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Diwali Essay Examples

Essay on Diwali

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The Nepali festival Tihar

Tihar and Shopping (Tihar and Sagun!) - What do Nepalese shop for during the period? Shopping of cooking items such as oil, butter, clothes for brothers and sisters, and sweets. In city, sisters shop for dried fruit products such as cashew, almonds, and fresh fruits in large amount while in villages sisters prepare home-made sweets and breads. The mixture of dried fruits along with sweets and cand...

Ramayana and Diwali

It teaches us that one day or other the evil existing in this world would be subdued by goodness and righteousness. Rama’s obedience to parents, Sita’s faithfulness, Lakshman’s unflinching love for his brother, etc. teach us many noble lessons of life. The festival is a national festival celebrated by everyone irrespective of caste, creed and race. It therefore, promotes unity, common broth...

Religious Education S.B.A.

It is traditional to do a spring house cleaning to welcome the Goddesses Lakshmi into their home. In the evenings many Hindus hold prayer in their homes (puja), people decorate their homes with diyas surrounding the house, and the lights are left burning all night so that when Lakshmi may feel welcomed when entered. Firecrackers are burst in order to drive away the evil spirits, during Diwali the ...

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Critique of session plans

I will observe children making the chapatti. Are they able to describe what they are doing? What they need to do next and how? I will note down their responses. Photographs will also be taken while children are making their chapattis. There is also another activity set up which requires children to draw something which symbolises Diwali for them. Children have a choice of doing this activity if th...

Bombay Dyeing Business Analysis

Promotion:- Bombay Dyeing brand is focusing on the young consumers for whom they are trying to position themselves as ’Young contemporary and ever-evolving’ as it already has an aged loyal customer base. The brand is promoted through a mix of marketing channels which includes outdoor advertising, TV advertising, with a major focus on print ads in newspaper and magazines. Bombay Dyeing also spo...

Diet in Hinduism

Amongst these, the reason for not eating meat on some particular days excluding weekly days is purely religious. Killing of animals is considered as a sin in Hinduism. So, people avoid eating meat at least on those auspicious days to maintain sacredness of that particular day.The reason behind not eating meat on weekdays including Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays is that as a human being we n...

Upcoming Diwali Sale on Nikvik with Latest Saree, Salwar Suit, and Lehenga

This is one of the most sort after ethnic dress. It is popularized by its stylish yet trendy look it comes with it. It offers diversity and is not a dress to be worn only for a single occasion. You might want to wear it to a wedding, or in a traditional function, and that is entirely okay. It was designed for such ceremonies. If you want to look spectacular during casual evenings, it will offer ju...

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