Cultural Effects of Globalization

To be initialize, world is going to be very close during these days of technical era. This makes us easier to find the term globalization. Globalization is the process of exchange values, traditions, information, and many more. (Brown, 2016). The process of globalization increase the phenomenon of global culture. Culture is the system of behavior, beliefs, knowledge, practices, values, and materials (Brown, 2016).initially, the whole globe is benefitted from globalization. However with the passage of time people come to know the negatives of globalization.

Majority of people face terrible situation after the world become “global village”. Its effects on the culture and my personal experience eighth globalization.

To commence with, globalization makes it easier to provide the information of culture, economies and the different situation all around the world through increment of technologies. The globalization helps to improve material or physical connections which increases the movement of goods, people and money across national borders is relatively steady(Brown, 2016). For instance, in book, the author explained money.

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Moving further, McLuhan’s explained global village in words of spatio-tempered elements (Brown, 2016).

For example, I live in Canada nowadays but my family still in India. I usually talk to my parents through whatsapp which makes me like I am with my parents. On the other hand there are enormous cons of globalization. Firstly inequality increases due to globalization. The dominant cultures like western society has deep impact on small nations. According to world systems theory, countries cam be divided into three categories: core, semiperphery and periphery which have different method of income (Brown, 2016).

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Moreover periphery countries are least developed nations that export their raw materials to rich nations which is the main cause of their poverty because they have to pay for their labors by taking debt which made situations worst.

There is no doubt cultures have good impacts due to globalization but majority of nations have different thinking. Mostly the people who lives in low income nations are badly effected by cultural shock. According to modernization theory, countries believe in their old traditions, values, and culture which makes them backward socially as well as economically (Brown, 2016). Besides, the low income countries like Tanzania in Africa suffered from poverty due to globalization.

The government of Africa have import or export business with western country. The western society is dominant over the Tanzania face troubles in their daily lives. Even they are unable to adopt the western cultural because mines are controlled by western society and they do not want them to interrupt them. Now, Tanzania people have no employment, land, education that globalization is very dangerous for people who live in lower class societies mostly earn livings through , mining and agriculture. Their culture is totally destroyed.

In addition, I personally have good and bad experience of globalization. I am from India, a land of saints. After passing high school I arrive in Canada for further studies without my parents. This is good for me that I am studying in Canada just because of globalization. While staying in Canada, I talk to my parents using mobile phone which makes me feel like they are with me and it can be possible due to the innovations of technology. However, in a bad way it is difficult for me to accept their culture because in my home country I lived in joint family and there were hustle and bustle of my neighbors at my home, but in Canada I live with my friends and no-one have time to see you at your home. Moving further, in Canada, every people have independence even they are men and women but in India women have less opportunities instead.

To conclude, globalization helps to increase the trade between different nations but poor nations have bad impacts on their traditions and lifestyle. In my opinion, globalization is good thing if the government use it in right way that spreads equality among the world and help the development of every country.

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Cultural Effects of Globalization
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