Experience of getting myself involved on various dimensions

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  • I had the experience of getting myself involved on various dimensions such as Rain water harvesting, STP, AC ventilation etc.
  • Also had an opportunity to visit Tata Consulting Engineers Limited office situated at St. Marks Road, Bangalore and speak with the electrical discipline head Ms. Geethalakshmi ma’am related to process and progress of the project
  • The data collection was done and submitted to TCE for which analysis was carried out through experts with our presence.
  • In the office I found the hanging switches which were right above the workplace.

    This initiative could be found only by careful planning of infrastructure

  • TCE offices are found on the major cities. In Bangalore, they have 2 offices.
  • In Bangalore TCE office, one of the office works on Power or Electrical domain, and the other on Water or Civil Engineering Domain. Both are near St. Marks road
  • I got the opportunity to interact with many domain experts in the field
  • The AC details measurement were carried out with the instruments like Psychrometer which was new
  • The light intensity was measured by LUX meter.

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    When the instrument was carried to RV PU department, one of the professor was impressed with the LUX meter. And the instrument was new to the teacher. Sir conveyed us that he would order LUX meter and put the instrument proposal in the physics lab for pre university college students

  • Was able to directly communicate with the electrical discipline head of TCE which is a rare opportunity


During my visit to TCE office, I found few different mechanisms.

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  • One such was installation of light just above the workspace and the ability to control with the hanging switch mechanism. This is one of my learning where employees need to walk long distance to reach out for switches. Instead they are available where are seated.
  • Was able to find out the different types of AC like whether duct or split suitable for the auditoriums.
  • Was exposed to AC ventilation specs like dry blub and wet bulb temperatures instrument “psychrometer”. Was able to look into data sheets and found out the power rating consumed by the devices.

In addition, my learning happened in different domains

Carbon Emissions:

The carbon emission in India is found to be 1.73 metric tons as on 2014.Thus there was a need to control and adopt carbon free campus. Also India is found to be 4th largest emitter of carbon. With Green building initiatives, one can realize the level and ways to decrease by implementing renewable energy sources

Reduce Energy consumption

By Green building initiatives, energy consumption and energy saving mechanisms, the home lights could be replaced by LED’s instead of tube light which consume high power. This in turn not only saves emissions but also reduces the cost in the long run

Extension of solar panels in the institute

The existing solar installed in the institute contains 20 panels and the rating is found to be 5KW.By extending the solar panels to higher amount one can take the help of solar energy for lighting

Rain water harvesting

The rain water harvesting system though preexisting in the campus, however been not managed well. This was a learning where the proper water pipe lining can be provided and be used for other activities

The energy star ratings for monitors of lab

The monitors been used in the lab are not found to consist of energy stars. By including energy star certified monitors, one can not only enjoy the performance but also can reduce their percentage of carbon footprints to the environment.

AC with higher star rating

The college seminar halls are equipped with both type of AC’s like duct type and as well as split type. One of the observation in case of split type is they are just either 2-star rating or no star. By implementing green initiatives and upgrading those AC’s to higher star rating, the power could be saved to a larger extent


Sewage treatment Plant which is installed in the institution was the first time view for me. I understood the installation capacity and the process of how the treatment of water done and been collected

Fire Extinguisher

I was unaware that Fire extinguisher was one of the criteria considered for NAAC accreditation. Through the campus engineer’s interview, I came across that this is the major criteria for higher rating

About Statue of Unity

I was unaware that TCE was the part of design phase in the project of “Statue of Unity”. During the project analysis, I was excited that the major contributor for the project was TCE

Developed the sense of awareness and practices to use energy saving devices

The energy star credit monitors were analyzed. I was able to differentiate between LCD screens and LED screens after the project

Analyze the data sheet of energy saving devices

The data sheet was collected from the web and the power consumption were analyzed among various devices. Thus I was able to differentiate which device consumes less power.

Water saving mechanism by insertion of aerators

By insertion of water aerators, the water consumption is automatically made minimal. The flow rate would be slow and thus leaking and speed flow of water can be prevented. This aerator can be inserted in the washroom sinks in order to prevent water wastage

Energy efficient calculators

· Tata Power has a portal to calculate carbon footprints. It takes input on transportation use such as petrol, diesel usage in different mode (public transport, private vehicle), domestic use inputs such as LPG, ElectricityIt gives the report on average annual carbon footprint on monthly basis


A case study of Green building project was a sustainable campus initiation project which widened up my knowledge on various dimensions of the areas. The green building construction in India is the benchmark for high performance in energy and environmental designs

Green building initiative is a serious topic to be worked on by the researchers as the only saving needs to be done from the grassroots through educational institutions. Also Green building initiatives with the use of renewable energy is adding value to the society as the coal is majorly used to generate electricity, they are contributing carbon emissions to the large extent. With the adoption of renewable energy and reuse methodology, the environment would be green and pollution free.

The social responsibility is equally divided to all phases and all institutions. Not only government can bring changes, the environment preserve idea and the responsibility should be inbuilt among the students as they represent the future icons. By initiating in the educational institutions, the awareness would reach to the larger crowd by optimizing energy, water usage and usage of ecofriendly products

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Experience of getting myself involved on various dimensions
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