Effect of Vaping and Smoking on Health

The issue that is large in today’s communities is the vaping because most of the kids in today’s communities is vaping also adults are doing also and it needs to be stopped because vaping has twice the nicotine in the juul pods, vape pens, pod mods which is the new way to vape than a regular cigarette and the creators of the juul pods make it sound like it is fun and healthy to do it because they have some flavors of the vape pods like they call it cherry crush, or pineapple blast, or citrus mango etc and it makes the kids started to buy it and do it.

There are solutions though like people need to tell these smokers or vapers what is unhealthy about it and share the facts about it with them hopefully for them to realize and stop doing it. For another solution is the people that do this need to go to places that makes them happy for them to get away from doing this etc.

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The problem is vaping people make it sound like it helps quit smoking but it is worse than smoking it has twice the nicotine and everything.Nicotine is also a toxic substance. It raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and the likelihood of having a heart attack ( Hopkins). This means that vaping is still very bad for you and does not make a difference in health or quitting when it comes to either vaping or smoking.

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“Although it’s generally agreed that these products are less harmful than smoked cigarettes, there is no evidence that they are, in fact, safe. Rather, a growing body of research indicates that they may lead to negative health consequences, including Damage to the brain, heart and lungs, Cancerous tumor development and much others” (Richter). This means that the people that say vaping is more healthier is just lying and vaping is much more severe than regular smoking so people need to stop etc. It is very sad to see all of these people are vaping and think it is going to help them when it just makes stuff worse for them.

One possible solution to stop this is to tell the people the facts and what is behind the scenes with vaping/smoking to help these people. “Moreover, addiction to nicotine typically starts at a young age. In fact, about 90 percent of people who smoke cigarettes start before age 19. And about three-quarters of teen smokers continue smoking into adulthood. Therefore, teen vaping is likely to lead to lifelong nicotine dependence” (Blaha). This means that people who start vaping or smoking most likely are going to get an addiction to the nicotine and the vaping so much in there later life they are going to have to depend on it which is scary. Most of the kids that do this probably thought oh all of the the kids are doing this and so I want to join in and they probably thought is was not that bad because they weren’t actually smoking a real cigarette but really it is twice as bad for them. Disappointingly most kids want to always want to fit into the crowd if it is even bad for them and they don’t know it and they are gullible especially with vaping, drugs etc. Vaping liquids marketed as “nicotine-free” often still contain nicotine (American Lung Association). This means that when the vape pens or pod mods or e cigs use nicotine free they still have nicotine in them which means they are lying and it is just as deadly. Which means this could easily attract people to this and they can get addicted that quick which is sad. Telling the people the facts about vaping and smoking and how bad it is for you and how it is addicting and twice as deadly as regular cigarettes is one way to stop people from this issue in today communtie.

Another possible solution is explaining the effect of vaping or smoking. “A 33-year-old dad from Surrey, England said that he gave up smoking for vaping in order to extend his life, but the ‘healthy’ alternative ended up doing him more harm than good. While he was taking a hit, the machine shot hot nicotine juice down his throat and burned a hole in his lung” (Shelton). After thinking vaping was better for him it turned out wrong and burned a hole through his lungs. Like I said people think vaping is better than smoking for there health when it is twice as worse but they do it anyways without knowing want they are taking in. Sadly people do think of seeing what they are taking in and what there doing to there bodys but they still do it anyways. “A 17-year-old boy in Ogden, NY suffered a horrendous fate when his e-cigarette exploded in his hand as he was taking a drag, putting a hole in the back of his throat and forcing him to get nine stitches in his hand” (Shelton). This means that vaping is so bad for you you don’t even need to vape it or take it in and it can hurt you because there have been many indincint’s like this. Sadly vaping can hurt you in many ways there is way more than just these that can harm you.

According to everything I have learned about vaping. It is twice as bad as smoking a traditional cigarette and it cause a lot of life threatening side effects and diseases. Studies show that if people try not to think about vaping and go out and go places and socialize it can help you to stop vaping/smoking (“Mission”).

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Effect of Vaping and Smoking on Health

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