Finance Essay Topics

Finance and Term Sheet

1) What are the most important terms for Laracey? Founders’ termination term is very important for Laracey because it increases the possibility that the unvested equity of the founders could be accelerated when the incoming CEO terminates them. It directly protects the benefits of the founders. 2) What are the most important issues for Guerster?… View Article

Finance: United States Dollar and Exchange Rate Risk

Your write-up should be eight to ten pages (double-spaced). If you provide information outside the case or the textbook, use a footnote to indicate the source. You can use pictures, but no more than four, and each figure should be no more than half a page in size. 1. Executive Summary. Briefly describe the history… View Article

Financial Management Questions

Question 1:             Medwig Corporation has a DSO of 17 days.  The company averages $3500 in credit sales each day.  What is the company’s average account’s receivable?             Answer / Solution:            Accounts Receivable = Days Sales Outstanding * (Sales / Days)                                                            = 17 * (3500/1)                                                            = $59,500 Question 2:… View Article

Public Finance

The city of Eugene has been in a critical position due to budget crisis. Apparently, the city of Eugene has spent more of its resources, which is higher than what the city government has determined to be the budget under the public financing system. Since then, the city government has decided to implement a new… View Article

Derivative Markets

Last dozen of years are characterized by rash growth of volumes of national and international markets of derivative finance instruments or derivative markets. By opinion of experts, appearance and development of derivative markets is the most important event of economic life within last twenty five years. In the very name of these instruments – “derives”… View Article

The Impact Of Assigned Components Of A Designated Measure

Introduction In carrying out valuation of companies, there are many methods that are used. Among them include asset valuation models, discounted cash flow models, abnormal earnings model. In valuing the company using future cash flow valuation method the net operating profit after tax, operating current assets and other figures are used. The main aim of… View Article

Investment Banking

Investment banking is a type of financial service that focuses on helping companies acquire funds and grow their portfolios. Much of this comes in the form of stock and bonds transfer, but investment capital and wholesale corporate acquisitions are also part of the equation. Bankers within this sector are usually highly trained, and are widely… View Article

The Lack of Financial Contributions to Colleges by Alumni

In order for an institution or any project at hand to be successful, support being extended and provided by people around is essential. Support being extended is the driving force that builds the confidence of the people of a particular institution. It gives the institution the boost needed by its people especially during challenging times…. View Article

The MBA Decision

Question 1 : I believe age is an important factor for Ben to decide whether or not to get an MBA. There are certain points specific to age that can be taken into consideration here: 1. Younger employees have more chances of growth (promotions) as they still have more years they can work before they… View Article

The Necessity of Finance in Any Business Organization

Finance as defined by any lexicon refers to the branch of economics that primarily deals with the allocation of resources, particularly the management of money, investments, and other assets of even nature (Keown et. al, 2002). All companies give high regard to financial management. For the purpose of this paper, the author aims to discuss… View Article

Weighing GELT Financial Solutions in a Balance

GELT has been in a financial crisis although the board of directors has not realized it so. To recap the different alternative solutions in the previous discussion, it would be advantageous to first name the solutions. The first solution which we will name as ‘new budget proposal’ entails that Dobbs, the president-elect of GELT, construct… View Article

Personal Finance

Personal finance addresses the way an individual or families earn, budget, save, and spend money gained from employment, loans, or gifts. As a college student, my personal finances are based upon money I have obtained, seasonal employment and parental support. In creating my budget, I had to realize that my income was not the same… View Article

Managing Finances for a Better Future

In American society, we are encouraged to save money for a better future. However, in my life I have encountered problems with managing my personal finances. In the past, I spent my money irresponsibly. Despite making a decent salary, it was a challenge trying to maintain my financial responsibilities and not something I was very… View Article

Research Synopsis Format

Savings form an important part of the economy of any nation. With the savings invested in various options available to the people, the money acts as the driver for growth of the country. Indian financial scene too presents a plethora of avenues to the investors. Though certainly not the best or deepest of markets in… View Article

Training Manual Focusing On Financial Valuation

Any company, especially one that has recently gone public, needs a manual on financial systems that will work hand in hand with its overall business strategy and its structural organizational strategy. In the case of Strident Marks, which is now a public company, valuation in terms of business and actual return on investment increased as… View Article

Positive views of the International Monetary Fund

Is there any harder job than regulating all of the international markets money? Probably not, the topic being discussed throughout this essay will be the international monetary fund and its involvement in the international market. Much has been said about the I. M. F whether it is positive or negative, neo-Marxist Che Guevara said “The… View Article

Accrual Method

The accrual method of accounting and the cash basis of accounting are different in the way that they record transactions. With cash basis accounting, the agency records money to its book once it is received or when it leaves their system. The accrual method, though, records a transaction when it happens, even if they do… View Article

The Best Financial Software Planning Product

After analyzing various software products and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of them, it is found that the best software for financial planning is mentioned in the Microsoft Money Home website and it is the Microsoft Money Plus. The software helps in managing and planning long-term and short-term financial targets, and helps in the optimization… View Article

Globalizing the Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting at AES

Question 1 Explain and comment on the capital budgeting method used historically by AES. Is there a need for change? Explain. Question 2 If Venerus implements the suggested methodology, what will be the adjusted discount rate for the Red Oak project (USA) and the Lal Plr project (Pakistan)? Question 3 Calculate the effect that a… View Article

Public Education Financing

In the present modern economics, public education financing is considered as one of the flourishing characteristics for the economy of any country. However, a wide variation has been observed in the financing practices related to the public education in the United States, as well as, across different parts of the globe. In this regard, differences… View Article

Participatory Notes – Concept

Participatory notes are issued by FIIs to their unregistered clients who want to invest in the Indian equity market but do not want to meet the disclosure requirements to do so. Thus the modus operandi they opt for is to invest their money with the fund companies (FIIs), who will invest in Indian market on… View Article

Compilation Report

We have compiled the accompanying balance sheet of Proli Footwear, Inc. as of December 31, 2014, and the related statements of income and retained earnings and cash flows for the year then ended. We have not audited or reviewed the accompanying financial statements and, accordingly, do not express an opinion or provide any assurance about… View Article

Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis

a. What, if any, ethical issue is involved in this case? Legally the financial vice president is not obligated to move to the new standard; however, I do see an ethical issue with this decision. The ethical decision lies in the fact that the vice president is knowingly presenting financial statements that do not reflect… View Article

Causes and Effects of Illegal Loan Sharks

llegal moneylender is the party offering illegal loans by charging higher interest rates. Doubled profits allow their business to continue operating despite the global economic recession. Oriented services such as shark’s need to combat. Illegal moneylender promote their services with attractive offers such as instant and convenient loan without collateral while legitimate financial companies impose… View Article

Securitisation in Zimbabwe

Securitization is a structured finance process that distributes risk by aggregating assets in a pool ,often by selling assets to a special purpose entity, then issuing new securities backed by the assets and their cash flows. The securities are sold to investors who share the risk and reward from those assets. Securitization is similar to… View Article

Should College Students Be Allowed to Work Part-Time?

Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd (NESTLE) – Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review Summary Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd (Nestle Malaysia) is one of the leading providers of food products in Malaysia and overseas. The company, along with its subsidiaries, engages in manufacturing, marketing, and sale of food and beverage products. The product portfolio includes instant noodles, chocolate confectionery… View Article

Stanford Financial Group Corporate Scandal

1-2. In February of 2009, the Antigua/Texas based global financial group (made up several subsidiaries owned by the same owner) owned by R. Allen Stanford was charged with scamming their customers by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Stanford Financial Group was charged with fraud when deceptively selling consumers $8 billion dollars in deposit certificates. According… View Article

The Pros and Cons of Setting Separate Private Company

With the development of world economy, U.S.GAAP becomes more and more complex to meet public companies’ needs. Private companies cost a great fortune to compliance with U.S.GAAP. So, setting public-private accounting standards is a different issue debated for decades. it goes without saying that setting new separate accounting standards have its advantages and disadvantages. Background… View Article

RJR Nabisco Valuation

When assessing the valuation of RJR Nabisco bids, the Special committee should utilize the Capital Cash Flow method. The Capital Cash Flow method, when applied appropriately, should yield the same valuation when discounting a company’s Free Cash Flow. To get Capital Cash Flows (CCF), Net Income is adjusted by adding back non-cash expenses and other… View Article

Global Financial Corporation

Global Financial Corporation (GF) a subsidiary of Global Equipment Company (GEC) is tasked with handling financing for those customers who wish to purchase GEC heavy equipment. Currently GF only processes 51% of the leases within the “10 days or less” time frame, with some loans taking up above 41 days. Ms. Rodriguez, the Vice President… View Article