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Cultural Competence: An Important Skill Set for the 21st Century
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Cultural competence is having the necessary skills and training to understand, respect, and work alongside people that have a diverse background and culture. With the increasing diversity of people in the United States today, cultural competence is an important skill that leaders, managers, and coworkers are striving to succeed in. This essay will discuss the results of the cultural diversity assessment. It will describe areas of improvement for cultural diversity skills. Then we will analyze the relationship between cultural competence…...
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Cultural competence
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This paper explores the Hmong people's views toward medicine within the lens of their culture. It will take into account their history and also seek to explain the natural aversion these people have to most modern techniques in medicine. The Hmong people have a large immigrant population in the United States and represent unique challenges to most medical practitioners that can be used as a model to teach new methods of treating patients who may not understand western medicine. Understanding…...
Cultural Competence
Cultural Sensitivity Towards The Mexican
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The San Joaquin Valley of California is nestled in the center of the state. Within the San Joaquin valley the rich culture of the Mexican people can be seen in almost every facet of living. There are also many nursing schools in the area, approximately five in the area in which I reside. The most current statistic from the census bureau regarding the percentage of Hispanics in Tulare County is 62. 3% (USCB, 2014). This means that over half of…...
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Culturally Competent Paper
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Introduction Cultural competence care is borrowed from the aspects of cultural competence in any other work or personal environment. Cultural competence refers to the aspect of developing awareness of the personal existence, thought, sensation as well as the environment, without letting this knowledge have any form of influence on other people’s backgrounds, thoughts and opinions (Murphy, 2011). This means that one has to respect the cultural aspects of those around them, by accepting and appreciating their differences without any form…...
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Madeleine Leininger: Bridging the Cultural Divide
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Abstract This paper will outline Madeleine Leininger’s prominent theory, its origins, and its purpose. The discipline of transcultural nursing, its distinctive language, ethnonursing research method, and Sunrise Enabler tool will also be explored. These components equipped nurses to provide patients with individualized, appropriate care; this led to improved health outcomes. Finally, the effect of Madeleine Leininger’s contributions to nursing will be examined. Her idea of congruent care was the catalyst for a multitude of federal legislation making culture a requisite,…...
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Intercultural Competence Worksheet
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1. What does “intercultural” communication mean to you? Intercultural communication to me means many things. It mainly means the way that people communicate throughout the different cultures that they derive from. Intercultural communication is basically the way that one person from a particular country would communicate with someone from America. Every culture has their own set of non-verbal gestures that could mean something completely different to an opposing culture. Verbal communication differs between different cultures and ethnic groups as well.…...
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