Do Not be Afraid to Fail

How many times have you failed? Fail is not fatal, it is the chance to get over our egos and come back with a stronger, smarter approach. Willian Zinsser in his article “The Right to Fail” argues that failure can be more constructive than success and it is a way to grow in many cases. He says that boys and girls have to find their way, taking different directions, even starting again. The author mentions Jefferson or Thoreau, Buckminster Fuller and Adlai Stevenson to prove it.

Definitely, the author is right. Success always starts with a failure, it gives us the opportunity to try new ways, recognize mistakes and get experience.

Contrary to common sense, the failure gives us the opportunity to try new ways. Nobody finds the correct direction in the first attempt, even in the second one; after try and fail, many people find that their true path is totally different. There are many cases in the world. For example, Ellen DeGeneres host of the popular talk show, she held a wide variety of jobs such as paralegal until she began making comedy at small clubs.

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Each mistake we make allow us to try new paths, new solutions in the right way.

At the same time, failure shows us what went wrong. Is not easy to recognize at the first sight our mistakes, but when we have an unfavorable outcome we are able to identify little errors. For example, we did an EPE test, and we get a not pass.

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We received a feedback on the test, and through this we learn what we need to improve. Moreover, it is a benefit, failure teaches us how to avoid making the same mistake in the future. One way to be successful is being humble and accept all mistakes we made.

Finally, how we become an expert if we never fail? Experience always is accompanied of mistakes, because nobody was born knowing. The experience we gain in any subject lead us to be successful. For example, a Frisbee player began as an amateur and he sometimes wins, but the most of the time he lost. Now, after getting experience in the game, he is improving his technique and his scores are better. Zinsser in his article expresses, “For an artist – and perhaps for anybody – it is the only way to grow.”(p. 11)

The defeat help us to understand that nobody dies if we fail and it is normal in life sometimes be a looser. Although people fail a lot of times, they are getting the experience that leads them to be a master such as Frisbee player. There is no success without stumbling, failure gives us the chance to begin again, notice our mistakes and gain experience. Do you know how to avoid failure? The answer, never take risks, never try nothing and never do your best. If you decide to be a successful person remember you can fail a thousand times and it is not the end.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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