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Craig Kielburger

Anna and Alli A Voice for the Silenced April 30th 2012 For generations society has silenced and exploited children, deeming them better seen and not heard. However, one boy motivated by a heart of passion broke the silence and changed the world. Twelve year old Craig Kielburger sparked a wave of change in the hearts of society members. In the year 1995, young Kielburger read a newspaper article about a Pakistani child activist who had been murdered because of his campaign. Angered by the injustice, Kielburger founded Free the Children in hopes to be the voice for children who can’t stand up for themselves.

Since then, Free the Children has gone from a twenty person club, to an organization operating around the world. Free the Children is a non-profit organization that focuses on liberating children around the globe from abuse and exploitation. Furthermore, they empower youth throughout the world to make advantageous changes in their society. Undoubtedly, Craig Kielburger has led Free the Children to be the world renowned organization that it is today. Similar to Ralph from Lord of the Flies, Kielburger is passionate about helping others.

More specifically, Ralph’s passion was trying to find rescue for all of the boys on the island, while Kielburger’s passion was helping children around the globe regain a voice. They were both able to use these assets to be powerful leaders and guide others to a brighter future. Craig Kielburger’s passion and motivation to see change in global youth empowerment has influenced society to assist him along the way. Allowing him to accomplish many admirable things throughout his life, Craig Kielburger’s passion has been nothing but extraordinary.

Primarily, Kielburger’s passion noticeably touched audiences through his speeches. Because he spoke from his heart and delivered with emotion, Kielburger received a gold medal for his speech “What it Means to be a Winner” at age eleven (Pezzi 16). Secondly, Kielburger’s passion inspired Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. In fact, Kielburger arranged a meeting with Chretien, in which the former Prime Minister stated, “Yes, yes, I will bring up the issue [with South Asian governments].

And yes, child labour will be on the agenda. ” (Kielburger 168). Certainly this was a tremendous step for Kielburger, as his passion for change was metamorphosing into a reality. Lastly, Kielburger used his passion to help other child activists. According to the novel Free the Children, Kielburger heard of an East Indian child activist, Kailash Satyarthi, who had been imprisoned due to his activism movements (36). Again a child was being silenced and Kielburger knew he needed to be the voice for this boy.

Therefore, Kielburger created a petition, which was sent to the Indian Prime Minister, sporting three thousand signatures—demanding the release of Kailash Satyarthi (36). The Indian government listened to Kielburger’s petition, and for this reason, Kaila Satyarthi was released (36). Over and above, Kielburger’s ability to perform as an outstanding leader was due to his immense passion for change. It is certain that Craig Kielburger was able to achieve all of these noble events because of his powerful leadership skills; similarly, Ralph from the novel “Lord of the Flies” was an exceptional leader.

His ambition for rescue combined with his passion for helping and helping others, claimed the hearts of the minority, the littluns and the extremely loyal Piggy. Although many strayed from Ralph, those who were motivated by his passion were guided through a barbaric environment and towards rescue. Both Kielburger and Ralph were successful in their leadership of others because of the integrity of their goals; to free the children and to keep the children safe until rescue.

The genuineness of the hearts of these two leaders was shown through their passion which motivated others to follow their example. Kielburger has pushed for what he believes in and in doing so, has motivated others to make positive change throughout the world. Child safety was not a focus among society and the enslaved children could not speak out themselves. Kielburger not only brought awareness to this issue, but also an approach for people to aid to the cause. To fund his vision, Kielburger successfully motivated businessmen to aid the need for change.

More specifically, Kielburger’s Free the Children organization was pledged over $150 000 by trade unionists at the Youth Ontario Confederation of Labour Convention (Fraser 86). As a result, Kielburger was able to take these funds to grow Free the Children and further motivate others. In addition to motivating businessmen, Kielburger also motivated children and youth to make an impact in the world. Correspondingly, Kielburger is a co-founder of Me to We, an “innovative social enterprise that provides people with better choices for a better world” (We Day 19).

Me to We holds We Day every year in major Canadian cities, at We Day, thousands of youth are inspired and motivated by Kielburger, as well as many other motivational speakers, to play a part in positively changing the world. Conclusively, Kielburger has motivated high school activism here at Dover Bay Secondary. More importantly, students at Dover Bay have participated in Brick by Brick, a Free the Children program that allows them to fundraise to build a school in a developing country. In fact, in the last three years, Dover Bay students have raised enough funds to build two schools.

Ultimately, the strong leadership that Craig Kielburger exhibits has allowed him to motivate people from around the world to be the change that they wish to see in the world. Based on these key facts, it is clear that Craig Kielburger has been an exemplary leader. Kielburger aided children in need himself, as well as motivated others to do the same through his passion for change. Because of Kielburger’s actions, there have been numerous activist movements happening all over the world to support not only children, but also other important needs.

Over and above, Kielburger has grown his desire for change into a global movement. By inspiring businessmen, political leaders, and youth, Kielburger has transformed the world for the better. In this world the once silent exploitation and corruption of children is not accepted and is given a voice. In conclusion, one can only hope the fictional leadership of Ralph and the very real leadership of Craig Kielburger will continue to impassion leaders with the goal of saving and protecting the innocence of the world’s children.

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