privilege to have a book in different subjects one by one. We also have chairs to sit and tables to write on. Our chalkboard also is big enough, though some of it has a hole already.

But our neighboring school was facing almost the same fate as the schools in Masbate, as what the film documented.

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They have broken chalkboards, not enough classrooms, chairs, tables and books. Their teacher would go to our school to borrow a couple of books for them to use.

There were also some privilege schools in our place who was included in the feeding program of the government. Our elementary school was included. The selected students who were malnourished were being feed every afternoon by the teachers and some of the parents. And after the feeding program, there is another program which is the giving of rice, noodles, and canned goods for the students. Each students was given one kilo of rice, some noodles and canned goods. But the program did not last long.

The film helps me realize the great problem that our country is facing today with regards to the education for every Filipinos. And I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to have a better education. I also felt pity on the students who are having a hard time in getting the education that they wanted and at the same encouraged to pursue more on my studies to help those who are in need. Just like the students who were showed in the film, even though their fate in acquiring education is not as good as mine, but they still pursue their goals to finish their education to have a better future.

These problems in our education today can be solved by giving more funds for education to build enough classrooms, chairs, tables, chalkboards, and other facilities for the students, publish more books, and support the teachers for their training in order for them to enhance their skills in teaching and to help the students to be more productive in their studies.


“Health is wealth”. Indeed, health is the true wealth of our nation. But as I watched the film “kalusugan” reported by Arnold Clavio, I found out the reason why our country is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the richest country. Because even the citizens here in our own nation have suffered from malnutrition. And how can they call our country rich when they have not taken care of the citizen which is the inheritance of our country?

Just like the citizens on one of the place in Mindanao. Each children have a disease and are malnourished because there are no one who can monitor their health. It would take four to five hours to walk just to get to a hospital. And what do they get when they arrived there? Only paracetamols good for ten people. How can that cure there diseases when that is the only medicine that is free? Every other medicine has high price which they cannot afford to buy.

There are many other places in the Philippines which was not visited by a single doctor. The government must make a move on reaching those citizens who have not yet been checked on their health status. They must act so that there will no more citizen in the Philippines who will die because of lack of food and medical support.

Also, there are many places here in our country who are lacking facilities and medicines for the hospitals. Just like here in Bacolod and in Manila. The family of the patient must be the one who will provide a bed for their patient because there are no more vacant room. And there are many patients who have not given any medical attention that’s why some of them just died in the corner of the hospital.

And there are many places also who do not have any hospital or health centers at all. The residence on that place was the one who built a health center. And the medicines they are having are just the usual medicine for fever, cough, and other common diseases. They only have one nurse who also became a doctor and a midwife.

How can the government take care of the citizens when they let the doctors and nurses flee to another country? They must take care also the needs of the doctors and nurses so that they will not flee from our country. There are budgets given for the health of the people but where did the money go? What do they spend the money for? If they would have spent it wisely for the specific purpose of that money, our country and the people would not be suffering from lack of food and medical support. Each citizen must have been given a good service, maybe not given all that they need, but given just
enough to make them feel that the government was not abandoning them.

The government officials are educated people who knows how to manage a money and to spend it wisely for the specific purpose of that money. They must stop their corruption because instead of them helping the problems of our country, they were the one making it worst. If only they hear they cries of the family who lost their loved ones because of lack of support from the government. And they must act so that situations like these would not repeat again and again.

All I can do now is to take care of myself and my love ones. Eat the right kind of food to avoid being hospitalized. And help those who are in need of my service.


One of the major reasons why our country are suffering from different problems is because of corruption. Even the educated people, like the government officials, are blinded when it comes to money. Their knowledge and discipline were gone when money was in front of them. Thus leads to corruption.

Our country is facing some serious problems today like lack of services for the citizens. And they said that they have given a solution by giving a budget to that particular problem. But the question is, where is the budget now? Do the budgets intended for that problem really made a change? Or they just say that there is a budget to calm the people down but not used all of it for the specific purpose intended in that budget?

Even the professionals who are educated, have learned the proper attitude, and knows the right discipline can be like a dump person who knows nothing when money is in front of them. They can be bought by just one to three numbers with many zeros on it. And if you think that zero is nothing, well, of put it behind a certain number, then that would change its value. It would not be nothing anymore. It would be something that can bought a life, especially when there are many zeros that are involve in that particular number. It can either give or save lives, get or bought lives and change lives.

Money have that kind of power in our world nowadays. It can make the powerful man even more powerful and it can ruin life. It can make a simple man be a powerful man or a criminal. And people can be crazy when it comes to money. But it can also change the life of a single person and the status of a certain country. It can be an instrument to ruin things but it can also be used to save and change everything. If it is used in a proper and good way, then it can change our lives forever.

If only the government would discipline not only the citizens but also themselves, our country would be a better place to stay. It would be harmonious and the citizens would not go to other countries to serve other people just to provide the needs of their families. They would just stay here and serve our fellow Filipinos who needed their service. And if they only use the money intended for that specific purpose and not for their own, there will be less problems that our country would be facing today. And the problems that we are facing will be slowly but effectively be solved. And if there will be less problem, then our country will be a prosperous and harmonious one. And it would be included on the list of the richest country in the world.


One of the basic needs of a person is shelter. A good, nice and warm shelter or house for him to be protected from any cold, rain and sunshine. It is also a private place where a man can spend an alone and bonding time for his family. But how can a man be protected from cold and have a family time if he is sleeping under a bridge, in the street or in a squatter’s area where he is sharing his house with four more families?

That is what most of the people in the cities where suffering. Most of them left the country, sold their belongings, and transferring to the city to find work. But because of the overpopulation in the city and they did not found any good work, they end up living under a bridge, on the street, and in a squatter’s area, sharing their shelter with two or more families. And because they cannot go back to the country because they have no more belongings there, some of them have begun a family in city.

The government had implemented a housing program and relocation sites. Some of it were already been built. But there are quandaries in the given solution of the said problem. Some have no electricity, the water is not clean, the location is not very suitable and comfortable, and is far from the city because there are no more sites available near the city. And some also are not finished. The government must give more budget for the housing of the citizens who are living under a bridge and in a squatter’s area.

There are also some citizen who lost their home because of the natural calamities that struck the country. And many families are still suffering until now because of the slow action of the government. And the one that they have built for the families who were the first victims of the natural disaster had been broken again by the following typhoon that pass the country. They were providing a shelter for the victims but it was not good and long lasting because of the lack of budget for that project.

And the government’s point of view is that the shortcomings are not all their fault. There are also people who lacks discipline. They sold their lands in the country, which was given by the government, and migrated to the city thinking that they will find fortune and good life there. Well, I don’t blame the government for that because it is true. They think that by living their comfort zone in the country and moving to the city would be a better idea. Some of them had found luck in the city but luck is just luck. And most of them did not found good luck. They found misfortune and ended up living and having a family under a bridge, on the street and in a squatter’s area.

Their luck had run out. And because they did not found any good job and they cannot plant vegetables and other nutritious foods in the place where they live, they end up picking some left overs in the garbage and looking and selling scrap for them to make money to buy food to put on their tummy. And because of this, malnutrition takes place.


When I was watching the video entitled “gutom”, I realized that I am lucky I am eating nutritious foods three times a day. There are many people out there who are starving and having a hard time in getting food. They were just eating the left-overs that are found in the trash bins. And they felt contented if they can eat even just one meal a day. And the worst part is, they have so many children. I am always wondering why do they made many children when they themselves are having a hard time in finding food for their own. How can they find food that is enough for them to eat if they have so many kids?

Just like one of the family that was shown in the film which had 12 kids. And the mother is still caring a life inside her tummy. She was still pregnant even if they already had many kids. And the result is malnutrition because the children have not eaten the right kind of food and the right amount of vitamins and minerals that are needed in their body. It was hard for them to get nutritious foods because the foods that are prepared on their table is not enough to make their tummy full. And the baby inside the mother’s womb is also malnourished because the food that the mother had eaten is not nutritious enough to make the baby inside of her become healthy. So, even if the baby have not yet been born, it was already malnourished.

If only they have planned well in making a family, they would not having a hard time finding food to feed their children because they only have fewer mouths to feed. And they can also eat nutritious foods three times a day.

It is heartbreaking to know that there are Filipinos who are starving and have not eaten foods with the right nutrition. While there are many officials who are just expanding their riches and wasting their money instead of helping the Filipinos who are in need and giving them the right service. They are just having a good time with their money, spending it for their own good, not thinking that there are many children who are dying because of hunger and thirst. They did not consider the fact that even the small amount of their wealth is enough to save a person’s life from dying of hunger.

But this concern is not for the officials but also for the Filipinos who have so much wealth. Some of them are not officials but they are business men who are making wealth but not helping their fellow Filipinos. They must open their hearts to share their wealth and help those who are in need. Even a small act of kindness can save a person’s life.

I felt pity on the people who are starving and I cannot even help them on my own. All I can do for now is not to waste anything-food, money, time and many others, and helping others who are in need if I have anything that can help them. And most of all, open my heart and mind to my fellow Filipinos who are in need of my help.


Work is essential to every person to earn money and to buy things we need in our every life. Money is needed in every manner to survive. And we cannot have money without working, either in a simple way or a hard way, in a good or bad way. But it is better to earn money in either simple or hard way but in a good way.

But here in our own country, most of the citizen don’t have a good job and some of them really did not found a job. How can they provide money for the needs of their family when they don’t have any job at all? Some of them are being kicked out from the company they are working and others are forced to leave because of some reasons, it could be that their performance is not good enough, the company is reducing some workers, the wages are not enough or the company is closing. Because of the technology in our time now, most of the work are being done by machines. Instead of manually doing the work, the company are hiring more machines than hiring actual human to do the job because machines can do the job two to three times faster than humans. That is why they are losing more workers even if their work is getting bigger and faster. The only one who will remain in that company is operator of the machines and other important people who are expert in that field of the work.

And I cannot blame the Filipinos for going out from our own country and work in other countries because the government cannot provide them a good salary that can provide the needs of their family. They have to look for another job in other countries in order for their family to survive and to have a better life. They have finished a professional course here in our country but the salary is the major reason why they leave the country. But not all who go out from our country have found good fortune. And that is not the fault of the government. The citizens are also to be blamed because of lack of discipline. They just wanted to go out of the Philippines and paid a lot of money to a company who are hiring Filipinos to work for abroad, not inquiring if that company is a legal company, thus end up in a work they were not expecting to have in that particular country. And instead of practicing their profession in the place, they end up being a domestic helper, laborer, babysitter, housemaid, and many other work that is not related to their profession.

Some got lucky and had a good boss but some of them were being abused by their boss and the owner of the house because of several reasons. They are lacking good skills, their performance in that work was not good enough, their boss is just so strict and abusive, and they were being forced to do things not according to their will and their contract. And some ended up being imprisoned, bullied by the person they work at, and the worst of all is being sentenced to death. Some of them are being hanged and others are being executed through the way they execute a person in that particular country. Some Filipinos also did not go out of our country but did not found a descent work. Thus end up in finding an illegal job like stealing, selling illegal drugs and other illegal products.

Others also have become a holdaper and a killer just to have money to provide for their family to survive. They are lacking skills that is why there are no company hires them. These events can be avoided if only the government will not let anyone who go out of the country without a proper training and have undergone a proper procedure to ensure the work they are working in that particular country. And the Filipinos will not go out from our country if the work here in our own country gives enough wages to keep their family from being hungry. If the wages here in our country is enough to let the tummy of the worker’s family be full every day, then we would not be having a problem in giving service to the citizens in places where services are highly needed, just like in a hospital, schools and other public service company.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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