Concerns about Youth Vaping

Public service announcements are everywhere, from television to posters. The public service announcement poster I chose, it is talking about vaping in kids. The picture is in black and white, which I think overall make the theme come off as dark and gloomy Two of these phrases are pointing out some of the main reasons why most young kids start vaping at such a young age. These two phrases are “All the fruity flavors” and “It tastes like cotton candy”. Because of the variety of flavors and how they taste like the real thing, kids do not understand what is even potentially in the vape juice that could hurt them in the future, and even stunt their lung growth In the poster, it points out and says that “you would not want to see your kid smoking a cigarette so why would you want to see them vape”.

Imagine seeing a three-year-old smoking a cigarette If a toddler smoking a cigarette is not acceptable, why would vaping be acceptable? I think that it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to vape as a teen and or a young kid simply because everyone does it.

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But if these kids were smoking cigarettes it would not as acceptable because cigarettes are becoming less socially acceptable.

The message that the artist is trying to get across through the poster is that vaping is not okay for kids even though it might not seem harmful. The artist is presenting this argument by having a little kid in a Wall-e t-shirt vapingt The boy looks innocent, even though his sleeves are rolled up is a sign of being cool, The wrinkles and even the image on the shin is a sign that he is very young and doesn‘t know what he’s actually doing or even understand the extreme dangers of his actions, The artist makes his point that it is not okay for kids to vape by the text on the poster such as “no vape", which is in red.

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By the text being red it catches one‘s attention and points out what the poster is really about. I think that the audience that the author is trying to target is parents that let their underage kids vape, also this poster could be targeting teen smokersr.

The artist of this poster expects the audience to respond to their message by refraining from being an enabler to their child‘s wants and ‘needs’ to feed their unhealthy addiction. Yes, the product might be their favorite candy. but it is not the same thing. People usually vape to stop smoking but in recent years, many people started vaping not because they were addicted to cigarettes, but because they liked the flavor and or they like the way that it makes them feel. Vaping isjust as bad as cigarettes, actually, it is even worse than smoking cigarettes. Vaping can have many negative side effects such as popcorn lung, phenomena. lung diseaseI buildup in lungs, collapsed lungs, and even death. Vaping in underage teens is a bigger problem today, than anyone would have ever thought it would have been. The flavors of vape juice can range from, your favorite fruit, to your favorite candy and it tastes exactly like it too, The advertisements for the flavors of vapes are so appealing and so are the colors in the advertisement. For example, in a recent vaping advertisement they had the color orange advertising mango vape juice.

To me, I think that this makes the product attention-grabbing. It makes you want to try the product even more because it does not come off as harmful and it tastes like mango. But if the color resembling mango vape juice was black, I think that fewer people would notice this product, and some people would not even want to try it. Many younger people that started vaping. only did it for the flavor at first. and then as time went on, they became addicted to the nicotine in these products. Teens today do not understand the risks of vaping or even the effects it can have on them in the future, Recently many teens have been hospitalized from vaping. In each case after running many tests on these teens. they could not find out what was wrong with them. For most of these people they had the same symptoms such as loss of appetite, feeling lightheaded, and nausea. For some of these people, they died days later.

The artist's assumption of the targeted audience is accurate; however, in reality. the product is detrimental to one‘s health. They are showing that vaping is inaccurately depicted, and it looks like they are showing that vaping is okay. but in reality. it is not. The message of this poster is very intriguing because it shows a kid with smoke coming out of his mouth and he is holding a vape as well; I think that it would draw anyone‘s attention. At the bottom of the poster, it talks about how they do not want the next generation to become the next addicts. Vaping at a young age can be the start of many different addictions in the future Vaping early on can intrigue you to try other and maybe even harder drugs later on, This public service poster is supported by the department of health in the country where it is advertised This poster shows that it is targeted for the people in the Philippines. Also, it points out that vaping is a worldwide issue and it is not just a problem in the United States.

This poster tells you that people in the Philippines are addicted to more than nicotine and this public service poster is trying to curb addictions of the future generations Accidental ingestion can and does happen. A toddler without knowing the dangers of the vapejuice could accidentally ingest it because they know nothing about smoking, Kids might think that the vape juice bottle is a bottle with something that smells like candy. so they just keep on drinking it because it tastes good. Some other ways to read the image is that is cool, innocent. and the child is smiling. At first glance, it looks as though a young child innocently vapingi This initially appears like a harmless activity, but after delving into the entire public service poster. one quickly understands that is it is a poster against children vaping, This public service poster could appear on television. newspapers. magazines, at parenting centers. and government aid buildings. etceterar This poster could appear at any given time, but it should appear prior to the issue becoming a problem.

The artist expects his audience to consider whether a child vaping is okay. This poster is meant to target the emotions of a parent, grandparent, or guardian in order for that person to take action to either stop or prevent a child from smoking. The audience will see themselves as a better parent or guardian once they are more informed and try to get help. One of the mottos is “know vape" and it uses a play on words “kNOw Vape". Also, this poster has a hashtag that will appeal to youth #knowvape in addition to that it says to connect with them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If someone wants to learn more about the dangers of vaping. they can go to the Facebook page or any of the other pages. In addition to learning more about the dangers of vaping on social media, one can contact the organization by phone or by fax.

People can always learn how to stop their loved ones from being a future addict from these websites. Vaping has become a huge problem in the world, and it has even gotten to the point where people are dying from it. Vaping does seem innocuous, but it can mess up your life forever. If vapes were used for what they were made for, so many people would not be addicted to it or even waste their money on something that could potentially kill themt Vape juice is made up of so many unknown toxic chemicals. It has not even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and yet people still use it. Vaping has not been around long enough for enough research to be done, and it is scary to think that people that vape are technically guinea pigs for the future of vaping.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022
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