Criminology In The Future

This world is constantly changing every day. When the world changes, the people change, and new technology populates, and so does the crime rates. Criminals will try to create new ways to commit crimes. The criminal justice system should pay close attention to these new technologies to keep the people safe. Law officials have to follow the law while using these technologies. Future advancement will allow criminology to determine civil liberty and ethical violations, as technology as and will become more of a vital element for law industry.

Technology has always been a reliable source to law officials. Technology has included several tools such as: computers, cameras, maps, DNA systems, and many more that have benefited to law enforcements. New technology will not only solve cases current or conclude why a person murdered a relative of six, but also solve cold cases and also provide a more in-depth look at the causes of people committing murder and how their brains operate.

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Robots are being used continuously to help law enforcement prevent crimes. Robots are trained machines that operate faster than a human.

The thoughts and practices in criminology will further expand as different crime-fighting methodologies and the directions of crime fighting provide different methods of finding criminal activities. New technologies have provided criminals with a whole new class of crimes and have also made it extremely difficult for them to get caught. The problem is with new high-tech crime is that criminals are already ahead of law officials. It fair to the people to know what kind of new technologies will be used in fighting against crimes.

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Law enforcement should have a more close relationship to their people since these new technologies are keeping them safe. Law enforcements across the globe are developing ways to use more new technology to fight crime. The idea of using these new technologies will ensure that law enforcers are meeting the demands of fighting crimes. In the future to come, the crime rate should demonstrate a huge difference if these technologies are benefiting law enforcement. GPS monitors are becoming an everyday use for law enforcements because it displays how to get the exact location. Law enforcement are now required to use body cameras. Body cameras will display up close actions made by law enforcers and the criminal.

If these new technologies do not benefit then the result will be that law enforcement failed to do their job. The government can only provide so much money to aid to law enforcement. These new technologies are very expensive and should be properly used. Law enforcers will not have to put in as much work to investigate crimes. They will not have to stress about having a heavy workload with the existence of these new advancements. Crimes will be solved much faster because of the speed of these new advancement. It is a good idea that more new technologies are becoming popular because people will no longer have to stress about these criminals. With these new technologies existing, law enforcers are figuring out how to outsmart these criminals. Law enforcers will have the chance to probably gain a better relationship with the people living the communities. It would not be beneficial to only rely on technology because the people are also important to prevent crimes.

Crime is a product of human behavior and criminals will commit crimes in various categories. Many states have merged agencies and have become more efficient in the way of service, but many more are slow to realize the benefits of merging when it comes to fighting globalized crimes. With the help of the people, and the new advancement in this world the crime rate should drop tremendously. The new advancement should be tested and train to use accurately. Technology is making possible better surveillance and monitoring, as well as more comprehensive and accessible databases, which raise concerns about information security and privacy. Although, no one knows for sure how long the crime rate will remain low, but creating more advancement should solve the problem.

Criminals will no longer be able to get away with murder, stealing, or doing anything that is considered a crime. To promote police accountability and to provide more objective evidence of law-breaking, it is necessary that the computers and databases should be accurately setup. These technology specific goals, if coupled with attention to the obstacles and challenges inherent in organizational technology adoption, could lead to more effective use of technology by law enforcement organizations nationwide which has the potential to contribute significantly to public safety, long-run cost reduction, and justice. If criminals are caught and punished due to these new technologies then law enforcers should feel ecstatic about their new improvement to the criminal justice system.

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