Every Child A Reader Program (ECARP)

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Budget plan Allocation
Financing Source

Enhance reading and numeracy abilities of grades 1– 3 pupils following the modified K to 12 program; Reinforce teachers’ capability to teach and evaluate reading and numeracy abilities successfully; Reinforce school heads fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities as instructional managers, supervisors; Enhance management and administration of the program (consists of preparation, operations,
sharing and carrying out best practices (consisting of action research), tracking and networking). Set reading and numeracy standards; and Develop a reading and numeracy program and a sustainable expert development system.

Mentoring/ Knowing Collaboration by department or by cluster following the Department of Education Model to Boost Mentor and Learning Choice of Department School Mentors/Learning Partners

( 1 grade I teacher per school
Direct training of mentors/.
Learning partners with all Division School Administrators.
Trained a minimum of 1 grade 1 instructor per school who will function as the Knowing Partner (Mentor) Region III 6,421/ 50 – 129 DepEd RO3 Conference Hall.
All Department Education Program Expert for.

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Mom Tongue, Filipino and English.
School Manager of the Selected School.
1 Teacher/Mentor/Learning Partner.
80% 0f the 1.1 M.
880,000.00/ 20 divisions=.
44,000.00 training support per division.


880,000/ 5 Clusters= 176,000..00
(Trainings shall be conducted by the Regional Office)
ECARP funds

On-the-Ground Mentoring/
Learning Partnership
SLAC/ DisLAC to discuss, address, and plan the following:

1. Issues and Concerns in Teaching Reading
2. Reading Lesson Plans
3. Development of Teaching/Learning Materials

Monitoring and Evaluation

Provision of additional technical assistance
Respective divisions
All Division Education Program Specialist for
Mother Tongue, Filipino and English
School Manager of the Selected School

1 Teacher/Mentor/Learning Partner
20% of the 1.

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220,000.00 (support to School-based Mentoring/Learning Partnership Program – SLAC)

Ecarp Funds

Total Budget

1.1 Million

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Every Child A Reader Program (ECARP)
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