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"Everyman"as a teacher

Categories Education, Learning, Literature, Morality, Philosophy

Essay, Pages 2 (327 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (327 words)

The play “Everyman” remains nobody indifferent and thus is attractive for many readers, because the play is the best example of the medieval morality play. The genre of the play is presented by allegory aiming at dramatizing moral struggle that can be considered as universal and individual as well. The play is interesting, because it portrays feasting Everyman being informed of approaching Death. Thus many important themes are raised in the play: death and eternal life, friendship and betrayal, knowledge and power, etc.

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The author originally portrays, firstly, how Everyman is deserted by his “true” friends and companions, how he falls back on his Good Deeds, etc. It is also necessary to admit that Everyman is associated with eternal values of beauty, intelligence, strength and human knowledge. All these elements assist Everyman in compiling book of Accounts, though at the end of the play he remains only with Good Deeds alone. Furthermore, the play is, certainly, edifying, because it provides the idea that people can take with them from real world nothing they have received, but only the things they have given others.

Apparently, the play differs from contemporary biblical text as it doesn’t dramatize biblical episodes and characters. Instead the play personifies the good and bad qualities of mankind and shows them in conflict. Moreover, “Everyman” provides complete morality restricted by depicting the spiritual biography of the human microcosm, instead of representing spiritual history of man.

Finally, the play is attractive due to author’s very unique style of writing, because the author employs s technique of imagery meaning that he uses images and symbols to represent a certain hero and particular idea.

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Thus imagery makes readers understand the play and acting better. Further, “Everyman” teach people how to be moral. Moral seems to be the universal theme being popular in all times. The play suggests that it is necessary to do good deeds and to obtain knowledge, because everything learnt will stay for the whole life.

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