Cyber Bullying Essay

“Give me some nude pics or I’ll post the picture of you last night at the party on Facebook ”. This is an example of cyber bullying and nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online, 1 in 4 has had it happened to them more than once. However, you hold the power to change someone’s life with small actions. In other words, “ Change can begin with simple actions/gestures “. Nevertheless, everyone must be aware of how cyber bullying could affect somebody, to be alert of the situation, and how to prevent it from happening or helping a victim.

Cyber bullying causes psychological, emotional, and physical stress. It can cause a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Being a victim of this abuse can lead to lower confidence, self-esteem, and your sense of security. It can affect your performance in school, also destroy your reputation, but worst of all, cyber bullying can lead to suicidal thoughts. Multiple teens have gave up their lives because of cyber bullying and for what ? A coward hiding behind a computer screen ? This needs to sto therefore if you stand up for your peers it does help and YOU can start a chain reaction.

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If you get trapped in cyber bullying, it is hard to get out because it is an on-going cycle and the bully can see you as a vulnerable target. It can affect you for the rest of your life if you don’t take action or help a friend. 1 in 10 victims will inform a parent or teacher, but what about the other 9 ? They hide it in until they are mentally suffering.

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We must change our actions and stand up to these bullies. Many others have been waiting for someone brave enough to take a stand, all it takes is one person and others may join to help stop it. However, if you are the victim don’t get deeply involved before its to late so show no emotion and interest in the situation and inform a trusted parent or guardian.

One way to prevent cyber bullying is to know what to look for. Such as, signs of impression, harassment, and public humiliation. Afterwards, take immediate action. For example, attempt to identify the cause, stop responding to the bullies message, block the bully, change your account settings and most importantly save the evidence. Next, get outside help but don’t wait too long or else it would be too late. If it gets that serious inform law enforcement. Finally, the best way to prevent cyber bullying would have nothing against you so the bully can’t work with anything. Also don’t participate in cyber bullying. For example, your friend is teasing someone online don’t participate, tell them to stop. If you stand up for others, others will too, it all starts with a simple action and people will join in. They are just waiting for someone brave enough.

We must be aware of this situation and it all starts with a small action. If everybody joins in on this, those small actions can turn into a great opportunity to open the door and help these victims and resolve the matter. Everybody can help so we must stand by each other because together we are stronger. This is a serious situation and 90% of teens seen social-media bullying and said they have ignored it. We must change these actions to help our society.

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Cyber Bullying Essay

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