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Ethical Dilemma In HealthCare Case Study
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Working as an RN in Washington State, I was on the outside of an unfortunate situation involving a male patient. This did not involve me, but it became such a big deal that everyone was made aware of the details over time. The patient was an older man who had recently gone through a myriad of medical conditions following a surgery. It is a common story for someone his age where an older person has a surgery which fixes the…...
Ethical Dilemma of Doctor and Patient
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Yes, this is an ethical dilemma in many different ways. First, the doctor wrote a DNR order on a patient without the families consent. I understand that the doctor wants to honor what he thinks the patient's wishes are, but legally he has no grounds to write the order without the families consent. Secondly, the doctor tells the nurse not to inform the family of the written DNR order. Depending on if the nurse kept this information to herself or…...
Ethical Dilemma: My Experience
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An ethical dilemma I encountered transpired during my time as student body secretary at my high school, which included my other student body officers, and the student leadership advisor. I am an African American young woman, yet my co-workers and advisor continuously queried to touch my hair. Counter to popular belief, my advisor had the valor to 'diagnose' me with an emotional/anger issue whenever I wouldn't comply. Historically, African American women have been compulsorily placed inside some 'angry black woman'…...
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Ethical Moral Dilemma: Boat Rescue
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Moral Dilemma Story You have been in a trip in the ship for around two days when accident occurred. You all abandon the ship due to the severity of the damage. One boat is also damaged and water is coming through the hole trying to fill the boat. When you are ten on the boat, the boat can remain afloat as long as nine people are scooping out water with their hands while the remaining one person is resting for…...
What is Ethical Dilemma
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Ethical dilemmas involve two mediums, right and wrong. However, the difference between them involves multiple facets, such as deciding upon a decision to resolve an ethical situation that would provide the greatest benefit to the most individuals involved. Such scenarios are analyzed: a city mayor accepting monetary value in exchange for support, a university professor weighing prioritization between personal gain and effective mentorship, and a married couple progressing with their relationship for the wrong reasons. Their ultimate decisions in their…...
Ethical Problems and Ethical Dilemmas
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Introduction Most individuals face many ethical problems and ethical dilemmas in their lifetime. Considering ethical problems, there is a possibility that ethical problems can be solved with ease as there would certainly be a direct solution. However, when considering ethical dilemmas, the situation is much different. Ethical dilemmas are much more complicated and the solution cannot be made easily. Ethical problems and ethical dilemmas are common in health care facilities. The video clearly shows a scene in a hospital that…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced in Health Care
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Patient confidentiality has become an integral aspect of healthcare ethical standards since the HIPPA law came into being. (Erikson 2005). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics “the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information” (Nursingworld, 2005). When a patient’s confidentiality is violated, his/ her wellbeing is negatively impacted. Patient confidentiality encompasses protecting any information the patient reveals to medical staff, and not divulging or sharing it to others. If trust is betrayed,…...
Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced Recently
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An ethical dilemma is defined as a specific situation where an individual needs to choose between two or more conflicting solutions and does not know what to do, or is uncomfortable in regards to the possible impacts on others resulting from the choice. Generally, there exists certain moral conflict in such situations. The ethical dilemma usually involves the individual questioning his own principles by testing his or her moral compass. In other words, it involves ethical issues, which are general…...
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What is Ethical Dilemma
...Three ethical dilemmas were analyzed and compared to philosopher John Locke’s beliefs regarding adhering to a proper ethical code. Upon comparison, the decision whether to view each situation as possessing the best results for the most individuals ...
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