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When I was 19 years old, I was back at home for the summer after my freshman year of college. My older brother had come to visit our parents and me. He didn’t live too far away, only about a 45-minute drive, so his visit was nothing out of the ordinary for us. Later that day during his visit he pulled me aside and asked me for a favor, he told me he was tight for money, which sadly has never been out of the normal for my brother and was not the first time he had asked me for money. He told me how his kids, who were not that much younger than me, being 17, 15, and 12 respectively, needed money for going to vacation bible school and he didn’t have enough money. So, he asked me for 60 dollars so that they could go to vacation bible school and told me he would pay me back the following week. I obliged and gave him 100 dollars.

Ethical Dilemma in School
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On January 12, 2018 author Alex Kingsbury wrote an article based on the ethical dilemma of students being recorded during school. In Boston, the parents of Ben Pollack, a disabled teenager, wanted him to carry an audio recorder during school to confirm that he was not being bullied or maltreated. On a Monday, a federal appeals court heard arguments on the topic which was brought up by his southern Maine school district. The school cited the privacy rights of other…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthicsMoral dilemmaSchool
Ethical Dilemma in Architecture and Engineering
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To what extent should efficiency be prioritized over the potential risk of human life when building a structure? Everyday each person goes inside a building whether it be your house, for your job, school, grocery shopping, eating, or even working out, and each year these structures collapse due to construction efficiency. 58% of multistory failures were due to construction problems and with no warning that the building is unsafe. In the structural engineering field one issue is that the structural…...
ArchitectureEngineeringEthical Dilemma You Have Faced
Ethical Dilemma in Chemotherapy
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The medical field is an area of business that often involves ethical dilemmas. These range from interactions with the patients, to cases where the healthcare system hides information from the general public that would present a bad image for themselves. An ethical dilemma presented in medicine is forced chemotherapy on patients. Although it is not a very common issue, it still exists. It is an issue involving the distrust of authority, which may be irrational in some cases but also…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced
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Circumcision Ethical Dilemma
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Introduction A mother of a male newborn has given a signed consent for a circumcision to be performed while her husband had gone home to shower. Upon the father’s arrival, the nurse walked in to take the male newborn for the procedure and the father refused. Since the consent was signed while he was gone he became irate and could not come to an agreement with his wife. The mother of the newborn was Jewish and believed in circumcising following…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced
Ethical Dilemma Case
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In this everchanging world we have become a generation where our values have become at stake. With that being said, we must be open to new belief systems whether we agree with them or not. Does that challenge us at times? Yeah, it creates an ethical dilemma because we do not want to compromise our values, but at the same time, we might have to. The school year has just started, and the school started a new policy where the…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced
What is An Ethical Dilemma?
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Introduction An ethical dilemma is a moral situation where one has to choose between two equal undesired alternatives. When an ethical dilemma occurs in the field of medicine, there is a need to find a practical solution. There are different ways to approach a moral dilemma. The first step is determining the situation that causes the dilemma. It is challenging to identify an ethical dimension in a problem. Discussing the dilemma with seniors or colleagues is important although learning to…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced
Ethical Dilemma In HealthCare Case Study
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Working as an RN in Washington State, I was on the outside of an unfortunate situation involving a male patient. This did not involve me, but it became such a big deal that everyone was made aware of the details over time. The patient was an older man who had recently gone through a myriad of medical conditions following a surgery. It is a common story for someone his age where an older person has a surgery which fixes the…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthical Issues In Healthcare
Ethical Dilemma of Doctor and Patient
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Yes, this is an ethical dilemma in many different ways. First, the doctor wrote a DNR order on a patient without the families consent. I understand that the doctor wants to honor what he thinks the patient's wishes are, but legally he has no grounds to write the order without the families consent. Secondly, the doctor tells the nurse not to inform the family of the written DNR order. Depending on if the nurse kept this information to herself or…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthical Issues In Healthcare
Ethical Dilemma: My Experience
Words • 372
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An ethical dilemma I encountered transpired during my time as student body secretary at my high school, which included my other student body officers, and the student leadership advisor. I am an African American young woman, yet my co-workers and advisor continuously queried to touch my hair. Counter to popular belief, my advisor had the valor to 'diagnose' me with an emotional/anger issue whenever I wouldn't comply. Historically, African American women have been compulsorily placed inside some 'angry black woman'…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthics
Ethical Moral Dilemma: Boat Rescue
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Pages • 6
Moral Dilemma Story You have been in a trip in the ship for around two days when accident occurred. You all abandon the ship due to the severity of the damage. One boat is also damaged and water is coming through the hole trying to fill the boat. When you are ten on the boat, the boat can remain afloat as long as nine people are scooping out water with their hands while the remaining one person is resting for…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthicsMoralMoral dilemma
What is Ethical Dilemma?
Words • 1368
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Ethical dilemmas involve two mediums, right and wrong. However, the difference between them involves multiple facets, such as deciding upon a decision to resolve an ethical situation that would provide the greatest benefit to the most individuals involved. Such scenarios are analyzed: a city mayor accepting monetary value in exchange for support, a university professor weighing prioritization between personal gain and effective mentorship, and a married couple progressing with their relationship for the wrong reasons. Their ultimate decisions in their…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthics
Ethical Problems and Ethical Dilemmas
Words • 2151
Pages • 9
Introduction Most individuals face many ethical problems and ethical dilemmas in their lifetime. Considering ethical problems, there is a possibility that ethical problems can be solved with ease as there would certainly be a direct solution. However, when considering ethical dilemmas, the situation is much different. Ethical dilemmas are much more complicated and the solution cannot be made easily. Ethical problems and ethical dilemmas are common in health care facilities. The video clearly shows a scene in a hospital that…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedEthicsParamedicPrejudicePrivacyTruth
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced in Health Care
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Patient confidentiality has become an integral aspect of healthcare ethical standards since the HIPPA law came into being. (Erikson 2005). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics “the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information” (Nursingworld, 2005). When a patient’s confidentiality is violated, his/ her wellbeing is negatively impacted. Patient confidentiality encompasses protecting any information the patient reveals to medical staff, and not divulging or sharing it to others. If trust is betrayed,…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have FacedHealthHealth Care
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced Recently
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An ethical dilemma is defined as a specific situation where an individual needs to choose between two or more conflicting solutions and does not know what to do, or is uncomfortable in regards to the possible impacts on others resulting from the choice. Generally, there exists certain moral conflict in such situations. The ethical dilemma usually involves the individual questioning his own principles by testing his or her moral compass. In other words, it involves ethical issues, which are general…...
CrimeEthical Dilemma You Have FacedEthicsIntegrity
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Why I Lend Money to Friends and Family

When it came to family and friends borrowing money, I almost always give more than they ask for because I don’t charge interest obviously, and in my mindset, it is better to give them more than they need to make sure they are covered, and if they don’t need it, they simply won’t spend it and will give the money back later. I did not think my brother would be staying at our parents’ house for too much longer, so I had made plans to hang out with my friends later that day. Later that afternoon, with my parents, his kids, and me in the room, he asked my mom the exact same thing. He gave my mom the exact same story, right in front of me. Not only to make this worse, his kids are getting excited about this.

So, my mom decides she will give him 60 dollars if they wash all the windows in the house, and for some reason I am roped into this situation and I have to clean as well. This was because my mom deemed that my two nieces and my nephew, would not do an adequate job on their own, and they need help being on ladders to reach windows that are higher up on the walls. Even though they had no worries personally being 4 feet up on a ladder, and my mom would have had no issue with me doing this by myself at their age, I realized there was no arguing with my mother on this. My mom has always had a soft spot when it came to her grandchildren and while it may seem unfair, it was just the relationship she had with them.

So somehow, I was forced to work to help my brother earn money from my mom for the same exact thing in which I had previously lent money to him that day, instead of hanging out with my friends. Now here is where my choice came in, my ethical dilemma.

Deciding if I Should Tell About My Brother

Right now, I must choose in my mind whether I should tell my mom about what my brother Jamie had done. Asking her for money for the same exact thing he had asked me for less than two hours prior. Or do I try and pretend this did not happen and ignore the situation for now and tell her another day, not allowing me to go out with my friends and having to work instead. In this situation, there is little moral temptation, just two rights that are equally hard to pick from. The only thing that I believe could be argued as a moral temptation in this situation is that I could potentially get out of the situation if I played my cards right and go hang out with my friends. However, that particular idea made little to no impact on my decision on how to handle this situation, so I was back to two ethical choices to choose from. On one hand, if I choose to tell my mom, she will go off on my brother, right in front of his kids, most likely hurting the relationship with his kids. At the same time, I am preventing my mom from getting manipulated for money. The other option is not saying anything and preserve the relationships within the family by not causing tension or arguments, however I am letting my mother get scammed. Both decisions are what I would consider right moral choices, however they will have negative externalities regardless of the decision I make.

In this specific situation, it could be argued that three paradigms could be applicable. The first potentially applicable paradigm would be Truth vs. Loyalty, the truth being telling my mom what my brother had done, a justifiable, ethical choice. Loyalty, being the loyalty to my brother and his kids by not exposing him in front of his three children.

Short Term vs. Long Term Paradigm

The next potentially applicable paradigm would be Short term vs. Long term. On the short term, it would be right to correct this wrong situation and inform my mom of what he did. While in the long term it may be better to stay silent to preserve relationships, as people would not forget this. Both decisions are right decisions but hard to pick from, thus fitting an ethical dilemma. (Kidder, 2009) While the argument could be made that this paradigm fits, I think it is far from the best fitting model.

Individual vs. Community Paradigm

The last potential paradigm that could fit the case would be the Individual vs. Community, this would be applicable if you classify my brother as the individual and the rest of the family as the community (kidder, 2009). While I think the argument could be made that this paradigm could be applicable, I think its claim is weak in comparison to the Truth vs. Loyalty paradigm and that would be the best fitting model for this case. In my opinion it represents my ethical dilemma the best because of how it accompanies my thought process as well as my care-based decision at the time. It set a standard for how I would make a logical decision that could have a major impact on others depending on what I decided.

After careful consideration, trying to manage my emotions and think as logically as I could, I decided that in this moment it was best to not tell my mother and wait until another day to do so. This way my mom would know the truth and could rectify the situation, and my nieces and nephew would never find out. I came to this decision using a care-based thinking model, I wanted to put myself into everyone’s shoes to try and think how they would react depending on what I did.(Kidder, 2009) When it comes to conflict within family this is usually the model I would tend to follow, rather than rule-based thinking or utilitarianism. In my mind the decision I derived from this decision making process would cause the least negative externalities. However, this decision did not go fully as planned. Since I decided not to tell my mom I was still forced to continue helping my nieces and nephew clean all the windows of the house. After about an hour or so, I was growing frustrated and my frustration was more visible than I thought.

Dilemma Solved

My dad had taken notice of this and pulled me aside to talk and told me that I was acting unusual and wanted to know if anything was going on. I considered for a moment what I would say, and I thought to myself, my dad is usually very good at keeping calm, and could probably help resolve the situation. So, I explained the situation to him, and he told me I had made a good decision, to continue to keep cleaning and he would handle the situation. So eventually we finished, and I went out later with my friends. The next day I woke up and went downstairs to make breakfast and my mom came up to me in the kitchen and told me she was sorry, and she had no idea about what my brother did. She told me after everyone had left the house dad had explained the situation to her. She also informed me she had not called my brother out on the issue yet because she wanted to make sure it did not seem like I ratted out my brother. We came up with the plan that if my brother did not pay me back within the next week, she would call him out on it, claiming she asked me why I had withdrawn 100 dollars from my bank account and that I had told her Jamie borrowed money from me.

A week later, he had not paid me back and she called him out on the situation, she was quite angry with him and he forced him to pay both of us back. In the end, it seemed the situation had worked out the best it possibly could have. If I were to go back and do it all over again, I think that I would make the same decision I did, even if my dad had not intervened. While this may not be the decision everyone would have made, I think it was the best for my family in the long term.

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What is An Ethical Dilemma?
...The case study illustrates the relevant aspects of a decision-making process. There are specific ethics that apply depending on the case study. The first thing when deciding on what ethics apply in a particular case and the way to approach it is gath...
What is Ethical Dilemma?
...Three ethical dilemmas were analyzed and compared to philosopher John Locke’s beliefs regarding adhering to a proper ethical code. Upon comparison, the decision whether to view each situation as possessing the best results for the most individuals ...

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