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Cross-cultural Essay Examples

Architectural education today: Cross-cultural perspectives

Architecture is the process by which buildings and other physical structures are planned, constructed and designed through consideration of environmental, cultural and social factors. Architecture also encompasses the issues of cost assessment, construction management and scheduling which an architect have to consider in order for it to be successful. The process of architecture involves a…

Diversity and Cross Cultural Differences in Work places

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Differences in Workplaces Introduction        Different people have different mental structures due to the diverse type of personality and cultural background. The study of psychology has enabled people to know about the mental functioning of others making it easier individuals and groups to understand one another. Since people must interact…

Communicate Effectively at the Direct Leadership Level

a.Mass communication enables you to communicate information to large numbers of people in a relatively short time. .Identify the principles of interpersonal transactional communication a.First principle – You cannot NOT communicate. i.Each day we receive thousands of behavioral cues to communicate. We choose which are worthy of our attention. We interpret or attribute meaning to…



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Cross Cultural Communication

Contents 1. Executive Summary This report will consist of the parts which are: Critically analyse and evaluate the model of Hall’s High context culture and Low context culture and introduce the main features of them. Explain two countries falling into High context culture and Low context culture. Analyse the AUDI’s official website of business communication…

McDonalds Cross-Cultural Analysis

Introduction The Internet has made the world a smaller place, especially when it comes to online business – it’s now just as easy for a company to attract customers in Nairobi as it is in Nevada. This technological globalization doesn’t translate to cultural homogeneity, though–while you might be able to find a McDonalds in nearly…

Cross Cultural Business Negotiations (United States and Japan)

Abstract Understanding Cultures and acquiring skills necessary to make a cross cultural business negotiation a successful and pleasant experience for both parties involved requires much more than just the overview of the culture and it becomes hard because of the complexity of the culture to grab the entire core of a foreign culture without investing…

Cross Cultural Challenges to Communication

Hello everyone, At first we should ask us, why is this topic so important? Many consultants, authors and writers of textbooks discuss the need to understand other cultures because we live in a ‘global village’. In 1870 Jules Verne wrote ‘Around the world in eighty days’; astronauts can now make the trip in under 80…

Cross-cultural communication,

The purpose of this essay is to use reflection on an aspect of my learning that I have come across so far as a student nurse, and how I plan to use this knowledge when I start my placements. This will give me a good base on which to build my interpersonal skills. After having…

Australia vs. Netherlands

Assignment 1: Cross-Cultural Dimensions Describe the effect of the cross-cultural dimensions of both Hofstede and Trompenaars on two subjects for both your home country as the country of your internship Trompenaars Australia 1. Universalism vs. particularism 2. Individualism vs. collectivism 3. Neutral vs. emotional 4. Specific vs. diffuse 5. Achievement vs. ascription 6. Sequential vs….

Cross cultural communication

There are six principals in cross-cultural communication. The first principal states that the greater the cultural difference the greater the chance is for the communication ti break down. The second principal says that when communication breakdowns occur during cross-cultural encounters, the breakdowns are most often attributed to cultural differences. The third principal states that communicating…

Cross Cultural Perspectives

In this paper I am going to cover the cultural and ethical factors involved with a company by the name of Levi Strauss and Company and the issues the company faces when attempting to expand to another country. Expansion is a goal that all companies want to achieve; because there are a lot of benefits…

Cross Cultural Communication

A country that was annexed by another country is sure to have exchanged or been impacted culturally and in many other aspects. An excellent example of this could be the British India. India was ruled over by Britishers for almost 350 years. Therefore, many traits and systems in India today are derived from the time…

Career Plan Building Activity, Work Culture

I am grateful surprise with the results of my Career Plan Building Activity; Work Culture Activity Based on my Work Culture Preferences results I am: Ethical Emphasis on fairness, promoting equal rights and justice, the chance to make a positive contribution to the society, emphasis and social and environmental responsibility. Expert Control your own work…

Cross-Cultural Training — A key factor for International Business Negotiation

As the process of globalization keeps advancing and the era of information has already brought significant influences to our life, the world is becoming, although not from a geographical perspective, smaller and international communication happens more frequent. Such cross-cultural contact becomes stronger both in depth and width and leads to the desire and demands for…

Cross Cultural Perspectives

Introduction: The world is an ever changing place. What is taboo today may become a norm tomorrow. There are vast numbers of countries with various languages, religions and their cultural ethnicity. India has been referred to as a country which is a living example of unity in diversity. In today’s age of capitalism and free…


Culture is the mixture of knowledge and characteristics of a certain group of people, defined by a wide range of aspects, such as religion, language, cuisine, habits, art, and music. Today, it is critical for all students to be aware of the differences in communication across representatives of other cultures at their places of study and work to prepare cross-cultural essays.

It is fair to state that the system of beliefs, values, or material products is a fundamental element of culture. With this in mind, to complete a task about cross-cultural questions, it is necessary to know what does such a phenomenon mean and why there is a need to respect it.

First of all, the topics that can be associated with this question should explain that culture involves belief systems that include myths, or various stories, that help people to find the interpretation of how they have to behave, feel, or think.

Secondly, it is essential to explore a culture that is also based on a value system. In general, it is possible to study values that depend on how people behave and the qualities they consider important, such as openness, honesty, sincerity, integrity, and fairness.

Thirdly, it is a mistake to forget that culture is closely connected to the material products, such as music, jewelry, clothing, or food. In other words, students have to describe that culture provides society with certain cognitive frames to understand how the world and civilization function.

Culture serves as the basis for relationships between men and women and between people and their surroundings. It defines how they perceive reality in both conscious and unconscious ways. Besides, it is a fundamental aspect of the context which helps people to communicate with each other.

Based on the aspects covered above, it should be easy to write about the professional career of a modern worker that is strongly connected with his or her cultural habits. Eventually, cross-cultural awareness is a crucial part of every modern person’s life since it can put him or her in a beneficial position or, on the other hand, destroy his or her image easily.

Here are possible topics to select while writing about cross-cultural aspects:

    Religion as a part of cross-cultural awareness;
    Importance of cross-cultural awareness;
    Cross-cultural awareness at work;
    The ways to raise cross-cultural awareness in business.


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